The Soccer Girl (One Direction Fan Fiction)

Katie is a normal 12 year old girl, following her dream of becoming a female soccer player. When her cousin Liam Payne and his band mates come and babysit her for 2 months, what will happen?


18. Glue And School Work

Authors Note:

WARNING! this chapter hasn't been edited yet. So I'm sorry if there are some grammar/spelling mistakes.



"What are you doing?" Louis asks, sitting next to me. "School work." I say, not looking up from the page. I am so bored right now it isn't funny. Mum sent me an email, earlier today saying that I had to do some school work. She sent a whole text book through and wants me to complete 3 whole chapters of it. It has maths, english, history, language and PDHPE. Right now I am doing some english work.

"Eww," Louis scrunches up his nose and stands up walking away. "Thanks for the help." I mumble, sarcastically. I go back to my work and read the next question.

What was Jimmy feeling when he was abandoned? (A/N: I have no idea what I am talking about).

I sigh, this is so boring. I right my answer in the notebook I brought on the trip with me. After about 5 minutes, the questions start to get harder and I had no idea what the answer was. Needing help, I stood up and asked Zayn if he could help me, you know because he did want to be an english teacher if he didn't make it as a singer.

When I find him lying on his bed, watching a movie on his laptop, I lie down next to him on the bed. I start poking his belly, just to annoy him. "Yes?" Zayn asks, taking out his earphones. "Can you help me with some school work?" I ask, hopefully.

Zayn smiles, "Sure babe." He says, standing up and placing his laptop on the end of his bed. "Thanks." I say.


I had finished my school work now, all I had to do was glue some worksheets in my book. I get a glue stick out of my pencil case, rolling it up. I must have rolled it up too far, because it snapped and fell onto Zayn's face. It landed on his face because he was lying on the ground next to me, tapping away at his phone.

He looks up at me, and gives me a filthy look. I swear, if looks could kill, he'd be the death of me. I smile sheepishly, "Sorry?" I say, but it comes out as more of a question. Zayn picks up the clump of glue and throws it at me. I gasp, it hit me right on the cheek. I wip my hand on the glue, and smile evilly at Zayn, wiping it down his leg. "Oh, it's on!" Zayn says, grabbing my glue stick and drawing on me with it.

Eventually, we got into a big glue fight. "Okay, we better get cleaned up." Zayn said. "We have another concert tonight!" Zayn says. I jump up and down in excitement, "I get to see Maaike!" I scream running off to the shower.


*At The Concert*


Maaike and I take a look at ourselves in the mirror one last time. "We look like real spies!" Maaike says excitedly. I nod my head in agreement. 

Okay, so I guess your wondering why the hell we are dressed up looking like spies? Well, Maaike and I have decided to run around the arena and pretend to be spies. You know, for fun. We are wearing black jeans, a black T-shirt, a black leather jacket, black boots and we have black sun-glasses on. Tom had helped us get the stuff. "You got a walkie-talkie?" I ask, Maaike. She nods, tapping the walkie-talkie that is attached to her belt.

"Okay, so here is the plan." I say, "While the boys are on stage, we need to sneak into their dressing room and steel one item of  clothing form each of them and their phones. Okay?" 

Maaike nods her head, "Got it." She says.

"But for now, we can just do commando rolls and spy on the stage directors and stuff." I say. "Lets go!"

Maaike goes to the left and I go to the right. I was walking down the hall when I heard some voices, I commando roll, into a stage room and close the door. So I can hear the voices, I rest my head against the door. The voices are muffled but I can hear some things they are saying. "Josie, we don't have VIP passes. We'll get kicked out if we get caught back here!" A girl says. "Don't worry, Lucy. They won't find us. We just have to sneak into the boys dressing room, and then when they see us, they will fall in love with us and we will live happily ever after." I'm guessing Josie, rambles.

My eyes widen as I realise what they are gonna do. I hold my walkie-talkie up to my mouth, "Maaike! Can you hear me?" I whisper.

"Yes," Maaike replies. "Some girls have snuck backstage.  The are gonna sneak into the boys dressing room!" I say. I hear the girls footsteps get quieter, so I guess they have past me. I quietly sneak out of the storage room. 

"I'm getting my dad." Maaike says. 

