The Soccer Girl (One Direction Fan Fiction)

Katie is a normal 12 year old girl, following her dream of becoming a female soccer player. When her cousin Liam Payne and his band mates come and babysit her for 2 months, what will happen?


24. Epilogue

"Have you got everything?" Liam asks. I roll my eyes, this is like the tenth time he has asked me that. But, I guess I am going to college today.

"Yes," I say.

"Toothbrush? Computer? Phone? Clothes?" Liam asks. "Yes, stop worrying!" I say. I look at the five boys who have been looking after me for the past six years. "We did well, lads." Liam says, talking about me. I nod my head in agreement. "Yeah, for five idiots I sure turned out alright." I say causing the boys to chuckle.

"We're gonna miss you Kat." Harry says, pulling me into a hug. I hug him back, "I'm gonna miss you guys too. But don't worry! I'll call or FaceTime you boys everyday." I assure them.

I then give Zayn a hug, "Bye Zayn.". I say, pulling out of the hug. I ruffle his hair knowing it will annoy him. "Hey!" He says, trying to fix up his hair. Honestly, he puts more effort in his hair than I do. 

Niall is next to give me a hug, "Have fun! I'm gonna miss my little princess." Niall says. I smile, "I'll miss you too!"

Then, Louis gives me a hug, "Make sure you kick butt when you're playing soccer. Oh, and I'll miss you!" he says. I chuckle, "I'll miss you too!"

And then it just leaves Liam, I give him a bone crushing hug. "Bye Li Li," I say. "Bye baby girl," he says, giving me a kiss on the forehead. And yes, he still calls me baby girl, just like Harry calls me Kat, and Louis calls me Bubba.

"Flight 54 to LA is now boarding." The intercom says. I smile, "I guess I better go." I say grabbing my bags. "I love you guys so much." I say.

"Love you too!" They chorus. I smile and walk into the tunnel after handing a lady my ticket. As I take my seat I sigh and open up the scrapbook that the boys made me. When I see it my eyes widen in shock, they have made a whole scrapbook from when I was 12 to now.

On the first page is our first ever family photo. I still remember that day, I had just had my first interview with the boys.

The next photo is one of Liam sitting in front of me and I am pulling a weird face. I chuckle when I remember what was happening. Liam was giving me 'the talk'. 

"Now, when a mummy and daddy really love each other-" Liam says but I cut him off. "Okay stop!" I say. "I already know this stuff, Li Li. Mum beat you to it. Sorry!" I say unapologetically.

I look through the scrapbook and find a picture of me and Maaike in our 'We love one direction' clothes. The boys bought them for a treat. 

I look through loads and loads of photos of us on holidays, at concerts, down town, playing soccer. One photo catches my eye though. It was a photo of me and the boys in one of their music videos, the one that they sung to me in. They wrote a song about me and basically my life story with them. It was really sweet.

When I feel something wet roll down my cheek, I realise i'm crying. I wipe the tear away and close the book. I put my earphones in and listen to their amazing voices. I decide I might send them a tweet.

@KatieAnne_: Missing the boys already :( Listening to you guys singing at the moment <3 xx @Harry_Styles @Louis_Tomlinson @Real_Liam_Payne @Zaynmalik @NiallOfficial

Immediately, the boys reply:

@NiallOfficial: @KatieAnne_: Miss you too! <3 We :may have cried when you left... xx #Katiesoff2college

@Louis_Tomlinson: I ope you have lots of fun! @KatieAnne_, I miss you too. DON'T get pregnant. haha ;) But, seriously.... don't. #katiesoff2college

@Harry_styles: Missing @KatieAnne loads. <3 xx #katiesoff2college

@ZaynMalik: Thanks for ruining my hair @KatieAnne, miss you <3 #katiesofftocollege

@Real_Liam_Payne: Missing my baby girl so much! Make sure you call us soon! <3 xx I can't believe I'm saying this, but listen to @Louis_Tomlinson... haha xx #katiesoff2college

I lock my phone and close my eyes. Eventually, I fall asleep to my most favourite people in the world, One Direction.


Authors Note:

Hey you sexy humans!

Don't be sad! This isn't the last chapter I will be writing! Yay! *Claps hands*

I will be writing another epilogue (Don't think think there is such thing) although this time, it will be of Katie when she is older.

I will (hopefully) write it in the holidays, which for me start in 1 day! Yes, I'm so bored of school.

Anyways, thanks for all the support, you guys are awesome! 


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