Gaia, a sixteen year old girl with big plans as a singer, decides to go downtown in her home town. She's in a restaurant, humming to herself while waiting for her best friend, when suddennly a swarm of girls overtakes her, and she gets locked in a back room with One Direction. They heard her singing earlier, and things get interesting as she falls in love with the boys, and they fall in love with her...


6. Soccer Game in the Heat (Continued)

  ~Harry's P.O.V.~

Oh. My. Gosh.

Gaia had looked so amazing, even though she had been hunched over the steering wheel of her car. I saw Taylor laughing beside her, and I couldn't help but smile.

Niall saw my smiling like an idiot, and followed my gaze. His eyes were locked on her the same way mine were. We were both unable to look away. Gaia just didn't know how pretty she was. Her hair fell over her shoulders perfectly, and in pretty little waves. Her eyes were a sparkling blue... and her lips looked soft. I wouldn't know, but I did want to kiss her.

A sudden bit of jealous shot through me, as I remembered Niall had kissed her. Of course, she didn't think it was because he liked her, which he did.

Louis slapped both of our backs at the same time. "Watch this!"

I watched him, open-mouthed as he ran into the road before Gaia's car pulled around.

I couldn't hear their words as she rolled down the window, but I could see her face as she laughed at what he was saying.

"Harry, stop staring or you'll start to drool." said Liam, cracking up. "You too, Niall."

We both looked away, and blushed. I couldn't help it. She was just that beautiful.

As soon as we had walked into that restaurant, and we saw her sitting there, I had known she was special. But, I figured she was some fan who had managed to get in, which is why I was suprised when she didn't even glance at us. Maybe I found that a bit interesting, but I wasn't sure. When Niall was the one to grab her arm, my blood was boiling. I held it in, and had followed them into the back.

"Hey Harry," she said, sidling up to me for a hug. I could feel her breathing as I hugged her, and I hoped my cologne wasn't too strong. I had worn it for her. Shocker, huh?

"Why are you wearing a boy's jersey, Love?" I asked, trying to be calm. It had Nate's name on the back. I had to remind myself that we were going to be supporting him.

"Because. He's my friend," she said. I could barely make out her words, because she had her face close to my neck.

I felt myself flush, and she pulled away. I could have hugged her forever, but I had to let go or she'd think I was crazy.

I watched, slightly jealous as she hugged everyone. When she asked Niall for a hug, I knew I was jealous. He looked so happy, and he was blushing so hard. I saw him bring his arms around her, and smile hugely.

I was absolutely furious. To make it worse, he was touching the end of her hair with his thumb. She didn't notice.

I should've done that. I regreted not doing it.

I followed her, almost in a trance towards the entrance where her friend was waiting.

"Cheer up, mate." Said Louis next to me. "She's not here for just you, so it's not like she's blowing you off."

I don't know how he figured it out, but I blushed and kept walking, and Louis was laughing harder with each step.


~Niall's P.O.V.~

We were waiting in the lot, the five of us. We were waiting for Gaia and Taylor to get here. I rocked back and forth on my toes, anxiously waiting. I saw Harry look up quickly, and I watched as he stared out across the lot.

I saw where he was looking. Gaia had just pulled up with Taylor in the passenger seat. I loved the way she sat in the seat, and laughed with Taylor. She looked so pretty, and the moment we walked into CJ's and saw her... I needed her to be mine.

Too bad Harry wanted her too. I wasn't going to give up without a fight, and I was happy when she hugged me. Being as shy as I get around her, I didn't want to be pushy and ask for a hug. So when she hugged me, I was playing with her hair. I could see Harry gaping angrily at us, and I smiled and played with the end of her hair.

This was going to be a long game, and I was going to do whatever it takes to be around her through all of it.



~Gaia's P.O.V.~

They were all so sweet! I ended up sitting on the second to last row of bleachers, with Taylor sitting behind me with Zayn and Louis. Harry and Niall each sat on either side of me, and they were sitting pretty close. I kept my hands in my lap, and tried to make myself as small as possible, so that I didn't make them uncomfortable. Liam sat on Niall's other side, and leaned back against the empty seat behind him. Taylor's knee was pressed lightly into my back, and I leaned into her.

