The Soccer Girl (One Direction Fan Fiction)

Katie is a normal 12 year old girl, following her dream of becoming a female soccer player. When her cousin Liam Payne and his band mates come and babysit her for 2 months, what will happen?


12. Big Day Out! (Part 2)


I look around the food court, searching for the boys. They told me to stay here and wait for them to come back with the food. They had been gone for about 10 minutes now so I was starting to get worried.

Sighing I pull out my phone and send Liam a text.


To: Li Li <3

From: Kat :)

Are you guys okay? Did you get attacked by crazy teenage girls?!


Liam replies straight away.


To: Kat :)

From: Li Li <3

Haha, no we didn’t. Just had to sign a few things :) we’re on our way back, now xx


I sigh in relief, and pocket my phone.

Five boys sit at my table, “We’re back!” Louis cheers. “With Food! Niall adds. I look at the food they had brought. Hot chips (fries), chicken, Chinese, nachos and some drinks.

“Yummy,” I say, grabbing a plate and piling it with food.

“So, what are we going to do after this?” Zayn asks. I shrug my shoulders, not able to talk cause I have food in my mouth.

“We could go to the beach. I know a place where nobody goes.” Harry suggests. I smile and swallow my food, “that’s a great idea!” I say.

When we finished our food, we head to the car park.


*At The Beach*


Louis, Harry and I were running away from the waves and Liam, Niall and Zayn were building a sand castle.

“Argh!” I scream as I run away from a wave, trying not to get wet since I was still in my clothes. “Damn it!” Harry says, kicking the water. I turn and laugh at him. I guess he didn’t run quick enough.

He turns his head to me, and folds his arms over his chest. “I wouldn’t be laughing, Kat.” He says, smirking.

I fold my arms over my flat chest, copying his actions, “And why is that?” I ask.

Harry smirks at Louis, and they slowly start walking towards me. “Because…” Harry says, “WE’RE GONNA GET YOU!” Louis and Harry scream at the same time, running towards me.

I quickly turn around and run towards Liam, Niall and Zayn. “Help!” I plead once I reach them. They look up at me confused. I point towards Harry and Louis who have just reached us. I hide behind Liam, hoping he will protect me. I squeeze my eyes shut.

When I feel somebody’s hands wrap firmly around my waist from behind I let out a breath I didn’t know I was holding.

 ‘I’m safe’ I think.

“Thank you,” I say.

“Oh, no worries” Harry says, lifting me up over his shoulder and running towards the water. HARRY?!

“Harry!” I scream hitting his back, hoping that he will put me down. But he didn’t even flinch.

As Harry lowers me into the water, I kick and wave my legs around crazily. He just chuckles and drops me into the water.

When I come up, Harry has already started running back to shore. “Harold!” I scream running towards him.

He turns his head, and smirks at me. I stop chasing after him when I realize that he is about to run into the sand castle that Niall, Zayn and Liam made earlier. I was quite impressed by it actually, it had shells decorating it, a flag, water surrounding it and it actually looked like a castle. I know the boys will be angry when he destroys it.

Harry turns his head around just before he was about to hit the sandcastle, and to my luck, he didn’t stop running in time and fell right on top of the castle: destroying it. I smile triumphantly when he looks back at me.

“HARRY!” Liam, Niall and Zayn say in unison. Here we go…

They run towards him angrily and crash tackle him. By now, Louis had come and joined me, watching the boys roll around in the sand. I start cracking up, when Harry is lifted by the 3 boys and thrown into the water. Karma is a witch…

Eventually the boys and I got into a full out water war, in our clothes.


“I’m freezing,” I state, clattering my teeth together. We had just finished our water fight and it was becoming dark.

“We better get home.” Liam says, “Early morning tomorrow.” I jump in excitement. Tomorrow we start the tour. Yay!

“You have no idea how excited I am.” I tell the boys. They smile at me, “Trust me, we’re just as excited as you” Zayn says.


Authors Note:

I hope you guys liked this chapter!

I can't wait to write the next chapter, I have some exciting and fun things planned!

Get excited! :) xx

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