Gaia, a sixteen year old girl with big plans as a singer, decides to go downtown in her home town. She's in a restaurant, humming to herself while waiting for her best friend, when suddennly a swarm of girls overtakes her, and she gets locked in a back room with One Direction. They heard her singing earlier, and things get interesting as she falls in love with the boys, and they fall in love with her...


5. Soccer Game in the Heat

My phone started vibrating, and I groaned as my eyes opened. I tried rubbing the sleepiness out of my eyes, and sat up in my bed. It was around 10:00, I guessed, and the sunlight was streaming in through the cracks in my curtains. I smiled, remembering how amazing the day yesterday had been.

I reached for my phone to read the texts. Two from Niall, one from Taylor, three from Louis, and one from Harry.

"Hey! You ready for today's game? Pumped up for Nate!" said Niall.

"GIRL. GET UP AND GET READY FOR THE GAAAME." Louis said, after the excited texts that he wanted to see us sooner.

"Girl, we all decided to meet at the stadium, right?" said Taylor.

I quickly replied to each of them, and confirmed Taylor's text. I was supposed to wear Nate's old jersey from last season, so I got up to dig through my drawers. I sat back on my heels and tried to remember where I had put it. When I looked into m closet, I saw it hanging neatly where I had put it.

Oh.. Right.I grinned.

I walked into the bathroom with a pair of Levi's and the jersey. I put them on, and put a few bits of makeup here and there. I still didn't like it, but I didn't want to look like I didn't care at all. I took a step backwards and examined how I looked in the mirror. Once I was satisfied, I brushed my teeth, and tiptoed to the kitchen. I was stepping around quietly, trying not to wake up my parents.

I grabbed my keys, and headed for the door, with my cell in my back pocket. I opened the door, and someone honked. I looked around, startled, but it was only Taylor.

"I got my car back," she called once the window was down. "But I wanted an excuse to drive with you, so I can I ride?"

I smiled. "Of course, dummy."

She smiled and pulled out her keys. She tossed them to me, and I put them under a green flower pot, where we always stashed things.

I got into the driver's side, and Taylor rode in the passenger's seat.

"Oh! Let's get icecream on the way there!" Taylor said, grinning.

She loved icecream, and sometimes, we'd get tubs of it to keep in our fridges for rainy days. It was fun!

I nodded. "Sure. But should we get some for the boys?"

"Nah, that's going to be too much to carry! We'll eat it before they see."

So we drove through town, and stopped at Ben and Jerry's. I got chocolate chip cookie dough, and Taylor (Of course) got her favorite, mint chocolate chip. She licked the side of her cone, where it was begining to melt, and bit into the cold dessert.

"How do you do that?" I said, wincing. My teeth would freeze!

"Practice," she replied, taking another bite. Because she was eating hers, she finished it really quickly. I however, didn't even finish before we got to the stadium. I had to focus on driving, after all.

"Guess Niall's going to have to be jealous!" I said, laughing.

"Taylor laughed pretty hard, as I pulled into the parking lot. "Honey, they're all going to be jealous."

I raised my eyebrow, wondering what she meant.

"Well, girl. You are wearing Nate's jersey..."

I shook my head. "It won't matter! It's just a jersey, and they wouldn't be jealous anyways."

Just as I turned the corner around a few huge suburbans, Louis ran into the middle of the road. I had plenty of time to stop, so I didn't have to slam on the brakes. Louis just stood with his hand held out in a ''Stop" position.

I rolled down the window. "Yes? May I help you?" I said, trying not to laugh.

"I need you to step out of the car ma'am; you're under arrest!" He said, finally laughing.

Niall, Harry, Liam, and Zayn came running out from behind the cars. They were all laughing as I told them to move out of the way. I needed to park, so we found the closest space and I pulled my keys out.

"Louis! You shouldn't run out into the road," I said, while hugging him.

"We knew it was you, because we could see you through your window." Louis said, hugging back.

I stepped away from him and hugged all of the boys. Taylor, being the smart one, had run off to buy our tickets while we said hello. When I hugged Harry, he kissed my cheek again, and whispered into my ear. He smelled like cheap cologne, and I smiled into his neck. He was crushing me in a bear hug, and I pressed my face into his chest.

"Why are you wearing a boy's jeresey, love?"

I grinned. "Because. He's my friend," I said, voice muffled.

Harry looked so relieved, that I had to stifle a few giggles. Next, I hugged Liam, who smelled like cologne as well.

"Hey Gaia," he said, and let go of me smiling.

I hugged Zayn, who hugged back tightly. "Good to see you, Gaia!"

I said hello to each of them, but Niall hung back a bit.

"Niall? Don't I get a hug?" I asked, in an completely fake hurt voice.

He nodded, and instantly smiled back at me. Wrapping his arms around me, he squeezed my close to his chest. I could feel his pulse beating rapidly, and I was happy. At least his heart was beating pretty fast too.

We turned, and headed towards the entrance, where Taylor was waiting with our tickets.

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