The Soccer Girl (One Direction Fan Fiction)

Katie is a normal 12 year old girl, following her dream of becoming a female soccer player. When her cousin Liam Payne and his band mates come and babysit her for 2 months, what will happen?


19. Shower Cubicle...

"Stop!" I scream, trying to get away from Louis, Harry and Liam, who had me pinned down and are tickling the life out of me.

"Only if you say 'Louis, Harry and Liam are the sexiest and most awesomest people in the world. Everyone should bow down to them.'" Louis says as the boys stop tickling me. I stroke a fake beard, pretending to be thinking but, the answer is obvious. "NEVER WILL I SAY THAT!" I screech. "If you say so." Liam says, tickling me again. I look over at Maaike who is just sitting on the couch watching me with Niall and Zayn. She got attacked too, but must have given in to them. "Help Maaike!" I say.

She giggles and shakes her head, no. "Please-stop," I say in between giggles.

"What's that love?" Louis asks cheekily. "We can't understand you because your laughing." Harry says. I was about to spit on their faces when the door flies open. Our heads snap towards the door. "Boys, your one in two minutes." A stage-manager says. "So let the innocent girl go, and come with me." 

The boys walk out the door leaving Maaike and I alone. Just as the door closes, I hear Louis say, "She isn't innocent!" causing me to burst into laughter, Maaike too.

When e finally sober up, I ask Maaike, "So, What do you wanna do?" 

Maaike shrugs her shoulders, "How about we just watch the rest of the concert?" She says, but it comes out more of a question. "Okay," I say and grab her hand helping her off the couch. Maaike and I new our way around tho arena pretty well now. I know we have only been here twice, but Tom has showed us around enough that it is almost impossible to get lost.

When we make it to our seats, the boys are singing 'heart attack'. I chuckle remembering the day when Niall and I were busting our moves in my bedroom to this song. Maaike gives me a questioning look, "Don't worry," I say.

The night was coming to an end and the boys were singing the last song of the night. Maaike and I made sure that we were standing up the whole time, so we wouldn't fall asleep. And, we succeeded.

Just as the boys finish the last song, Louis says into the microphone, "Shower cubicle." 

The crowd burst out laughing, and the boys walk off stage. "That-was-hilarious." I say, in between giggles. Maaike nods her head, "Yes. It was really funny." she says.

"Maaike, you have to go home now. Say bye to Katie." Tom says. Maaike pouts, but obeys her father. "Bye Katie," Maaike waves and follows her dad out of the arena.

I make my way backstage, and into the boys dressing room. Not wanting to walk in on any of them naked, I knock on the door. "It's Katie. Can I come in? Are you guys decent?"

I hear some muffled noises and then the door opens revealing 5 fully dressed boys. Thank goodness.

When I see Louis, I am reminded of his last words at the concert and fall to the ground laughing. Louis rolls his eyes, "I know." He says. "I'm hilarious."

When I calm down, I sit up an look at him. The others are on their phones, probably on twitter or something.

"Seriously? Shower cubicle?" I ask. Louis chuckles, "Yes." He says, pulling his phone out of his pocket, he starts tapping away at the screen indicating that this conversation is over.


"Shhh! You'll wake them up!" Niall says. 

"I'm just gonna take one last picture." Louis says. I realise what is going on and I open my eyes. Just as a light flashes, meaning the photo is being taken, I pull a funny face. 

"Hey!" Louis says, looking up from his phone. I smile cheekily, "Hello," I say. I go to stand up, but am stopped by to strong arms wrapped around me. I turn around and am faced with a sleeping Zayn.

I try to unwrap his arms from me, but I fail miserably. I give Louis and Niall a pleading look. They shrug their shoulders and walk off. I try to escape Zayn's arms again, but he just hugs me tighter. What am I? His teddy bear?

Annoyed, I flick his forehead. He quickly jumps up and I escape his arms. I run out the door, "Morning Zayn!" I yell over my shoulder.


Authors Note:

I know, it's a really short chapter. But, you guys were so upset that I wouldn't be updating until Wednesday, I thought I might add a chapter. Better a short chapter than no chapter at all, right?

Anyway, if anyone would like to design a book cover, poster or a trailer for this video, feel free. Just send it to me by email: Thanks!

I hope you guys had an awesome Easter and got lot's of chocolates, and stuff! 

Bye for now :) xx


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