This story is about a girl who gets kidnapped and tortured. When she is kidnapped she is not alone. One of the one direction boys get took with it but who could it be?



Mazy's point of view

Mazy are you ok? Yes Louis, how about you? Yes. Hey shut up back there. A mans voice said. It's gonna be ok Mazy. Louis said in a whisper. I know. I said. When we stopped, we arrived at a white brick house in some kind of mountains. One of the men went over to Louis and duck taped his mouth and tied his hands. He did the same to me. When we went into the house there was two men that took us into a room. In the room there were two chairs and of all the bad things in the world there was a knives and hammer and some scissors. They tied us to a chair and the man went over to Louis and punched him right in the stomach.  Louis Whimpered. Then they grabbed the hammer and started to hit him  but I stopped him. STOP!! I said.

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