Love is forever (sequel to just say yes)

It a sequel to just say yes please read that one first or u will be confused. It's about MaryKate Ana Harry's wedding and their young daughter Darcy styles. Like comment favorite I love u all read on.


8. Mom

MaryKates POV
My mom was supposed to come because i was pregnant. she called me 3 months ago and said she divorced my father. i cried for hours and just 1 week ago she said she had a new boyfriend. she wasn't here so i called her suddenly she pulled up in the drive way. she stumbled out of the car filled with bruises and bleeding. i rushed over to help her and so did harry. she said "boyfriend abusive!" before passing out in Harry's arms. i called 911 and they came really fast to the house. they took her and we came. i was crying the entire time while harry tried to calm me down. we got to the hospital an they said she was gonna die very soon. i held her hand and she felt my stomach "beautiful baby! she'll be just like u incredible" she put her hand on my cheek. i sang her a song as she died "oh stay your soul and leave my heart its song oh stay your hand the journey may be long and when we part and sorrow cant be swaid remember when and let your heart be staid. she laid her hand on my cheek and spoke her last words " i love u baby never forget that i love u ill always be with u be an awesome mother like i know u will be and treat her with care i love u baby." "i will mom i promise" she nodded her head as i spoke suddenly the beeps just stopped. i collapsed onto the floor crying hard as harry rubbed my back "shes gone my moms gone she'll never meet my daughter!" i cried and harry rubbed my back gently. "y do bad things happen to good people" was the only phrase i said for a month in between my tears. i was torn apart into 100000000 peices and i couldnt find them all i would never be the same. i put my hand to my cheek and i feel like my mom is back with me she always will be. i will never ever ever ever be the same i will never forget those last words they kept replaying in my head.
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