The Beautiful Happenings

Mary Elizabeth. She is the kind of girl that is smart, shy, and gorgeous inside and outside. She has just turned 17 and for her birthday her parents bought her One Direction concert tickets along with 2 VIP passes, one for her and one for her friend Anne. She soon gets to meet the stars of her life, as well as becoming intimate with one specific member of the band. Will Mary Elizabeth be able to face her fear from her dark childhood past or will she be able to overcome the pain of her incident? Learn in "The Beautiful Happenings".


1. The End.

I fell on the bed and landed on something hard. "OUCH!" I screamed. "Oh sorry Lizzy, that's my computer. I'll get it out of our way." He drug the computer off of the bed and onto the floor. He grabbed my arm and pushed me down hard back onto the mattress. I started screaming louder and louder, but no one came.


I woke up in a sweat. I had one of those terrifying dreams again. They were my worst nightmare. Every time before I went to bed at night, I prayed that I wouldn't have any. They would come and go, but still freaked the crap out of me. I tried to stop thinking about it as my mom yelled "Mary Elizabeth, its your  second to last day of school and I'm sure you don't want to miss your finals!" Okaaayy." I replied in a groggy morning voice. Even though it was finals day, I wanted it to be over. It was the end of my junior year and I was definitely ready for summer. Then again I still liked going to school since I was a straight A student and put a lot of effort into it. I was the "nerdy" girl. I only had a few friends. The rest of my high school didn't really like me, but I tried to move past that. Kids would always make stupid remarks to me. It was so annoying, but on the bright side, I only had one year left, thank God. You could say I had a pretty hard life. My childhood was the worst, because of what happened to me and now my high school experience wasn't going the best either. My mom called to me again that I better get going, so I did. I did the normal stuff like brushing my teeth and hair. I got dressed in my school uniform and was on my way to school. My car was old, but I really didn't care, it was useful. Once I got to school, I walked to the very top floor, where my friend Anne and my locker were located. On the way up kids gave me stares, because I had just gotten new glasses. I had gotten them for my birthday which was in a few days. I was pretty excited, because I knew I was going to get some surprises. I hoped some of them had to do with One Direction, which were my favorite band..EVER. "Heyyyy Mary Elizabeth!!!" Anne shouted as I grew closer to our locker space. "Hey! What's going on?" I replied with a smile. "Oh just a lot ya know. Pretty excited for the last day of school tomorrow and your birthday!" "Haha, yeah me to." "But here's a card, I know its early, but it's pretty special." "Oh, Anne you didn't have to. You know I don't like when you buy things for me!" "Just take it, you'll love it!" I took the card and opened it. In it were 2 tickets for May 30th. These tickets were just for anything. They were tickets to see One Direction.

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