The world knew Zayn Malik as the Heartbreaker, or more famously, the Bradford Bad Boy. Even Hana thought that about him when they first met. But slowly she started to pull his layers back, as he did the same to her. With secrets being kept, jealous ex's, dangers around every corner, and the daunting flashing lights, how long can the fairy tale last?


2. Give Me Love 

“Morning, doll face.” I rolled over, and sure enough, it wasn’t a dream. I had sex with that god damn pretty boy.




“Uh. It's 1:30 AM, Zayn.” I rolled back over, my back facing him. Bad idea. He wrapped his arms around me, pulling me into his body. An overwhelming warmth took over my body. No. Stop. My body wanted him, but my mind was telling me to run the fuck away. He lied. He hadn’t fixed me. If anything, he messed me up even more.




“Something wrong?” He trailed kisses down the back of my neck. I shivered. That wanker made me shiver. What was wrong with me? I sat up, ripping my limbs away from his. This couldn’t be happening. As I sat up, the blood rushed to my head. Wow, I drank a lot the night before. I blame it on the alcohol. Cue the  shitty Top 40 song. Hah. At least I could still have a sense of humor in this situation.


“Platypus.” Was the next thing that left my stupid little mouth. He raised his eyebrows at me, a smirk playing on his lips, his eyes cluing into the joke. I thought he was supposed to love the girl!


“What?” He fully knew what I was talking about.


“Uhmm, Perrie.” I forced myself to say the little blue things name.


“What about her?” Was he kidding right now?


“You little wanker!” I jumped up, pulling the sheet off of him to cover myself with it. Bad idea, Hana, bad idea. There was now a very naked Zayn Malik in front of me. Okay, so I take back what I said yesterday. Maybe I am a tramp.


“Like what you see?” He licked his lips and winked.




“Don’t get ahead of yourself, Malik. I don’t even remember last night. Get the fuck out.” I threw his clothes (which were strewn very clumsily all over my room) at him in an attempt to cover up his (very nice…and large, but unwanted) junk. Yet my reaction only got a laugh out of him.




 I should probably stop calling him names in my head.


Fuck it.

Man slut.


Okay, I’m done.


“We should talk.” He stood up, pulling his jeans onto his body.


He must work out.


“We have nothing to talk about.”


“Please don’t tell Perrie.”




“Could you please stop calling her that?”


“Bite me.”


“If you say so…”


“Fuck you Malik. Get out of my house.”


“You’re cute.”


“Are you fucking kidding me?” I swear I could have punched him in his manufactured little face. But then I’d probably get fired.


“Come on, Hana. This could just be our little secret.” He took a step towards me, his torso still shirtless.  


“You said you’d fix me. This is going to ruin me.” I pushed him away, going to the door as I heard knocking.


“Josh?” I opened the door to see the one person I couldn't run away from. Even if I wanted to, I’m sure he’d be able to find me.


“Babe.” He strolled in.


Really people? Does no one have manners anymore?


“What are you doing here, Josh? It's 1:30.”


“I only have an hour.” He turned, smirking at me. Did he really think I was that easy? Okay, well maybe for him I was. And apparently for 1/5th of a boy band, too.


“You can’t go in there.” I panicked as he made his way to the bedroom.

“Why not, Hans?” he was challenging me. Why? I wasn't a challenge for him. From day one he had me figured out, and he knew it. I had spent my life being relatively open, but when I got to London, I had managed to become quite a cynical little thing, really. I wanted to reinvent myself. I wanted to be a mystery. But Josh figured me out within a minute of meeting me. I don’t really know why he chose me. He was so sweet in the beginning. But then one day he changed. Or I guess, he went back to his normal self. He let me chase him around like a lost puppy, while he kicked me down, over and over again. I guess it made him feel big. And I wasn't even the one who broke up with him. I didn't have the courage.  But one day he got up and left, only saying “I’m no good for you.” And I spent my days missing him, until he came back every so often just to use me a little bit more.


“Hana, do you have an food?” Like clockwork, Zayn strolled out of my bedroom, pushing his arms through his button up. He still had sex hair. Even if I didn't remember it, at least I gave it to him good. I could feel myself smirking, but with one look from Josh, the smirk was wiped right off my face.


“What the hell is Pretty Boy doing here?” Josh spat, pulling me behind him, like he was trying to shield me from Zayn’s…what? Beauty? Hah. Apparently it was too late for that.


“Uhh, he was over…rehearsing?” Wow, good one Hana.


