The world knew Zayn Malik as the Heartbreaker, or more famously, the Bradford Bad Boy. Even Hana thought that about him when they first met. But slowly she started to pull his layers back, as he did the same to her. With secrets being kept, jealous ex's, dangers around every corner, and the daunting flashing lights, how long can the fairy tale last?


5. Surprise


            “Harry, can I talk to you?” I approached Harry at the end of another miserable rehearsal. I hated dancing with Pretty Boy. He would always try and apologize, and try and hit on me. It had been two weeks since he swore he had feelings for me, and that he would break up with Perrie. Yet the Platypus would still show up every other practice and disturb us all. Not that I really cared, because Gregg or Emily would stop by, too. It almost pained me to watch Harry stare at Emily while she was here. I could tell that Emily noticed too, and she felt bad for ignoring him, but I was mad at him, so therefore, so was she.

            “Uh, what’s up?” He looked frightened, like he thought that I was going to yell at him again.

            “Look, Harry, I forgive you. Don’t do it again, but I forgive you.” I sighed, shifting my weight back and forth on each leg.

            “Really? Hana, I’m so sorry for the bet. We were drunk, and we’re stupid gits. But take it easy on Zayn, okay? His feelings for you are real, and it kills him that you won’t talk to him. He misses your insults.” Harry, smirked at his last comment.


            Damn right you are sorry.


            “Whatever, Zayn had his chance, and he blew it.” I rolled my eyes. I really didn’t want to talk about Malik.

            “I know he did, but you’re giving me another chance, so you might as well at least try with Zayn.” He wouldn’t give up on his cause.

            “Harry, drop it. Anyways, what’s done is done. Now onto the next thing that I wanted to talk to you about. I can see the way that you look at Emily, and I don’t want to deprive you of having a shot with your dream girl. You have my permission to date her. But if you hurt her, I swear I will personally castrate you.” I poked him in the chest as a warning.


            I wasn’t kidding. Anyone hurt my bitch and I would cut off their penis.


            “I don’t think she likes me very much.” Harry frowned. For an exceptionally cocky boy, he happens to be very self-conscious when it comes to the petite X Factor judge.

            “Oh she’s totally into you; she just denies it because I was mad at you. She’s always thought you were the hottest…behind Liam.” I winked at him and turned to walk away, but he grabbed my wrist, pulling me back to him.

            “Liam?! She likes LIAM?!” He exclaimed, this hands flying to his head, tugging at his curly locks. I giggled, seeing the big and mighty Harry so distraught.

            “What? Oh, well she thinks he looks like a puppy, and Emily loves puppies, so he’s like the best of both worlds for her. A puppy and a man.” I shrugged as he glared over to Liam, who caught his look, and a expression of confusion washed over Liam’s face.

            “Liam?!” Harry repeated again.

            “Oh Harry, calm down. Emily’s in love with Danielle, so she would never do anything. She ships them.” I rolled my eyes at the fact that my best friend was so obsessed with someone else’s relationship.

            “She’s weird.” He commented, smirking. He was already working up a plan in the abnormally big head of his.

            “Whatever, good luck Harry. But remember, don’t hurt her.” I walked away again.

            “Hey babe.” I turned around to be greeted by the beautiful Gregg Sulkin. I leaped, engulfing him in a big hug.

            “Gregggggg!”I heard my voice drone. I was never sappy before Gregg. He just brings it out in me. Maybe it’s because he’s like a big teddy bear.

            “Hana, you know you’re not allowed visitors on set anymore. Unless it’s Emily, of course.” I heard the annoyingly smooth voice say from behind her.

            “Malik, if your girlfriend gets to visit, why can’t my boyfriend?” I turned around, placing a hand on my hip.

            “Because I’m part of One Direction and you’re not.” Zayn pointed out, cockily.

            “And why does Em get to visit?” I rolled my eyes, already knowing the answer.

            “Because she works with Simon. And because she’s extremely fit.” Zayn winked at me. I felt Gregg’s arms wrap around me from behind as he whispered in my ear.

            “It’s okay babe, I was only stopping in to say hi. I’ll go.” I pouted at Gregg, my eyes pleading him to stay. I didn’t think I could handle another moment of Mr. Malik.

            “Fine. Bye.” I huffed at him.

            “I’ll see you tonight, baby. I have big plans for us.” He said loudly, kissing me hard on the mouth before turning to leave.


Marking his territory in front of Malik.




No One’s POV


            Emily sighed, standing up from her place at the judges table, stretching out her legs.

            “Good job today, Em. How are you finding the talent this year?” Simon leaned over Tulisa in order to speak to Emily.

            “I think it’s pretty good. I mean I haven’t seen any James’s or Leona’s yet, but we’ve got a while to go.” Truthfully, Emily was glad they were getting a weekend break to head back to London. She missed Hana desperately and wanted to party. So, she decided she would throw one. Her new house hadn’t been broken in yet, and this was the perfect opportunity. She just hoped Josh wouldn’t show up. She was extremely paranoid these days. He seemed to turn up everywhere. And what scared her the most is that her defences were getting weaker and weaker. He was so good looking, compelling, mysterious, and broken. Emily thought she had left her habit of trying to fix men behind, but Josh seemed to bring it out in her. Little did she know that this was all part of his plan. Get her hooked, and then leave her. It’s always what he did. Even if he fell in love, he knew he would get over it eventually.


            “Hana! I’m home!” Emily called out into the dark house. She squinted her eyes in an attempt to find the light switch, fumbling around, knocking her knee on the table.

