Love is forever (sequel to just say yes)

It a sequel to just say yes please read that one first or u will be confused. It's about MaryKate Ana Harry's wedding and their young daughter Darcy styles. Like comment favorite I love u all read on.


6. Authors note (not a repeat)

This isn't a repeat of the last one. I have come ou of my shell mended my heart with a cast this says THEY WERE WRONG! I got the inspiration from this video on your called to this day it's a poem that's read aloud with pictures and its very inspirational. Because of this I have realized my friends are wrong. Everyone who bullied me is wrong I'm me and I'm not changing for anyone. Call me anything but u are wrong they were all wrong! I'm not obsessed with harry styles I just like him as a singer and a person. I'm not obsessed with one direction I'm a fan it's what we do. THEY WERE WORNG!!! They don't know me as a person!!!!
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