“Naked?.” Josh glowered at Zayn.


“If you must know, we had sex.” Zayn is officially the biggest idiot I know. He doesn't know what Josh is capable of. He could destroy him, and he wouldn't care about the consequences. I heard a low growl rumble in Josh's chest, and I wrapped my arms around him, hoping he wouldn't do anything stupid. 


Josh not being stupid?

Wow, I must be dumber than I look. 

"Josh, please." I placed myself in front of him, my hands resting on his chest. 

"Hana, move." He was still looking at Zayn.

"Please, Josh, can we just talk about it?" I was pleading now. As much as I loathed that pretty boy, I didn't want to see him get the shit kicked out of him.

Okay, maybe I did.

But not over me.

Not by Josh.

"I'm only going to warn you one more time, Hana. Move." He growled at me. I flinched away. Even though I was deeply and disgustingly in love with him, he scared the living hell out of me. But all at once, I found myself clinging onto the fabric of his shirt. 

"No, Josh. If you're going to be like this, just go." I stood my ground. This courage must have been hidden up my ass or something, because I had no idea where I was getting it from. 

"Don't you fucking dare." All of a sudden I was behind Zayn, as Josh was getting ready to literally remove me with the use of force. I don't know why, I guess I'd never paid attention to the look on his face before, but the anger in his eyes, the hatred, the lack of real human emotion, it broke me. I wasn't used to all these feelings, and it started to take over. I felt frozen. Oh god, now I'm starting to sound like some fan girl. Oh the feels!

"Hana?" Josh was suddenly beside me, his arms wrapping around me, cradling me like a child. 

The fuck?

And then I felt the pain, and the sobs shaking my body. How did he do this to me? He broke me, he wrecked me, yet I still loved him. 

I was weak. 

"Go, Josh. Just leave." I managed to make my voice work through my rough sobs. He sighed beside me, kissing my head, before standing up to go. I watched his retreating back as it made its way to the door. As he was reaching for the knob, he paused. 

"I'll be back for you, Hana. Because despite everything, you're mine, and you always will be." And then he was gone.




Just like every other time. He just left me a broken mess on the ground.

Lying on the cold hard ground.

Heh. Harry would kill me if he knew I had made that reference. 

Sorry not sorry. 

"Let's get you to bed." I felt Zayn lift me from underneath, his arms sweeping me off the ground. 

"I swear to god Malik, if you try anything, I will personally cut your precious little Malik off."

"You and I both know that little Malik is not so little." He let out a gruff laugh. 





"You know...I don't even remember having sex with you." I whispered, hoping he wouldn't hear me.

"Like hell you don't! It was probably the best sex of your life." 

I rolled my eyes, "Prove it." His eyes flashed to mine, as he placed me on my bed. 

"Are you sure?"

"Oh fuck, Malik, I didn't mean it like that." He just smirked and started unbuttoning his shirt. 

What on earth did he not understand about me cutting off his penis?

He turned around, his naked back facing me. 





Try hiding those scratch marks from your precious little pet platypus, Malik. 

"What?" He turned around, a playful smirk on his face. 

Damn it.

I said my thoughts aloud again. I have problems. 

"Uh. Nothing." I hid my face behind my hands, giggling. 

"You're crazy, Hana." 


"Hey Zayn! You in there?" I stood up, hitting Zayn on the arm. He invited Harry over? I would recognize that raspy voice anywhere.

Like anywhere. 


"Haz?" Zayn stood up, his eyes filled with regret. I felt my heart drop even more. 

Something was wrong. Very, very wrong. 

"You sly fox!" Harry strolled into the room, taking in my lack of clothing, and Zayn's shirt strewn on the ground. He walked up to Zayn, patting him on the back, before slipping him a wad of bills.


Was the first word that came to my mind. 

Fucking used. 

"Hana, wait. Before you react, please let me explain." Zayn took a step towards me. But I slipped past him, locking myself in the bathroom. And for the first time, I let someone win. I let Zayn have me, and he took me, and then he wrecked me. He used me up, and I was tired. 

And I had to drag my ass out of my apartment and go to fucking Liam Payne's 23rd birthday tomorrow. Fuck me. If it had been any of the other boys birthdays then I would have skipped it. But I actually liked Liam.

Stupid little puppy of a man. 

I looked at my phone, it was ringing off the hook, Zayn's name (which happened to be Captain Asspants in my phone) was flashing in my face. 

Go away Asspants.

No one wants you.

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