The world knew Zayn Malik as the Heartbreaker, or more famously, the Bradford Bad Boy. Even Hana thought that about him when they first met. But slowly she started to pull his layers back, as he did the same to her. With secrets being kept, jealous ex's, dangers around every corner, and the daunting flashing lights, how long can the fairy tale last?


3. Good Girl

I really didn't want to go. Like really really really didn't want to go.

Not even for Liam's sake. But you know what made me go?

Emily fucking Binks.

I guess I left out a couple things about Emily. Despite her questionable taste in men (which consisted of heartbreakers and cheaters) she is quite talented. And by quite talented, I mean Grammy award winning talented. My petite little friend managed to charm the world into providing her the money to buy a gigantic house in LA and god knows what else. Okay, I guess they didn't buy her the house, but they sure bought her CD and tickets to see her shows.

But she recently got an offer she couldn't refuse. Being a judge for the X Factor UK.

Meaning my bitch was coming back to me. She decided she was going to use her disgustingly large amount of money to buy her a disgustingly gorgeous house in London. But it's not that disgusting. Because she asked me to live with her. I knew I kept her around for a reason.

Anyways, seeing as she was working along side the famous Simon Cowell now, she managed to weasel out an invitation to Liam's birthday party. Mostly because she wanted to see Mr. Asshat Malik, and put her two cents worth in on the situation. She loves meddling with my life. Ever since she decided dating was too hard for her, and she liked to live in a world of peace and one night stands, she's been meddling even more.




But she's probably the wisest of us all. At least living with her, hopefully Josh can't find us. I decided I was going to let him go. Despite how much I loved him, he was no good for me, and he never would be. Even if I had to break my heart into a million pieces, I had to let him go.

"Hana you're a fucking sex goddess." Emily came barging into my room as I slipped the deep red dress onto my body.

Fuck yeah I am.

"Goddess of sex. Mother fucking sex." She stared at me in awe. See, I wasn't always like this. Emily corrupted me.

Okay maybe I was always like this, but Emily made me actually say this shit aloud.

"You're not to shabby yourself." That was probably an understatement. As a celebrity, Emily got the most gorgeous clothes, and the green number she had on tonight hugged her in all the right places. If I was a dude, I'd totally be all over her. Hell, as a woman I'm totally ready to jump her bones.


"Well, well, look who decided to show up." Harry appeared at my side. I rolled my eyes. I had not forgotten about his role in the fucking bet.


The word was still freshly planted in my mind. But he pulled me into a deep hug. My arms remained at my sides, refusing to give into him.

"And who is your beautiful friend?" He turned to Emily, eyeing her up and down. He took her tiny hand into his massive one and brought it to his lips.


"Don't pretend like you don't know," I scoffed, "he keeps a poster from that ad campaign you did with La Sensa last summer and brings it on tour with us. You're his good luck charm." Not only did everyone in the world know who Emily was, but it was true. Harry was obsessed.

"I do not!" Harry stomped like the little man boy he is. He was afraid I had embarrassed him in front of the object of his late night fantasies.


Not a chance, Asshat. She's mine.

"Harry, I'm offended." She look a step towards the curly haired culprit, placing her hand on his chest. He look in a sharp breath.


I could tell what she was doing.

She leaned in, her lips brushing against his ear. I could tell he was insanely turned on, his pants were probably tightening.

"But unfortunately stalker and asshole is not my type. Good luck with your other conquests though." She pulled away, winking before she turned to walk back to me. I smirked at her, silently thanking her.

"Oh, and can you please tell your little friend Zayn to stay away from my friend here? His non stop calls are just embarrassing, and I'm sure his girlfriend, Ms. Platypus Edwards doesn't approve." And with that, she took my arm and led me deeper into the party, leaving a shocked and exceedingly horny Harry Styles in our dust. God I loved her. As we made our way to the bar (and yes, it was my open bar!) I felt someone's eyes on me. I silently prayed in my head that it wasn't Zayn.

But apparently God wasn't listening to me that night.

I turned around to see his stupidly gorgeous hazel eyes staring intently at me. I probably would have given in if I hadn't noticed the girl on his arm. Fucking Perrie.

Er I mean Platypus.

I wasn't in the mood to joke about her name.

