This story is about a girl who gets kidnapped and tortured. When she is kidnapped she is not alone. One of the one direction boys get took with it but who could it be?


3. Meeting One Direction

Mazy's P.O.V
Nice to meet you that's all I said? Oh my gosh I'm so stupid. All I could do was stare at one boy. I think his name was Louis? Hi I I'm Mazy. Harry kept on hugging me. Harry I know your happy to see her but you don't have to squeeze her to death. Niall said. Oh sorry was I bothering you Mazy. No harry.
Louis p.o.v.
(A day later at school) Hey Mazy do you want to go to the movies with me tomorrow night.
Shure, what movie? I was thinking Flowers in the mist. Ok see you then. Wow she said yes man she's so pretty.
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