Another Dimension

It all started out as an average day with an average routine schedule for Jessie, but that all changed when something unrealistic and un-ordinary occurs in the small town. Will her boyfriend, Niall be able to save her in time? Read to find out!

***Note: This was written for my sister, a Niall girl. Apologies for the lack of the other 4/5 of One Direction...***



1. ***Oneshot*** Another Dimension

Another Dimension
This story is told in Jessie's Point of View

May 22, 2015

"Mom! I'm off to school now!" I bellowed from the front door. I shoved a chocolate chip muffin into my mouth and started walking to the bus station. I shivered at the icy breeze hitting my shoulders. No one was at the station yet. That's odd.

I shuffled my feet on the pavement and checked the date on my iPhone. It was Wednesday, May 22! I'm almost 100% positive we have school today!

I sighed and looked up at the sky. The clouds were passing over faster than usual. An odd scent hit my nose and caused me to start coughing, scratch that, more like gagging.

It was a musky thick scent of Tobacco. I looked in the distance in front of me and saw the infamous drunk, John Shindle waddling towards me. He adorned heavy navy blue overalls and heavy duty hiking boots. He had fluffy black hair swept to the side and bright green eyes. If he wasn't drunk all the time I may have considered liking him.

He stopped in his tracks when he reached the palm tree across from me. He works at the tattoo parlor across the street from here.

I looked at him and gave him a disgusted look. He simply stuck his tongue out at me as a response.

I didn't change my expression. I stood my ground and asked him, "Where is everyone today?"

He just chuckled to himself and looked around the parking lot. "That's a fine question young lady, but I'm 'fraid I'm not too sure."

I kicked a pebble stone on the ground and saw that it was still just John and I standing in the mist. "Any guesses or ideas?" I asked him keeping my eyes glued to the pavement.

I heard him scratch his chin and hum to himself. "I got a guess, I 'suppose."

I rolled my eyes and I was starting to get annoyed. "Well, spill it then." I mumbled.

He laughed again before saying, "When you were younger, did you believe in mythical creatures at all?"

I nodded my head slightly. "Used to, not anymore though. But what's that gotta do with anything?"

He spat out his tobacco in the bush beside himself before saying, "Weird things have been occurring. Very weird." He mumbled, but then continued. "I suggest you keep yourself guarded 'cuz I fear it may be something supernatural. See the way the clouds are moving?"

I nodded my head while looking up. He then stammered:

"'Means an infection is coming. A disease. Like zombies 'n' monsters."

I shot my head in his direction and glared at him. "Do you really think I'm going to believe this?!"

He didn't have any time to respond for my bus pulled up in front of me, blocking him from my view. I looked behind me and saw no one. Strange, very strange.

I boarded the bus and departed the station with me being the only student on the bus. I sat in the very back, and as I was leaving I saw John mouth the words, "I warned you."


(6 years later)


March 13, 2021

I was sitting alone in my home curled up in the corner of the house, waiting for my boyfriend to get home. I stared at the picture of him for hours, afraid that he might not return home.

He had a big mission today. He got called in to help put out a gas station fire downtown. I cried softly worried that he may not make it.

Out of the blue I felt an icy breeze hit my shoulders, I shivered on contact and heard a soft menacing voice call out.

"I warned you."

I stood up abruptly. "H-hello? N-Niall that y-you?"

I got no response. I sat down on my plush king bed and ran my fingers through my hair roughly. 'It was just the wind, it's all in your head.' I thought to myself, but I was interrupted when I heard a loud thump on the front door downstairs, then the sound of glass breaking.

I tiptoed downstairs slowly. When I reached the bottom I heard a soft murmur from the kitchen. I peeped my head around the corner and saw a tall man, wait...that's the man John!

He was just standing there, looking at the ground. As a matter of fact he looked a lot paler than normal almost completely white. "J-John? What are you doing in my house?" I whimpered.

He just shot his eyes up at me and lunged for me growling hungrily.

I screamed and immediately grabbed my phone and threw on a pair of shoes and sprinted out the back door.

I didn't even look back, I just kept running, until I reached the far end of town panting desperately. I was at an abandoned hotel. I looked around and just pushed the door open. Once inside I barricaded the door shut with couches and chairs that were in the lobby.

I then went to the darkest corner of the hotel and sat myself down. I took several deep breaths before pulling out my iPhone and texting Niall where I was.

I slipped my phone back into my pocket and got up to investigate the place. I went around the front desk and grabbed a set of key cards. I trudged my way up to the fourth floor and found the room number I happened to have picked. Number 913.

I slipped the key card in and the door unlocked. I walked into the 'oh my goodness this room is huge'! I thought. I collapsed onto the really fluffy bed and fell asleep as soon as I hit the pillow.


(About 6 hours later = Sundown)


I woke up to the sound of loud desperate thumping on the front odor downstairs on the lobby, and to my phone ringing loudly in my ear.

I sat up and grabbed my iPhone and answered.

"Hello?" I asked.

"Open the damn door Jessie! I can't wait all day!" I heard my boyfriend scream into my ear.

"I'll be down right now!" I stammered before hanging up and sprinting down to the lobby.

I desperately threw the furniture out the way and yanked the door open to let my beloved boyfriend inside.

"C'mon now babe let's put the barricade back up!" I motioned him already pushing the sofa in front of the door.

"Wait...wait just a minute. Why are you putting up blockades? W-why did you leave the house?" He panicked.

I just stared at him biting my lip.

"Well?" He asked nervously.

I shook my head and continued pushing the sofa. "Please. Just do this for me Ni, I'll explain after I promise." I begged. My eyes were already beginning to sting with tears.