Or appearance.

Or the garbage bag she had on that she was trying to pass off as a dress.

I take that back.

Every mood is a joking mood.

"Holy shit. Hana. Don't look now, but I think that's mini Fitz." Her head was craned to the right, her eyes open wide as she took in this one mans pure beauty. Emily and I were obsessed with Pretty Little Liars, and with that obsession came our love for the actor Greg Sulkin, who played the equally sexy Ezra Fitz's younger brother. Naturally my eyes followed her gaze as soon as she told me not to look. Our eyes met, and I felt my stomach drop.



That was definitely him.

Excuse me while I go scream into a pillow while I try and relieve my sexual frustrations.

Wow. He's even hotter in person.

"Go introduce yourself." She hissed into my ear, "I saw him eyeing you less than a minute ago. Oh and Captain Asspants is staring and it seems like he might try and come over here. Go. Now." She ordered me. As much as I usually hate being bossed around, Emily's advice was usually good advice, and she was an excellent wing man.

Wing woman.

Female wing man?

Oh fuck it.

I looked back to Zayn, and sure enough he was making his way over to me. Luckily enough for me, Gregg happened to be talking to the one and only birthday boy, so I had an excuse to go over to them.

"I'll distract pretty boy. Go get 'em tiger." She purred into my ear, giggling, slapping my ass as I walked away. Pervert. This is why I loved her though.

"Leeeyyuuummmm!" I exclaimed, approaching the beautiful Gregg Sulkin. He only got prettier the closer you got. It's unfair really.

Maybe I should tell him.

Just walk up and say, "hey mister, your beauty is unfair. Mind sharing it with me? If you know what I mean." Wink wink, nudge nudge.

"Happy birthday, Liam!" I wrapped my arms around his neck, hugging him quickly before turning to his gorgeous girlfriend, Danielle and pecking her in the cheek. I loved Danielle. She handled the fame so well. And as I fellow dancer, I had to admit she was kick ass. She suited Liam so well.


Cute couples make me want to vomit.

But not in front of Gregg Sulkin!

"Thanks Hana!" Liam smiled his cute little puppy dog smile at me. Wow, Danielle was a lucky girl. "Oh, Hana, I'd like you to meet my friend, Gregg." He gestured towards the sex god.

Oh honey, no need to introduce us. I already know.

"Wow, nice to meet you I'm actually a huge fan!" I gave Gregg my sweetest smile.

"Me too." He winked at me.

Ugh. I just stared into his beautiful eyes and somehow got lost. I guess Danielle and Liam buggered off and decided to leave us in our moment. Not that I was complaining.

"So, Hana. Can I get you a drink?" Gregg offered me his arm. I graciously took it, letting him lead me to the bar.


“Greeegggg!” A loud, glowing platypus threw herself at Gregg, wrapping her slender arms around Gregg’s neck. Really?


Doesn’t she have a man of her own?




“Hey mate, how’s it going?” Zayn eyed us up and down, taking in Gregg’s arm that pulled out of his hug with Perrie and was now wrapped lightly around my waist.


In no way was I going to refuse him this.


“Pretty good, I was just going to buy this beautiful girl a drink.” He turned to me, winking again. Usually a guy that winked this much I would want to punch in the face. But Gregg? It sent shivers down my spine and sent my heart into full speed.


“Oh. Well, we’ll leave you to it. Right, Zayn?” Perrie widened her eyes, attempting to look innocent. I guess it worked because Zayn sighed, looking at me once more, before he let Perrie drag him away. I watched them walk away, Perrie leaning into him, as he kissed the top of her head, no doubt telling her all the dirty things he was going to do to her that night.


It occurred to me that it should have disgusted me that he was using her that way, and the way he used me and then ran  right back to her, but I felt a familiar pang in my chest.


I was jealous of Perrie Fucking Platypus Edwards.




And therefore, if I was feeling jealousy of her, that meant that…


I can’t even say it.


I have feelings…




Zayn Malik.


No, this was impossible. I couldn’t possibly have formed feelings for the one person that used me just as much as Josh. But that aching in my heart only confirmed it more and more.


This needs to stop.


I turned to Gregg, throwing back the rest of the Champaign that he had gotten me, feeling the familiar burning sensation at the back of my throat.


