The Soccer Girl (One Direction Fan Fiction)

Katie is a normal 12 year old girl, following her dream of becoming a female soccer player. When her cousin Liam Payne and his band mates come and babysit her for 2 months, what will happen?


20. Good And Bad Surprises

When I reach the living room, Niall, Louis and Liam are already up and are eating pancakes. "Morning boys," I say as I pinch a pancake from Niall just to annoy him.

"Morning love," Liam greets. "Hey bubb!" Louis says. 

I look at Niall and he is giving me the evil eye. I shrug my shoulders innocently an slowly, lower the pancake into my mouth. "You little..." Niall shakes his head. I go to grab another one, but Niall pushes my hand away, "Get your own food!" He says, guarding his plate like it was a pot of gold. Chuckling, I head to the kitchen and make some cereal.

As I am munching away on my food, Liam comes in and puts his plate in the sink. "You haven't rung your parents in a couple of days." He says. I nod my head and swallow my food, "I haven't. I'll ring them after breakfast." I say. 

"Good!" Liam grins.

When I finish my cereal, I put it in the sink and call mum and dad.

For the first time since mum and dad have been away, they didn't answer. I frown and try again. No answer. Deciding it might be too early where they are, I walk bak into the lounge room where 5 boys are lounged. I walk over to them, their eyes glued to the screen. Liam, Louis, Zayn and Niall are on the big couch, and Harry is lying on the love seat. I walk over to Harry. "Move you fat bum over!" I demand. Harry shakes his head. 

I glare at him, "If you say so..." I say, backing away. After a few steps, I charge at Harry and jump on him. He groans in pain, "Oww!" He says. I grin, "Now are you gonna move?" I ask him. He nods his head and sits up, so there is room for me on the couch.

"Did you call your parents?" Liam asks. I nod my head, "Yeah, but they didn't answer. I tried a couple of times. Don't worry, I'll try again later." I tell him. Liam nods his head and looks back at the screen. They're watching...  Pooh Bear?!

Only 1D...

*The next day*

I woke up the next morning extremely depressed. Why? Because today I was meant to play in the under 15 girls football team. But, I had to go on tour with one direction, not that i'm complaining...

"Katie! Hurry up and get ready! We are going in half an hour!" Harry rushes me.

"I'm getting ready!" I say, pulling on a pair of jeans and a white singlet. I pull my hair up into a high pony and slip on some TOMS. In 15 minutes, I was ready and walking out the door with the boys. 

"So where are you boys taking me?" I ask, once we sit inside the car. Liam who is driving, smirks "It's a surprise!" he says. "oooohh, I love surprises!" I say sarcastically. The boys chuckle, "You'll love this one." Niall says.


After about 2 hours, we arrived at a football field, leaving me very confused. I step out of the car and see a group of girls wearing London's colours. I know exactly what we are doing, watching the game that I was supposed to be playing in. "Guys, how is watching people play on my dream team going to be fun?" I ask. "Uh, Kat?" Harry asks. "What Harold?" I sigh. "Your playing on the team." Harry says.

My eyes widen, "Are you serious?" I ask. The boys nod their heads, "Yup, we managed to move the game to a football field close by to the city we were staying at so you could play." Louis says. "Thank you, thank you, thank you!" I say and give the boys each a big hug. "That's alright." Niall says. "Quick, you need to get changed!" Liam says, pushing me towards my team coach. 

He hands me a bag with soccer stuff in it, and tells me his name is Luke. There wasn't a toilet or change room, so the boys made a human wall around me so I could change.

"Huddle in!" Luke instructs us. Me and the other girls huddle in a circle. They were all giggling and smiling brightly. "Why are one direction here?" One asks coach. He laughs, "They are babysitting someone that is playing the team." he says gesturing to me. The girls gasp, and I hear several, 'no way!'s and 'I'm so jealous!'s

"Quiet down, you can go and talk to them later!" Luke or coach says.

The girls quieten down. "Now, play in your normal positions. And kick some butt!" Luke says. I smile and run onto the field, taking my place as a mid-fielder. I look over at the boys, who are attracting a lot of attention, and smile and wave at them. Even though they were basically getting attacked, they still managed to wave. 

When the ref blows the whistle, I start running around the field.


There are 3 minutes left in the game, and the other team is winning. There are lots of paparazzi here taking photos of us, but I think it is just because one direction are here. I don't mind though, because they haven't stopped watching the game at all.

A girl in my team passes me the ball so I run down the side of the field. I notice that Liam is on the phone but is still watching the game intently. When I reach the goals, I shoot and, score! 

I run towards my team mates and give them all a high five. "For a 12 year old, you sure know how to play." Kristine, the oldest girl in the team says. I smile and take my place on the field. Just as the opposing team kicks off, the ref blows the whistle indicating the game is over. But, since we have tied and it is a knock out comp, we get an extra 5 minutes to score one more goal.

"Red teams ball." The referee says, pointing to the other team. The kick off and start running up the field. The girl with the ball comes toward me and I tackle her, retrieving the ball. I run down the field dodging players. I kick it of to Kristen because she was open. When she reaches the goals, there are too many people guarding her. So, she kicks the ball across the goals. I run toward the ball and kick it toward the net. It goes straight past the goal keeper. The referee blows the whistle, indicating that my team won.

"Ahhh!" I scream with excitement, jumping up and down. "We won!" I cheer. I run towards the other and am pulled into a massive group hug. When I finish shaking hands with the other team, I skip over to the boys. "I can't believe I-" I cheer but stop when I notice the boys have teary eyes. "What happened? Is everything okay?" I ask, starting to get worried.

Liam walks over to me and pulls me into a tight hug, the other boys join in. "Katie, your- your parents- they um-" Liam stutters. "Th-they d-died."


Authors Note: 

Cliff hanger!!! I know this was very unexpected, but I thought that I needed to add a complication to this story.

I hope you liked this chapter, it took a while for me to write. Thank you so much for the nice comments, it makes my day!

I will try update as soon as possible, but I have a lot of exams coming up so I am studying every afternoon. 


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