I walk down the hallway slowly, hoping the girls won't hear me. Since the girls will see me walk past them, I decide to go a secret way. Tom showed me and Maaike this secret passage. He said we can only use it if there is an emergency. This is an emergency, right?

I easily fit my small body in the narrow hall. In less than a minute, I am in the boys dressing room. I grab an item of each of their clothing and their phones. I smile evilly, time for payback, Zayn.

When I hear the girls giggle, I quickly jump in one of the large suitcases that were lying around on the floor. I do up the zipper but leave a crack open so I can see. The girls walk in. When I see what they are wearing, I almost vomit. One girl has dyed, blonde hair, a very, very short skirt, and a tight single that is showing a lot of cleavage. She has what looks like, 5 pounds of make up on. 

The other girl is the same, except has more clothes on. Thank goodness. In my opinion, the girls would look very pretty if they didn't wear the stuff they were wearing. The first girl bends over and picks up a pair of pants, that were lying on the floor. She sniffs them and chucks them to the other girl. "Lucy, I'm gonna look in some of the suitcases." The first girl (Josie) says.

My eyes widen in realisation. Oh no, she can't look in the suitcase, she will know I have been spying on them.

Josie opens the suitcase I was in, and screams in fright. "What are you doing here?" She yells. I smirk, "I could ask the same about you two." I reply.

"If you tell anyone that we're here, I will hurt you!" Josie warns, getting up in my face. It's weird, she seems to be about 17 and I am  12, yet she is threatening me. As the door flies open and I see Tom standing there, and Maaike behind him, I smirk. "Oops." I pretend to sound apologetic, but I was definitely not. 

The two girls gasp. "I-um-we-were-um." Lucy stutters. Tom shows an annoyed expression, "Come with me." He demands, grabbing hold of their hands and dragging them out. "We just wanted to meet them!" Josie yells. "Well maybe if you didn't sneak backstage, you would've." Tom answers.

Maaike walks over to me after Tom has dragged the girls out of the room. "You got everything?" She asks. I smirk, "Yes. And I know just what to do with them." I say.

I get out of the suitcase, and sit on the couch. Maaike sits down next to me. I hand her Niall's phone, "Here," I say, "Tweet something and take lots of photos." I say. She nods her head and starts tapping away on the phone.

I pick up Zayn's phone and unlock it. I decide to change his screen savers and password first. I asked Maaike if she could take a photo of me and she did as asked. It was a good photo actually, I was wearing zayn's clothes and pulling a stupid face. I giggle and set it as his screen saver. 

The next thing I do, is I change his password to 'i love Katie xx'. Then, I tweet:

@Zaynmalik: @KatieAnne_ is just the cutest, beautifulest, adorable, sweet, amazing and the most awesomest person I have EVER met! I love her so so so so so much! xx

I smile and then I change my contact to 'Cutest Girl (Katie) xx'.

Happy with my work, I lock his phone and hack into the other boys phones, posting something on twitter.

@Louis_Tomlinson: I love my Katie, she is awesome! @KatieAnne_

@Real_Liam_Payne: @KatieAnne_ is the BEST cousin in the world, (Secretly my favourite) I love her heaps! xx

@Harry_Styles: When @KatieAnne_ followed me I was so happy! She is so amazing, I just want to hug her all the time! I love you Kat! :) xx

I notice that Maaike has posted one on Nialls too.

@Niall_Official: @KatieAnne_ is the best! Her friend Maaike is pretty awesome too! xx

I smile, and high five her, "Nice!" I say. Just as we were about to get up, the door flies open and the boys rush in the room looking for their next outfit. When they spot us here, sitting on their couch, holding their phones. They gives us a filthy look. "Get em!" Liam yells, running towards us. Maaike and I scream, jumping of the couch and dropping their phones. 

"Abort mission! Abort mission!" I scream, running around the room trying to get away from the boys.


Authors Note:

Hey guys! Sorry it took me a while to update, I have been busy lately.

I hope this long chapter makes up to it though! I am going camping this weekend for Easter, so I won't be updating until around Wednesday. I'm sorry, I know it is a long time! (Sort of)

Anyway, I hope you guys have an awesome Easter (If you celebrate it)

Bye :)

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