“Want to get out of here?”


He winked in response.


No One’s POV


Emily sat in the dingy little bar, a place where she knew she wouldn’t be spotted. Hana had ditched, and was probably making sweet love to mini Fitz right now. Emily left, bored of the celebrity party, and bored of pretentious men breathing down her neck. Oddly enough, the only person that she could stand at that party was Harry Styles. But she knew he was off limits because of that whole bet with Zayn. Speaking of Zayn, she watched him with Perrie that night, and she wanted to vomit over it. Perrie was like a love sick little puppy, but Zayn couldn’t keep his eyes off of Hana, his eyes full of remorse. Huh, maybe he actually did like her.


But after what he did, how he felt was irrelevant.


In two days she would be starting as a judge on one of her favourite shows as a teenager.


Hell, it was still her favourite show.


She took a long sip from her beer, trying to figure out how she had gotten where she is now. Even though she tried to convince herself every night that she was better off alone, she couldn’t help but miss what Hana was going through right now. Even though she could do without the drama, she missed the feeling of being wanted. Because with one night stands she always woke up forgetting the man’s name, or just feeling dirty.


But at the same time, love hurts. It can rip you apart and turn you into someone that you don’t recognize. It made for fantastic song material, though.


Just ask Taylor Swift.


Hah, fucking Harry Styles.


Not literally.


“What is a beautiful girl in an expensive dress doing on this side of town?” A deep, British accent came from behind her. She turned around, and the man’s eyes widened.


“Hey! I know who you are! Guys! We have a celebrity here!” He pointed at her, waving his arms around, trying to get all of his friends to notice that he had found a beautiful woman at their seedy drinking hole.




Emily screwed her face up, this was the last thing she wanted right now. She just wanted to drink away her feelings until she somehow found her way home to write a song about it.


Men are pigs.


“Will you please leave me alone?” She turned to the man, narrowing her eyes at him, giving him her dirtiest look.


“Why hunny? I could show you the wildest night of your life.” He winked at her, and she felt the bile building up in my stomach. If she didn’t end up punching him out, she would probably puke on him.


Whatever works, right?


“Duke, back off.” An equally deep accent called out, but it was much raspier, and much more commanding. Emily’s eyes searched the darkness, looking for the voice that had saved her from this asshole, hoping he wasn’t calling him off just to make his own move. Her eyes eventually found a head of blonde hair, a strong, deep, jawline, dark eyes, and a leather jacket. He was the typical bad boy. But he could have easily gotten into the world of male modeling if he had wanted to. The media loved the ruggedly handsome look at the moment. There was something intriguing about him, but incredibly dangerous. It scared her, and she knew that she had to get out of that bar, and fast. She stood up, feeling slightly tipsy, and grabbed her purse, making her way out of the bar. She muttered a thank you  in the direction of the blonde haired man before she made her way into the warm August air. She looked at her watch, hoping it wasn’t too late.


1 am.


Oh well, she would just call her driver for him to pick her up.


“Hey, sorry about Duke.” She whipped around, her phone falling out of the palm of her hand. Her breath caught in her throat. He was even more beautiful up close. There were a few other men with him, but they hung out behind, at the entrance of the alley way, chain smoking. This man was definitely the alpha.


“It’s okay.” She said curtly. As attracted as she was to him, she was scared of him. And not because he looked scary, but because he was the type of guy that would reel you in and then break you into a million pieces. He would make you think that he could change, that he would ride away into the sunset with you on the back of his motorcycle and you would live happily ever after, but in the end he would never change. Why? Because he was already broken and nothing could fix him. Not until the day that a girl did the exact same thing to him. Not until he let himself fall in love, and then lose everything, just so that he could see what he was doing, would he change. Because no one really likes to be broken.


But until then, he was a heartbreaker, and Emily was going to do everything in her power to keep away from him. Little did she know was that he loved the chase, and he wouldn’t stop until she was his.


“Are you lost? Do you need a ride home?” She turned around to find a smirk on his lips as he gestured towards his motorcycle.




“No, I’m trying to get a hold of my driver.” She looked him right in the eye, trying to get the message across that she wasn’t interested.


