The Soccer Girl (One Direction Fan Fiction)

Katie is a normal 12 year old girl, following her dream of becoming a female soccer player. When her cousin Liam Payne and his band mates come and babysit her for 2 months, what will happen?


8. Important Meeting With Simon Cowell...

By the time the boys and I finished setting up our swags, it was just becoming dark. "We better get a fire started" I decide, walking around and picking up dry grass, dead leaves and sticks. Niall and Harry walked over to our little campsite with larger logs. 

Once Zayn finally got the fire started, we sat the chairs around the fire in a circle shape. It was getting cold, so I walked over to the car and changed into sweats, a plain white T-Shirt, a hoody that was much too large for me, and I put on my favourite beanie. It covered my ears and had a big pom-pom on the top.

I walked back over to the boys who were huddled around the fire under big blankets. I walk over to Harry, and pulled the blankets off him. He shivered and I sit on his lap and pull the blankets over us. "Phew" Harry says, "For a minute there, I thought you were gonna steal my blanket." He chuckles, I do too. "I wouldn't do that to you Hazza" I say. I snuggle into his chest and he wraps his arms around me.

Niall started playing a tune on his guitar and I instantly recognised it, 'I'm yours' by Jason Mraz. He starts singing and the boys join in too. I smile, these boys have amazing voices. They are the most sweet people in the world and wouldn't hurt a fly. They haven't changed because they are famous either. I'm so lucky to have them. 

When they finished I clapped, "you guys are amazing" I said.

"Awww thanks Katie" Niall said, Harry hugged me tighter. 

We sat there, staring t the fire until Liam broke the silence, "Can you believe that we start our TMH tour only 2 months?"

"No, these last 3 years have gone by so fast." Louis says. The boys nod their heads in agreement.

The rest of the night, the boys and I just shared memories and stories. Some were really funny. I really enjoy listening to their stories. 

"Liam, do you remember when I was about 8 and you were about 15 and it was pouring down rain and my paddocks were really muddy?" I ask.

"Yes, I remember that" Liam says enthusiastically.

I smirk, "well do you remember having a mud fight and me kicking your butt?" 

Liam looks down in shame, "Yes" He mumbles, I giggle and the boys join in too. 

"Well at least I'm not the only one who has lost to Katie" Louis says. We start laughing again.

When we calmed down I could feel my eyes starting to droop. I slowly closed them and fell a sleep. The last thing I remember was Harry giving me a kiss on my forehead.


"Katie" Niall says, shaking my shoulders. "Time to get up." 

I moan and pull my beanie down so it's covering my face. "We made breakfast" Niall says in a sing-song voice. I instantly sit up and open my eyes, only the sun was blocked by my beanie. I giggle and pull it up so I could see Niall. "Good Morning" I say and stand up walking over to the plates full of bacon, eggs, hash browns, and sausages.

I pile the food onto my plate. The boys were all eating their breakfast too, "G'Morning boys" I say as I sit down on a seat. I hear multiple greetings. I dig into my food and it isn't until I finish my food and look up and realise that the boys are packing up the swags and things.

"Why are we leaving so early?" I ask. 

"Simon has called an emergency meeting. It seems pretty important because he has flown down here just for it." Liam says not looking over at me. "Oh" is all I manage to say. I was hoping we could stay here a bit longer.

*At Home*

Ding Dong! 

The door bell. "I got it!" I called and ran down the hall to the front door. I open the door and smile sweetly. "Hello Mr. Cowell" I say. "Hello little one, you must be the famous Katie" Simon says, pulling me into a hug. I wasn't expecting that. He seems so scary on the TV shows. I hug him back and giggle. He pulls out of the hug, "What?" He asks, confused. "Oh, nothing. It's just, on TV you look so scary, but in reality your a big teddy bear" I say. Simon starts laughing "I like you" he says, "Oh and you can call me Simon." I smile and let him inside.

I walk Simon to the kitchen and he is greeted by the boys. I leave the room so the boys can get down to 'business'. I walk into my room and lay down on my bed and check my twitter. I look at my follower number and I see  the number. 5, 600. Wow! Niall only mentioned me in a tweet once and I have all these followers. Wow...

I look at all my mentions and I don't see any hate. People mainly said things like:

'Awww @KatieAnne_ is so cute!'


'Lucky girl @KatieAnne_'

I chuckled at the last one. I am lucky. Very Lucky. 

For the next half an hour or so, I played my iPhone. I decided I should go check the mail since I hadn't done that for a whole week. 

I open the mail box and see about a dozen letters. Gosh... I sort through them. Mum, dad, dad, mum, dad, mum, mum, dad, me, da- What?! I open the letter with my name on it. It read:

Dear Katie Woods,

We are delighted to tell you that you have made it into the under 15 girls National football team. 

We have our first game in 2 weeks, make sure you practice hard.

We will send you more of the details by email.


              Kyle Stones

I screamed and ran inside the house. I made it! This is my dream! I can't believe I made the team!

When I reached the kitchen, the boys were standing up and saying goodbye to Simon, who waves goodbye to me and walks out the door. I run to Liam and gave him a massive hug. "I made it into the under 15 girls national football team! The first game is in 2 weeks! I can't believe it, I'm So excited!" I said all in one breath, quickly. When Liam didn't respond, I stopped hugging him and looked him in the eyes. He looked sad. "What wrong?" I ask, worried.

"Um Katie... The tour dates have changed. You have to come on tour with us because your parents won't be home when we leave." Liam says.

I look at him, "So?" I say urging him to continue. Liam hesitates but continues, "The tour starts in 9 days... Y-you can't play in the under 15 girls football team."


Authors Note:

Cliffhanger! I hope you liked this chapter!

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