The Soccer Girl (One Direction Fan Fiction)

Katie is a normal 12 year old girl, following her dream of becoming a female soccer player. When her cousin Liam Payne and his band mates come and babysit her for 2 months, what will happen?


16. Interview!

I look in my suitcase for something suitable to wear. Thankfully, I had packed some nice dresses just in case I had to dress up. I find an aqua coloured dress that was tight around my chest and flowed out at my hips and it reached just above my knees. 

After putting the dress on, I matched it with a pair of silver sandals and some jewellery. Liam said that their stylist would do my make up and hair so I just left my hair out. I check myself in the mirror one last time, grab my phone and walk out the door. banging on the boys doors indicating they needed to hurry up.

I sit on the couch and play angry birds on my phone. Is it just me, or is it weird that the boys take longer to get ready than I do? 

When the boys walk into the Lounge room, I lock my phone and look at them. I smile at their appearances. They were wearing the clothes they wore in the 'Take Me Home' Album cover. I stand up and walk over to Zayn, "Carry me, peasant!" I demand, sticking out my chest to make me look intimidating. When Zayn smirks and walks out the door, my mouth drops and I chase after him. "Zayn!" I scream running in the direction he went. "Get back here!" When I reach the hallway, Zayn isn't there. He wasn't even waiting by the elevator. I frown confused. 

"Gotcha!" Zayn says, lifting me over his shoulder, just as the others arrive. "I didn't mean carry me like this!" I say, hitting his back. He doesn't even flinch. Damn it, Zayn! Why do you have to be so strong?

He walks in the elevator. We brake off into our own conversations. Well they did. I sort of was just on Zayn's shoulder, being carried. "Your lucky I'm wearing shorts under my dress." I say to Zayn, emotionless. This causes Niall to laugh and soon, everyone else is laughing too, except me.

The elevator dings and we walk out, and see Paul waiting for us. "Hello Paul!" Niall greets. Paul smiles, "Hey Nialler," he says. "Put the poor girl down, Zayn!" Paul says, chuckling. I realise I am still holding my phone, so I carefully slip it into Zayns back pockets. "What are you doing?" Zayn asks. I smile, "I needed a place to put my phone." I state, simply. "And I don't have any pockets, and you do!"

Zayn chuckles, and lowers me to the floor. I straighten my dress out and follow the boys to the van waiting outside.


"Hi, I'm Lou" The boys stylist said, holding out her hand for me to shake it. I shake my head and give her a hug. She chuckles, "I'm Katie," I say, pulling out of the hug. "Follow me." She says, walking towards a pram. "This is my baby, Lux." She said. In the pram was a small baby, with blonde hair and chubby cheeks sleeping. "Awww," I say, "She is so cute!" 

Lou chuckles, "I know," She says, "Come on, lets get you ready for the interview." She leads me over to a chair in front of a mirror. The boys were out meeting the talk show host. Just thinking about the interview made my heart start beating really fast. I am so nervous, it isn't funny.

"Your hair is done!" Lou says. "Now, time for make up." she says. I groan, "I hate make up." I say. Lou chuckles, "I will only put a little bit on." She says, dabbing the big, fluffy brush on the foundation. 

"But-" I try to protest, but Lou buts in. "Just a little bit." She says. I sigh and let her do what she needs to do. "Fine."


"Calm down, Kat!" Liam says, grabbing my shoulders to stop me form jumping. I had been jumping up and down for the last 5 minutes because in 5 minutes I will be on live television getting interviewed. "Breathe." He says. I take in a deep breath and after a couple seconds let it out.

I look around and see the boys are all lounged out on the couches playing on their phones. How are they so relaxed? Why aren't they nervous? 

Because they are famous pop stars. They do things like this all the time.

I hear crying and look over at the pram that baby Lux was in. Lou quickly rushes over to her and lifts her out of the pram, rocking Lux soothingly. 

When Lux calms down, Lou lays her down on the ground with all her toys. Now that Lux was awake, I could see she was about 2 years old. Her eyes lit up and she crawled over to a big bouncy ball pushing it around. Lou must of caught me staring because she said, "You can play with her if you want."

I smile and sit down next to Lux. Liam has now joined the boys on the couch and are deep in conversation. Lux pushes the ball to me and I roll it back to her. She starts giggling and rolls it back to me. For the next five minutes, I rolled the ball back to Lux. She was so adorable.

The dressing room door opened and a man in black popped his head through, "We're ready." he says and closes the door. My stomach goes tight and Niall walks over, "Come on, you'll be fine." He assures. I stand up and follow the boys out to the stage.

Noticing my nervousness, Louis grabs hold of my hand. He smiles and whispers in my ear, "You'll do great! I know it." I smile and mouth a thanks. 

A lady who looked to be in her late thirties walked up to us, "Hello, I am Stacey." She said to me, holding her hand out for me to shake it. I thought she looked a bit creepy, and freakishly happy so I only shook her hand, rather than giving her a hug like I usually do. "Katie," I introduce my self.

"Well, take a seat." Stacey says, pointing to the large sofa. "Thank you," Harry says and we walk over to the couch. The boys sat down first leaving no room for me. I look at the boys and smirk, "HEY!" I chirp, jumping on the boys. The groan and I hear a couple ow's. I sit up straight and end up sitting on Zayn's lap. I make myself comfy, leaning back against his chest and he rests his hands on my legs.

Stacey takes the seat across from us, and smiles at the camera. "In 5, 4, 3, 2, 1." I camera man says.

"Goooood morning, New York!" Stacey says. "Today we have pop band sensation one direction and their little friend, Katie!" She says. I smile and wave at the camera. 

"So Katie," Stacey starts, "How is it having one direction babysit you for 2 months?" she asks. I smile and answer, "um, it is heaps of fun! We do lots of crazy things together and just have a blast!" I say, surprised at how relaxed I sounded.

Stacey smiles, and asks another question, "And I hear Liam is your cousin, right?" I nod my head. 

"How did you react when you found out that you were going on tour with one direction?" She asked. I smile sheepishly at her, "Well, I got upset because we would be on tour the same time I had a football game for the under 15 girls national football team." I pause and look at the boys, they smile, I continue my response. "But, I wasn't as disappointed when I thought about it and how lucky I am to be going on tour with one direction. Then, I got really excited." I say.

For the rest of the interview, Stacey just talked about the boys and the tour, so I tuned out of it. 

"Thank you so much for your time!" Stacey said. I looked at her, "It was no problem." Louis said. We waved to the cameras and walked back stage. 

"You did so good!" Liam said pulling me into a hug once we reached the dressing room. "Thanks," I say.

"Yeah," Harry agrees, "Good job!"

I pull out of the hug, and walk over to the bag of clothes Liam packed for us. I pull out my sweats, shirt and TOMS, and walk into the bathroom to get changed. 

When I walk out, I am greeted by Lux. She is holding the bouncy ball. She giggle and throws it to me. I catch it and roll it back to her. Here we go again...

I had been playing with Lux for about ten minutes now, when Harry says, "Guys, time for a photo." We walk to one side of the room and put our arms over each others shoulders. Lou takes the photo. "There you go!" Lou says handing him the camera. Harry smiles, "Thanks." 

Louis gasps excitedly, "That was our first family photo!" He says. I smile, family... I like it!

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