This story is about a girl who gets kidnapped and tortured. When she is kidnapped she is not alone. One of the one direction boys get took with it but who could it be?


5. LOUIS!!!!

Louis point of view.
When we got there it was packed. I'm going to the bathroom be back in a second. Ok mazy see you in a sec. Mazy's point of view.
As I was washing my hands I was thinking of some random thoughts of back in fifth grade when Harry And I used to hang out. Those days were so fun. Suddenly I heard a loud boom. What was that? I slowly opened the bathroom the bathroom door to see a man in a ski mask and a man on the ground. Louis was at the table in the corner of the building behind the shooter. He mouthed the words stay there. Why in this moment would he want me to stay where I was. The man turned around. Hey you who are you looking at? Ya you the one with the stupid look on you face.who are you looking at? The man said deeply. Uh... That waiter over there. Shut up. The man said. Hey,aren't you that one kid from one direction? Your coming with me, I can get a lot of money from you.LOUIS!!!! Who the heck are you? The man said. Why would you want to know.n
You look like a maid. He grabbed me by the hair and took Louis in his other hand and took us into a dark van and drove off.
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