The Soccer Girl (One Direction Fan Fiction)

Katie is a normal 12 year old girl, following her dream of becoming a female soccer player. When her cousin Liam Payne and his band mates come and babysit her for 2 months, what will happen?


26. Epilogue Three?

*Liam's POV*


"Shh," I hush Abby, putting a finger to my lips. She giggles and repeats my actions. "Shh," she says. I nod my head. We were hiding in the closet from Zayn who was in for hide 'n' seek. Katie and Nick have gone out for their 3 year anniversary and the boys and I are babysitting Abby.

"Where on earth are they?" I hear Zayn ask himself. Abby must of heard too, "Uh oh!" She says, in her cute voice. The next thing I know, Zayn has opened he cupboard door and found us. I grab Abby's hand and walk her out of the cupboard.

"Adford bad boy?" Abby says, tugging on Zayn's leg. Bradford Bad Boy, is Abby's nickname for Zayn. As soon as she started learning how to speak, Louis kept telling her that Zayn's name was 'Bradford Bad Boy', but seeing as Abby is only 3 and a half years old, she can't pronounce it correctly.

Zayn rolls his eyes, sick of his nickname. "Yes Abby." he says, bending down so his face is level with hers. "Can I please have some food?" She says politely. I have to admit, she has done well. My little boy would just say 'food'. That's right, I have a son now. His name is Sam. I am also happily married, same with the lads. 

"I'll go get ya some food." Zayn says, easily lifting Abby and resting her on his hip. Zayn is really good with Abby, and kids in general. I can tell he is really excited about having one, only 2 months to go. I decide I should probably find the other boys since I don't think we will be playing hide 'n' seek anymore. 

"Guys," I yell, "We aren't playing anymore."

4 boys walk out of their hiding spots and plop down on the couch, I join them. "Zayn is just getting Abby some food, then we can watch a movie." I say. 

"Agreed." They say in unison, cheering after because of their 'in-sync-ness'. 

Zayn walks out with Abby on his shoulders, who is munching happily. Taking her off his shoulders, he sits on the couch, "Are we watching a movie?" Abby asks, looking at the blank TV screen. 

I chuckle, "not yet, sweetie."

"Do you want to watch finding Nemo?" Harry asks her. She nods her head, and Harry stands up and puts in the movie.

Half way through the movie, I find Abby slowly shutting her eyes. I move her so she is lying down on all of our laps so s is more comfy. "Nun night." She says. 

"Goodnight Abby." We chorus, sharing a look, celebrating in our minds for our 'in-sync-ness'. We had been doing that a lot lately. But I guess that's what you'd expect since we have been by each others sides since 2010. 


*Katie's POV*


At about 11:00 PM, is when Nick and I arrived at Liam's house to pick up Abby. I opened the front door with the key Liam gave me, and see the boys and Abby asleep on the couch with the credits for Nemo playing on the TV. I pull out my phone and take a photo of them, posting it on twitter. 


@Real_Liam_Payne @NiallOfficial @ZaynMalik @Louis_Tomlinson @Harry_Styles. Aren't they just the greatest? <3 xx 


Authors Note:

I know I wasn't going to do another epilogue, but you guys wanted one. So... Yeah.

I will not be making a sequel, I am sorry.

Thank you so much for all the support and lovely comments. 


        ~Shelby Rose! 


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