The Soccer Girl (One Direction Fan Fiction)

Katie is a normal 12 year old girl, following her dream of becoming a female soccer player. When her cousin Liam Payne and his band mates come and babysit her for 2 months, what will happen?


11. Big Day Out! (Part 1)

“Guys,” I say. “Tomorrow we leave for the tour, so I think we should have a big day out!”

The boys turn to me interested, “And do what?” Harry asks. I shrug my shoulders, “I don’t know, shopping, laser tag, maybe go to the park.” I reply.

“YES!” they all say in unison. I giggle at their enthusiasm.

“Be ready in half an hour.” I instruct walking into my bedroom. I change into a pair of jeans, a white T-shirt that says ‘Yesterday, someone told me to grow up. I immediately banned them from EVER riding my pet unicorn…’ I slip a denim jacket on, my favorite beanie and a pair of white converse.

When I walk out into the kitchen the boys are all dressed and ready. I smile, “Let’s G-O!” I say.


“How many people?” The lady at the laser tag counter asked. I read her nametag ‘Mandy’.

“Six,” Liam says, politely. I look around and notice that there are lots of girls and paparazzi following us. I am getting really annoyed of the paparazzi; they are always taking pictures and following us. At least once we go inside they won’t be able to follow us.

“30 pounds, please” ‘Mandy’ says. Liam hands over the money and we walk over to watch the safety video.

I have watched this video so many times; I know it forwards and backwards. I mouth the words as the instructor speaks. Niall must have noticed me because he whispers in my ear, “You play laser tag often?”

I smile and nod my head, “I’m the laser tag queen!” I brag. “You should all bow down to me!”


Niall chuckles and gives me a side hug,        turning his attention back to the video.

When the video is finally over, we grab our suits and head into the arena. We are playing on teams: Me and Louis, Liam and Harry, Niall and Zayn.

“Psst! Over here!” Louis motions for me to follow him. He leads me into a mini tower. “Cover Me,” He says, looking out the window.

I face the entrance of the tower, aiming my gun. I see a humans shadow and get ready to shoot. The person walks around the corner and I quickly shoot them. Yes! I got them. I fist punch the air and here a low moan. ‘Ha ha!’ I think.

After a while of guarding the tower, Louis and I decided we should try and attack the other bases. We stealthily walked around the arena.

Just as we were about to reach Liam and Harry’s base, Louis screams. “Ahhhhh!” I turn around and face him. He dramatically drops to the ground, shot. I decide to play along, and run over to him. “Louis!” I whimper.

“Katie,” Louis says, stroking my cheek. “You must go on with out me.” He says. I nod my head and stand up, running over to the base. I shoot the target multiple times before I hear a laser sound and my suit shuts down. “Damn it!” I say.

I turn around; standing there is Liam smirking. “Ha! I got you!” He says and runs off. Well then…


*After Game*


“Yes!” I cheer, after seeing my name on the scoreboard.

1.    Katie

2.    Liam

3.    Louis

4.    Harry

5.    Zayn

6.    Niall

I turn around and face the boys, “Bow down to the twelve year old who beat all of you in laser tag!” I demand. The boy’s chuckle and bow down. I nod my head in approval.

I run up to Niall and jump on his back, “To the food court!” I demand. Niall neighs like a horse and runs towards to the food court, the boys running closely behind.

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