The Soccer Girl (One Direction Fan Fiction)

Katie is a normal 12 year old girl, following her dream of becoming a female soccer player. When her cousin Liam Payne and his band mates come and babysit her for 2 months, what will happen?


22. Smile...

It has been a week since my parents death and the funeral was a couple days ago. I haven't smiled since. Not even a fake smile.

The boys have been trying to cheer me up, but I am too sad. I feel week and vulnerable. I hate it.

T-they died.

Liam's words keep playing through my mind. They died. I'll never get to see them again. Ever. I remember thinking what life would be like without my parents and how lucky I am to have them. I always imagined it would be terrifying, sad, depressing, terrible. I was wrong, though. It's worst.

A twelve year old need their parents. A child needs their parents. I don't know what I am going to do without them. 

Liam told me that he would look after me and become my legal guardian. I was very thankful to him because he has a lot going on and now he has to raise a kid that isn't even his. I tried to act happy but I couldn't. I didn't want Liam to look after me. I wanted my mum and my dad. 

Don't get me wrong, I love Liam, but I want my mummy and daddy. They were everything to me.

By now I have stopped crying. I now just sit in a corner my legs pulled up to my chest, arms wrapped around my legs. Emotionless.

The boys cancelled the tour, and are living at my house. Everyone thought it would be better if I didn't move houses. 

"Baby," Liam knocks on my door. "Dinner's ready." He announces. 

I stand up and walk over to the door, "Coming," I say as I open it. I am greeted by a smiling Liam, but it is an sympathetic smile. 

He takes my hand and walks me to the kitchen. "We made your favourite, spaghetti." Niall says, as we arrive in the kitchen. "Thanks," I say, taking a bowl of spaghetti.

I twirled the noodles around my fork and took a few bites every now and then, but to be honest, I wasn't hungry. "So we were thinking," Zayn breaks the silence, "That we could go into town today and have a game of soccer. How does that sound?" Zayn says. I look up from my food. "That will be fun." I say, but really I just wanted to lock myself in my room like I have done for the last week.

"Great!" Harry smiles and stands up, grabbing his bowl and putting it in the sink.


"Okay, Zayn, Niall, Louis on one team, and Katie, Harry and I on the other." Liam says. We walk over to our sides of the field. Louis kicks off and the game begins. 

At first, I wasn't into the game at all. I wasn't running around or getting involved. But slowly, I found myself getting into the game. Forgetting about everything. I even smiled. And this time, it was a true smile. I don't know how these boys do it, but they seem to be able to make me smile and laugh when ever I am down. 

We finished the game, and my team won 4-2. I high five my team mates, Harry and Liam. As we're walking back to the car, I smile and thank the boys, "Thank you," I say. The boys look at me and smile, "No problem." Niall says. 

"No, really. I don't know how you guys did it, but you got me to smile. I actually enjoyed myself." I tell them. They smile at me, this time it wasn't a sympathetic one, it was a true, genuine smile.

When we got home, it was about 4 o'clock. Just as I was about to have a shower Liam stops me. "Katie!" Liam grabs hold of my shoulder and turns me so I am facing him. "I found this in my suitcase, earlier today. I must've forgot to give it to you when I got it." Liam hands me an envelope that has my name written on it, in my mothers beautiful handwriting.

I look up at Liam, "You might want to read it in your bedroom." He says. I nod my head and take the letter, walking to my bedroom.

As soon as I make it in my room, I shut the door and open the envelope, quickly but carefully.


To our dearest daughter, Katie.

We love you so much. We're very sorry we can't be here with you, and watch you grow. Your probably really upset now, and we understand. It's hard. But, Liam will take care of you. He will treat you well and teach you important things in life.

Just because we are not here anymore, doesn't mean we don't want you to have fun and live your life. We want you to follow your dreams, become a famous soccer player. Go to college. Fall in love. Fall out of love. Make mistakes. Learn from your mistakes. Get married. Have children. Live your life.

Never forget that we will always be watching over you, and will always stay in your heart.


      Mummy and Daddy xoxo


After reading the letter over and over again, I understand what I must do. I must stop locking myself away in my room and crying and doing nothing. That isn't what mum and dad want me to do. I need to get out and live my life. Have fun. And smile...


Authors Note:

Hey you sexy humans!

Hope you like this chapter, it wasn't long but it wasn't too short.

Thanks for the nice comments, I am so happy you guys are liking my story.

I have decided that I will try to update 3 times a week. Maybe more if I have time. But for now, I will try to update 3 times a week.

Bye :) xx

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