            “Fuck.” She murmured as the pain shot through her leg. Suddenly the lights turned on.

            “SURPRISE!” Emily looked around the living room to see a whole crowd of people, steamers, confetti and lots and lots of alcohol decorating the room. She smiled brightly, her cheeks heating up. To her surprise, all of One Direction was there. She would have thought that Hana would not have invited Zayn and Harry.

            “You bitch!” Emily walked up to Hana, engulfing her in a big bear hug.

            “You know you love me.” Hana winked at Emily, resisting the urge to add in an ‘xoxo Gossip Girl”.

            “Hana, this is fucking amazing. But why are Harry and Zayn here?” Emily cocked her head not-so-discretely towards the two boys.

            “I invited Harry and the rest of the boys, and I guess they just assumed Zayn was invited, too. At least he didn’t bring the fucking Platypus.” And just like Perrie had been listening in, the door opened to reveal the bubbly blonde donning a small and tight outfit and way too much make up.

            “Babbyyyy!” Perrie squealed, throwing her arms around Zayn’s neck, “I missed you.” She went into kiss him, but he turned his head, making her kiss him on the check, the action making Emily and Hana burst out into laughter.

            “Perrie, I saw you like, 5 hours ago…” Zayn trailed off.

            “I know, but I just love you so much.” She smiled, sickly at him. God, it was like she didn’t have a brain.

            “So does this mean you’re okay with Harry then?” Emily turned to Hana, ignoring Zayn and Perrie’s disgusting displays of affection.

            “Yeah, I figured he’d apologized enough. Besides, I think he really likes you, Em. Give him a chance.” Hana said earnestly to Emily.

            “Girl, if he wants a chance, he’s gonna have to work for it.” Emily giggled and winked at her best friend.

            “Whatever, you’re like his dream girl. He’d do anything for you.” Hana laughed as she caught sight of Harry standing beside a busty brunette who was talking his ear off, attempting to flirt with him. But Harry just stood there, staring at Emily, practically drooling.

            “Sure, I am. I need a drink.” Emily smirked before wandering off to get herself a shot. Hana stood alone; Gregg and she hadn’t been hanging out too much lately. Something just seemed off with the two of them. Even though they looked good together, and they were insanely attracted to one another, there was just no passion. It was as if they were like best friends, not lovers. She knew sooner or later they would fizzle out. Suddenly the door opened and Josh and two of his friends strolled in. Hana vaguely remembered their names to be Ryan and Wyatt. All of a sudden Zayn and Harry were at her side. When the hell had they become so protective of her. Josh caught sight of the boy’s reactions and let out a loud laugh.

            “Don’t worry, babe, I’m not here for you.” He winked at her, getting closer.

            “Then why the hell are you here?” Hana out her hands on her hips. She felt almost offended, why would he show up at her house and not want her? Even though Josh was abusive and a right up asshole, whenever he turned up in her life, he always wanted something from her.

            “Mind telling me where your roomie is? And don’t worry, she doesn’t know our history. She’s playing hard to get, but we all know me. I get what I want.” He smirked, cockily. Harry’s eyes widened and he let out a low growl as realization came over him.

            “Stay away from Emily.” He hissed at Josh.

            “Sorry curly, and what if I don’t?” Josh turned to his friends, rolling his eyes as they laughed at Harry’s reaction.

            “Josh?” Emily stood behind her friends, awkwardly with a shot in her hand.

            “Hello, love. Oh, don’t let my presence stop you, take the shot.” Josh pushed past the wall of Harry and Zayn and wrapped an arm around Emily’s waist.

            “What the fuck. Josh, you need to leave. Just because I let you give me a ride home once does not mean you can keep showing up wherever I am. It’s fucking creepy. I don’t want to date you.” Emily scowled at Josh.

            “Come on, baby, just one drink.” Josh cooed at the beautiful girl in front of him. Not only was Emily one of the most beautiful girls he’d ever seen, but she was also the only one to have held off on him for this long.

            “No, Josh, I’m not interested, leave me alone.” Emily pulled away from him.

            “Leave.Her.Alone.” Harry was now in between Josh and Emily.

            “Back the fuck off Curly!” And all at once Josh and his friends had guns in their hands, pointing them at Zayn, Harry, and Hana.

            “J-j-j-j-osh.” Hana stuttered. She couldn’t believe he had his friends pulling guns on her just to get to Emily. She used to be the girl he would pull these stunts for. She looked at Emily in disbelief. She knew Emily hadn’t done anything wrong, but she could help but feel mad.

            “Sorry, love.” Josh shrugged at Hana, he’d be back for her another time, for now, he only wanted Emily.

            “Josh, please. Put your gun away, and your friends, too.” Emily’s eyes widened. She took a step closer to Josh, putting a hand on his arm, softly in an attempt to get him to stop pointing his gun at Harry.

            “And what am I going to get out of it, babe?” Josh’s blue eyes bore into Emily’s, still pointing his gun at Harry, who was trembling. Emily’s eyes flickered to Harry, Hana, and Zayn, knowing what to do.

            “I’ll leave with you right now. We’ll go away for the weekend until I have to get back for the X Factor. I’m yours for the weekend if you stop threatening my friends.” Emily cried. She couldn’t stand seeing Hana so upset. And oddly enough, Harry too.

            “Perfect.” Josh smiled, knowing he had one. All at once he had his arm around Emily and he was out the door, his friends following closely behind, and they were gone.

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