Love is forever (sequel to just say yes)

It a sequel to just say yes please read that one first or u will be confused. It's about MaryKate Ana Harry's wedding and their young daughter Darcy styles. Like comment favorite I love u all read on.


1. Back from tour

Mary-Kate's POV
It's been over 2 years since I've seen harry. Ill see him today and I'm already excited. This was his last tour so we would be together. I walked over to his plane exit and waited 5 minutes that felt like an eternity. I stood there waiting for him to come off all the boys did except for him. I ran over to Louis extremely worried "Louis wheres harry?" I asked frantically. I felt hands at my waist, I turned around there he was. He lifted me up and we kissed. "I missed u babe" I said holding him tightly. "Not as much as I missed u!" We kissed again after he spoke. "So how bout we make the proposal public now" he said I was happy people would know he was mine. I was receiving a lot of hate on twitter and harry would get very mad at his fans. He never slipped and said I was his wife though. He made sure the paparazzi where outside when he got down on one knee and re-proposed to me. I teased up. "Yes harry I will marry u!" I said and he slid the ring on my finger and carried me away kissing me. We got in our separate limo. And he told me all about his tour I did the same for mine. "So when are we having the wedding?" I asked and he replied quickly "well I've been planning it for a while so how bout one week! All u need to do is find a dress." I called up Megan, Sydney, and Eleanor and asked them to help. Harry dropped me off with them and we looked around. I tried on a mermaid style dress. I hated it so much. I tried on many others till I found the perfect one. Eleanor has picked it out. It was strapless was right fitted around my chest area (ako taco typing that) and it puffed out at the waist like a princess gown. I loved it. I purchased the gown and I left the store to go see harry again. He picked me up and I wouldn't show him the dress. He said "yeah so the weddings actually tomorrow I got the wrong date luckily everything is ready so don't worry!" I looked at him "yes we'll be married sooner!!" I smiled and he picked me up. We passionately kissed and he lifted me up. We got to the house and harry carried me inside. He had bought us our own house. I smiled and walked inside the house a little kitten came up and I picked her up. "Name?" I asked harry he looked at me and blushed "Katie cat it's named after u!" I smiled I held the cat close and smiled. Harry looked at me. "I'm tired love!" He said and walked into the room I followed and set the cat in her bed. The cat resembled a tiny Garfield. Harry took off all his clothes and laid on the bed. "Harry put on your boxers please!" He got up and did as told "thanks" I said and changed into mine and laid next to him. He was asleep and was snoring very loudly. I wistled and he stopped it works every time. I put my head on his bare chest and fell asleep with him.
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