“Oh, fancy.” A small rumble, that she guessed was a laugh, vibrated through his chest, “why not live a little? Let me take you home on the back of my bike.” He posed his words in the form of questions, but they came out more like commands. Emily didn’t let just anyone tell her what to do. Only her mother, because her mother was cute and it was hard to say no to her.


“Fuck.” She ignored him, muttering the word more to herself than anyone else. She had hoped her driver would pick up, but she knew she had given James (her diver) the night off after he had dropped her off at the bar. Even if she had her car right now, she would be in no shape to drive it. She looked up, and there he was, leaning against his bike, staring intently at her. Well…Just like the One Direction song, live while we’re young, right?


“Just this one time,” She hissed at him as she approached him, “don’t think this means I’m going to sleep with you or anything.” He responded by giving her his gloating smirk again. She knew she was going to regret this, but she needed to get home.  She had no idea where she was. He handed her his helmet, straddling the bike. She begrudgingly muttered her address to him. He patted the space behind him, indicating for her to join him. She sighed, sitting on the bike, practically straddling him with her legs. Why did she have to wear a dress that night?


“Hold on tight.” He turned around, winking. She rolled her eyes and wrapped her arms around his waist. She felt a laugh rumble through his back where her cheek was resting on his leather jacket. He revved his engine, no doubt gaining the attention of his friends, letting him know that he was in fact leaving with the girl. As he took off, her breath caught in her throat and she hugged herself even closer, suddenly thankful he had given her the helmet. She took in the city, fast asleep, as they zoomed through it. She was slightly taken aback by the thrill of being on the back of his bike. She thought she would have loathed it, but it was the most exciting feeling she’d had in a long time. As she felt them slow down, she saw that they had arrived at her home. She was surprised at the feeling of regret that has settled deep in her stomach.

“Thank you.” She pulled the helmet off of her head, her long hair flowing down her back. He caught a whiff of her perfume and he felt his desire grow. She was beautiful, and he could tell that someone had broken her. He could feel the walls that she had put up around herself. Although he knew in the end that he was no good for her, he wanted to break those walls down with everything that he had, even though he knew he would leave her in the end. He would always leave. It was in his blood.


“Anything for a beautiful girl.” He smiled at her, taking the helmet and resting it on the handlebar of his bike.


“I’m more than just a face, you know.” Her voice was filled with annoyance. She was tired of being known for her looks, her voice, and her fame. No one noticed her love for history, and law, or the art of her lyrics. She was a true musician; the world was just too blinded by her image to notice.


“I can tell.” He raised his eyebrows. She was a feisty one, and he liked it. He liked it a lot.


“And how can you tell?” She smiled kind of enjoying their banter.


“I’m a pretty good judge of character.” He took a step towards her, closing the gap in between them.


“Yeah? Well so am I.” She stepped even closer to him, challenging him to prove it. He snaked his arms around her waist, pulling her in and leaving no space in between them.


“Well what do you think about me?” He was genuinely curious to know. There was something about her eyes that told him that she was always thinking, silently observing her surroundings.


“Trouble, I think that you’re trouble.” She didn’t state it; she said it as though it had just come out during her train of thought. He thought about it for a moment, gently tracing circles on her hips with the tips of his fingers. She wasn’t pulling away, so he decided to place his face closer to hers, his lips just inches away from hers. All at once she realized what was happening, and she pulled away, gasping, knocking into his bike. He caught her just as she was about to fall.


“Got you.” He pulled her back up. She was afraid that his words meant much more than the fact that he had caught her.


“I should go. Thank you for the ride errr----“ she struggled to remember his name, before she realized that she had never known it.


“Josh, my name is Josh.”



Hana’s POV


I woke up in one of my oversized shirts and a pair of shorts on. I looked up and saw Gregg fast asleep in my bed.


Mmmmmmm, he’s beautiful when he sleeps.


Like gorgeous.


I felt butterflies erupt in my stomach. This was nice; it wasn’t like Zayn or Josh where I felt a deep and nagging ache whereas this was sweet, young love. And the funny thing was that I didn’t sleep with Gregg that night, we stayed up talking, drinking and eating peanut butter out of the jar. And a little tonsil hockey every now and then. I felt like a 16 year old girl again.


I heard the front door opening and close, as the familiar sound of a motorcycle faded down the block.


That slut.



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