The world knew Zayn Malik as the Heartbreaker, or more famously, the Bradford Bad Boy. Even Hana thought that about him when they first met. But slowly she started to pull his layers back, as he did the same to her. With secrets being kept, jealous ex's, dangers around every corner, and the daunting flashing lights, how long can the fairy tale last?


4. Danger


“So, did you get it in last night?” Emily leaned over the counter, winking at me as she placed some bacon and scrambled eggs on my plate. I had missed her cooking for me.

“No!” I said probably a little bit too loud.

“Funny, I don’t believe you.” She looked past my shoulder to the doorway.

“Morning—oh!” Gregg waltzed into the room, expecting to find only me, not me and my gorgeous superstar roommate.

“Morning Greggy!” Emily smiled at him as she turned around going back to stir the eggs.

“Hi, Em.” He smiled sheepishly at her. Wait, what?


Am I missing something?


Did they?


Oh my god.


“Wait!” I jumped up from my seat, confused as hell, “Do you two know each other? Why couldn’t you have just introduced us last night?” Emily turned around, and I was expecting a guilty look on her face, but she was just smirking.


That bitch.


“Hana, don’t get ahead of yourself, my love,” that damn smirk, “Gregg and I met a while back. He’s a friend of Selena’s. But I thought it would have been much more amusing if you did it all on your own.” Her face finally broke out into a real smile, and I knew that nothing had gone on behind my back.

“Morning.” Gregg wrapped his arms around my waist, kissing me on the temple.

“Good morning, Gregg.” I smiled brightly at him.

“Can I take you out to dinner tonight?” He returned my smile, revealing his pearly teeth.

“I can’t,” I rolled my eyes, remembering that I had rehearsal, “but I’ve got work tonight. The tour starts in a month, so their cracking down on us.”

“Oh, alright.” His face filled with disappointment.

“But…” My face was still bright, “if you really want to take me out, how does tomorrow night sound?”

“That sounds…Perfect!” Gregg’s face lit up again, and funny enough, I felt butterflies in my stomach.


And I do not get butterflies very often.


So that’s when I decided that Zayn Malik was a thing of the past, and Gregg Sulkin was the real deal.


For now anyways.


He was bound to get bored of me, or realize that I’m just a crazy slag one of these days. But until then, I would appreciate his absolute sex god status with all I had.


“But what on earth were you up to last night? I heard you come home on a motorcycle?!” I turned around, pointing a finger at Emily.

“Honestly, it was nothing. I let my driver off for the night and I needed a ride home, so I let him drive me home. No big deal. I promise.”

“Oh, and did you ride him good?” I winked at her, wiggling my eyebrows for effect.

“Oh shut up, or I’ll tell Gregg about that one time in—“ I jumped off my seat and ran at Emily, covering her mouth just in time. To be honest, I had no clue what she was about to say, but I did know that it was probably embarrassing, so I did not want her to say it aloud.




“Huh, well, if the hottie with the bike ever comes around again, let me know so I can get a good look.” I winked at her.

“I never said he was hot!” She crossed her arms in protest.

“Yeah, but you’re so fucking shallow that you would never get on an ugly guys motorbike.” I rolled my eyes at her. Okay, so she wasn’t that shallow, but I did know my best friend, and I was proud to say that even though she could go a little overboard sometimes, she had standards. Which is why Mr. Harry Styles was never going to get in her pants.


Not that he isn’t hot or anything. But because she would never do that to me after what him and Zayn concocted.


“I’m going to go get changed. I have a meeting with Simon.” She huffed out of the room.

“Well…that was interesting.” I had almost forgotten that Gregg was in the room. Emily and I could get like that.


No One’s POV


Zayn shifted in his seat, feeling uncomfortable. For the past couple months, he had felt so off when he was with the platypus.




It’s not that he didn’t love her, he did. She was beautiful, talented, and she loved him more than he ever thought someone would love him. But the crest-fallen look on Hana’s face when she found out about the bet haunted him every second of the day. He really hadn’t meant it when he made that drunken bet with Harry.


“Dude, the new dancer-you know the one with the smile?-is so hot.” Harry took a sip of his beer and flashed Zayn his famous Styles grin.

“Tell me about it. I’d do anything to get her in bed. Did you see how flexible she is?” Zayn exclaimed, the alcohol going straight to his head.

“What about Perrie, man?” Harry smiled, he knew Zayn liked the chick, but she was in no way near Zayn’s end game.

“It’s not like anything would ever happen, Haz.” Zayn rolled his eyes. Hana was way too good for Zayn. She was talented, proud, smart, and gorgeous. And he was just a good for nothing cheater. He had been with two other girls during his relationship with Perrie. He hadn’t meant for them to happen. He had been drunk on both occasions, and how are you supposed to stop yourself when over half the female population was throwing themselves at you?




“What? Has the Bradford Bad Boy lost his charm now that he’s in a relationship with little Perrie-Werrie?” Harry taunted his best mate.

“Are you fucking with me, mate? I could pull her in a second if I wanted to.”

“Wanna bet on it?” There was a mischievous flash in Harry’s eyes, but Zayn didn’t care.


Men and their fucking egos.


Zayn didn’t know why he had shaken on it. He didn’t even want to go through with it. But when Hana was completely standoffish in the presence of Zayn, he couldn’t help himself, because in the back of his mind, the bet still lingered. He found himself wanting to make her want him. But he didn’t realize how much he had fallen for her in the process.