I turned around to push another chair in front of the door, but to my hopes my begging succeeded and Niall began pushing the last of the chairs in front of the double doors.

"Thanks babe." I smiled and hugged him tight sniffling into his chest. He lifted my chin up to look me in the eyes. He gently wiped the tears off my cheeks and kissed me passionately.

"You don't know how glad I am to know you are okay." I smiled.

He nodded his head and carried me up the stairs to our room in the hotel. I smiled as he placed me on the bed. He sat down next to me and wrapped an arm protectively around me.

He rubbed my shoulder soothingly while asking, "Now tell me Jessie, what exactly happened?"

I took a deep breath as though it would be my last. I then began, "Well, about six years ago, I came across this man. He...he tried to warn me. About...about the infected."

Niall rose an eyebrow at me and asked, "Hold on, who was this man and what about the infected?"

I put a finger to his lips, "Hush now, I'm getting there." I cleared my throat before continuing. "So...this man he...he broke into our house this morning....the same man...his name is..." I gulped. "John Shindle. He...he was infected! He tried to kill me! So I ran as fast as I could here..."

I was now sobbing into my boyfriend's chest. He kept muttering sweet nothings into my ear to soothe me.

We both froze though, there was a banging coming from the lobby again. Niall gulped and stood up from the bed.

"Niall! P-please don't go! You already scared me today! Please!" I cried while reaching out for him.

He turned his head over his shoulder and looked at me with worry and doubt evident in his eyes.

"I'm so sorry babe. But it's for our own safety! I promise I'll come back. I promise." He smiled and kissed me before walking down.

I curled up in a ball again and cried into my arms.


I calmed myself down and noticed that the banging had subsided. I listened intently for any signs of Niall. When I thought the coast was clear I dashed quickly out of the room and quietly rundown to the lobby.

To my shock the barricades had been moved and there were blood stains on the double doors and no sign of Niall anywhere!

I looked around the lobby in search of my missing boyfriend, but I to no avail I couldn't find him. I searched around the lobby for some sort of weapon. My wish had been granted when I spotted a pistol under the front desk.

It was fully loaded, and I clutched on to it and held it close. I then gazed at the daring double doors.

I clenched my fists and pushed open the doors.

"Niall! NIALL?! Where are you?" I called out.

I walked out further and further until I couldn't see the hotel anymore. I kept calling Niall's name until I heard the sound of soft grumbling from behind me.

I turned my head around only to meet the gaze of John. His eyes were bloodshot and he had drool dripping down his chin.

I trembled and pointed the gun towards his head.

"J-John...if you can hear me...I'm sorry okay? I-I don't mean to hurt you...I swear..." I shut my eyes and pulled the trigger on him.

He fell onto the pavement completely dead. I panted heavily from the stress and dropped the gun.  I started to feel light headed and I began hearing a faint voice in the distance calling my name.

I was cut off with a sharp pain in my leg, it felt like someone had sunk their teeth into my leg. I started getting really dizzy and the voice calling my name became louder and louder and before I knew anything everything went completely black.


"Jessie! Oh my God....Please!! Wake up!" I heard a voice sob. Was it Niall? I thought.

I cracked my eyes open and was blinded by the bright lights of....a hospital light? I sat up and looked around the room confusion written all over my face.

"J-Jessie?" I heard a soft voice whimper.

I turned my head in the direction of the voice and met the gaze of bright baby blue eyes shimmering with tears.

"N-Niall?" I whimpered back.

He stood up and hugged me tight almost suffocating me. I tapped his shoulder letting him know he's hurting me.

He smiled with tears dripping down his face. "I thought I lost you." He whispered.

Even more confusion took over my face and I asked, "Wait...what do you mean?"

He looked at my face and then my leg and started tearing up again. He took a deep breath and said gently and slowly, " got infected one..." He said pointing to the distinct deep bite mark in my leg.

I gasped and covered the mark with the blanket..."But...but how am...I not infected?" I asked.

Niall smiled and pointed to the doctors outside my room. "Thank them...they saved your life."

He then got up and motioned the doctors inside, and he asked them, "So when can we check out of here?"

The tallest man holding a clipboard analyzed the papers and smiled brightly. "She's good to go whenever you're ready. Now if you excuse us we need to go and operate on another...uhm...more unfortunate patient..."

Niall and I both frowned at the last part of the news. "Tell them we send them the best of wishes please." I smiled at the doctor.

He simply nodded and smiled back allowing us to leave the hospital.


Once we were checked out and driving in the car I noticed something...odd and different....

"Hey Niall....where are we?" I asked.

He turned his head and smiled his charming smile. "Babe we are in no other place but Ireland, where we are going to start our new life." He said as we pulled up into the driveway of our new house...more like mansion.

I gasped and my eyes went wide. I covered my mouth and squealed. Niall chuckled and led me inside.

When I stepped inside and Niall closed the door behind him I heard him call me, "Jessie! Babe can you turn around for a second?"

I granted his request and turned around. He was down on one knee with a hand behind his back.

"Jessica, you have been the love of my life for the past six years. I have lays been dazzled by your fun personality, good looks, and your ability to match my eating needs. I want to spend the rest of my life with you and grow old and have children with you. So will you Jessica..." He revealed his hidden arm which held a small black velvet box. I began tearing up and I covered my mouth. he opened the small box to reveal a beautiful sparkling diamond ring.

"Will you Jessica, become my Jessica Horan?"

I leaped into his arms crying my eyes out chanting loudly, "Yes."


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