This story is about a girl who gets kidnapped and tortured. When she is kidnapped she is not alone. One of the one direction boys get took with it but who could it be?


4. Date night

Mazy's point of view
Oh my gosh what am I going to were? Oh I know, how about that blue strapless dress? No to plain. *ring* that was a text from Louis.L: where something casual nothing to dressy. M:kk. Yes thank you phones. I'm gonna where these super cute blue skinny jeans and my orange you happy Aeropostale shirt with some toms. When I was completely ready I texted Louis that I was ready.a couple minutes later Louis car pulled up. My dad was gone so I didn't evenhanded to worry About him. Hey Louis. I said as I hopped into the car. Hey instead of flowers in the mist do you want to go out to dinner? Shure Lou. Ok how about Olive Garden? That sounds great Louis.
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