“Zayn? Babe?” Perrie kissed down his neck, trying to gain his attention. He hadn’t realized he had spaced out. He and Perrie were still in bed, and she was going at him like there was no tomorrow. He couldn’t deny that he was very turned on, but he just wasn’t feeling it. Ever since Perrie had realized that Zayn was far off in his own land a couple months back, she had turned on the sex factor and was doing everything to keep her man interested. Not that Zayn was complaining, the sex was incredible. But it was lacking something. It was lacking the same spark he and Hana had.



Josh sat on his bike, lingering outside of Emily’s mansion. He flicked his cigarette to the curb, watching it die out. He smirked, thinking of the beautiful girl he had given a ride home to the night before. She was strong, feisty as hell, gorgeous, and just what he liked—a chase. He couldn’t wait to break down her walls and have his way with her. He always got what he wanted in the end. And he could already tell she was a real demon in the sack. His eyes widened as he watched the door open, Hana stepping out. No way. Emily was the roommate Hana had left her old apartment for? This just kept getting better and better. Josh would have to be a lot more careful, but if he played his cards right, he could have Emily, and a little Hana on the side too. He hid behind a tree, a low growl forming in the back of his throat when he saw Hana pull a man down to kiss her. It wasn’t Pretty Boy from a couple night before, but it was a new guy.


Oh that little slut.


He was going to have to punish her for that.


Later though, he told himself. For now his one project was Hana’s little roomie. He glared after Hana and Gregg as they walked down the street and out of sight. He pulled out his pack of smokes, lighting another up. He would definitely need to calm his nerves before he went in to pull Emily. He hated seeing Hana with other guys. As much as he didn’t need her, he wanted her to be that girl that he could always have. She used to follow him around like a lost child, trusting him no matter what, but recently it looked like she had smartened up. Not that Josh cared too much. It was just more of a challenge, which if you haven’t figured out by now, those were his favourite. Josh looked up to the sound of a car rolling into the driveway of Emily’s place. He stomped out his cig, and made his way up the walkway.


“Well hello, stranger.” Emily felt someone grab her from behind, crushing her to his body.


Da fuck?


“Josh!” She yelped, her heart speeding up. Not because she wanted to see him, but because she was terrified of him. She could tell just by looking at him that he was danger, and the fact that he was showing up at her doorstep freaked her out. A walking (although good looking) piece of danger was waiting in her driveway until she came home. 


“I’m sure you’ll be saying that name nonstop in a couple of minutes.” He whispered in her ear, pulling her against him.

            “Get.Off.Me.” Emily fought her hormones, shoving Josh away from her. There was something different in his eyes today, and she felt like he wouldn’t give up unless he got what he wanted. But she wasn’t just some hussy that she assumed he was used to. She was a successful girl with standards, and she didn’t need some bad boy to make her feel like she was doing something with her life. That’s what got her in this position in the first place. That is why she built up all these walls. She had given into her urge to fix the bad guy, and it only left her more broken than ever. So no matter what her mind was telling her to do, to fix him, there was no way she would let herself give into him. She wasn’t about to be a pawn in one of his games. She couldn’t do that to herself again. If she was going to give up her heart it would not be for the likes of Josh.

            “Fine, but in the end, Emily, you’ll be begging for me, we both know it.” He winked at her once more, and at that, he turned on his heels and walked to his bike. Emily watched as he sped away, and out of sight.


            “Have a good night?” Zayn crept up behind Hana, startling her a little bit.

            “Wouldn’t you like to know.” She muttered through her teeth. She refused to let him get to her, but she also couldn’t help but feel extremely annoyed with his presence.

            “Look, Hana, you have to listen to us.” She whirled around and caught sight of Harry. Great, now they were teaming up on her. Did they make another bet and call it “let’s both sleep with her, just to piss her off even more”?

            “I don’t need to do anything. You had your fun, bet over, now leave me alone.” She started to make her way towards the dance studio.

            “I’m going to break up with Perrie.” Zayn called after her, causing her to stop. She turned around slowly only to find a Zayn with pleading eyes.

            “And why should I care?” She spat at him. She didn’t give a fuck. He was going to have to do a lot more than break up with some Barbie in order to make her want to go out with him. Besides, now she had Gregg, and she wasn’t going to risk a normal and happy relationship for some Pretty boy who thought he could shag whoever he wanted, whenever he wanted.

            “Because I like you, Hana. I like you a lot.” He grabbed her wrist, preventing her from walking away.

            “I don’t care. Besides, I’m seeing someone, anyways.” She tried to pull away, but his grip only tightened.

            “Did you sleep with him? Did you have sex with Gregg?” Zayn’s voice was low, and full of pain, but Hana chose to ignore that. It was his fault. If he hadn’t made that bet, and if he had loved her the way she had deserved to be loved, he could have had her in a heartbeat. He knew it, she knew it, they all knew it. And it killed him that he had messed up so badly.

            “No, Zayn, I didn’t. Unlike you, I don’t NEED sex. I like him, he treats me nicely, and he isn’t going to break me the way that you have and I know that you’re capable of. Now can we please just go inside, rehearse and get this over with?” She hissed at him. She was so done.

            “Hana. I’m sorry, okay? We were idiots, and you deserve better. You’re an amazing girl, and I just hope you’re happy, because that’s all that matters.” Harry smiled at her. She nodded her head and walked inside. Okay, so maybe Harry wasn’t so bad. Maybe she’d let him date her best friend. But Zayn Malik? He was dead to her.

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