The game was about to start, and I was excited for Nate. I saw him jog across the field from the player's bench, and he waved to us. Louis started cheering very loudly, and we joined in with him. I was screaming and yelling when the game first started. Nate was one of the starting offensive players, and he rushed towards the ball.

Every time a goal was scored, the crowd erupted into loud cheers, and everyone was smiling. When the opposing team, the Sharks, scored against us, the crowd booed. Louis had gotten us huge foam fingers, and we were waving them around madly. Harry poked my cheek with the giant finger, and laughed. I whacked him, grinning, and faced the game again.

Nate's team, the Cougars, were winning by two goals. Just by halftime, Nate pushed his way upfield, with the ball, and dodged around several defenders. The crowd was going wild, and I was cheering him on as well.

With ten seconds left, Nate planted one foot by the side of the ball, and sent it flying into the back of the net.

"Yeah Nate!" I cried, clapping hard.

Niall was smiling at me, and Louis was hitting him over the head repeatedly with his foam finger chanting, "We're gonna win, We're gonna win!"

"Louis! It's only halftime! Don't jinx his game," Liam said, smacking him with the finger. I turned towards Liam, and ended up hitting Harry, and them Niall with my oversized foam finger.

They both looked at each other, grinning ear to ear. Then, I cried out, laughing so hard as the both hit me at the same time with their foam finger, sending my spinning into Taylor. She caught me, and smacked them both back.

This started an all out war, with everyone hitting each other with the fingers. It was hot, and soon enough, we were all sweating pretty badly.

"I'll go get some drinks," said Niall.

"I'll come with," I said. When he gave me a shocked look, I shrugged. "You can't carry them all by yourself!"

Harry picked me up by the waist and slung me over his shoulder as if I weighed nothing. "I'll come too!"

Niall looked at us both, and turned around without a complaint. I was kicking Harry gently, and he finally put me down at the bottom of the bleachers. I blushed, seeing his smirk, and turned to follow Niall.

Harry took my hand. "What, you can't ride on my shoulders?"

I just huffed at him, and pulled him up to Niall, and let go of his hand before Niall turned.

We walked around, until we found a concession stand without too much of a line.

Niall sighed happily, looking at the menu. "There are so many choices."

Smiling, I relayed everyone's orders. "Three bottles of water, one Gatorade, a Dr. Pepper, and two Cokes."

Harry shook his head. "How on earth did you remember that?"

I shrugged, and Niall told the girl at the register our orders. She hadn't looked up yet, because she seemed intent on her phone. But once Niall had started talking, she looked up in shock.

"You're Niall Horan!" she cried, way too loudly.

I shushed her quickly, and she glared at me. "Don't yell it out! We'l have too many screaming girls around here." I said, suddenly angry. The girl bent down over the register, so that her shirt fell in a (somewhat) better looking way. It was hard to look good in the uniforms in this stadium. They weren't meant to be showy.

She cut a quick glare at me, and her eyes lit up again when she saw Harry. "You must be Harry," she drawled out, in what she probably hoped sounded like a sexy tone.

He nodded. "Yup! We're just here with some friends, and we're getting some drinks. If you please..." He motioned to the register, and her cheeks flushed as she realized she was supposed to be taking his order.

Niall leaned against me as we waited for his Super Grande Nachos were heating up. Harry was sitting down next to us, holding the drinks. He balanced them perfectly in his arms, and was checking his phone. It rang, and he went to take the call.

"Hey, Mum." He said, winking at me before walking to some place quieter.

Niall laughed. "He is so close to his Mum. It's cute, like a little kid."

I nodded. "So," I batted my eyes like the girl at the register, "you must be Niall Horan!"

He made a face, and then pulled me into his arms. "Why, yes, I am. Nice to meet you total stranger."

I found myself looking up into his face, and his arms were wrapped around my waist. His face suddenly started coming closer, and I could feel myself willingly lean into him.

His face was so close to mine....

And suddenly someone coughed. Too bad.

"Your Nachos are ready Niall." she said, cutting in. Niall dropped his arms away from me, and grabbed the tray from her. The chips were covered in cheese, and Niall glanced at them hungrily.

I laughed. "Niall, you can just go back to the others. I'll wait here for Harry."

He looked at me, and nodded. He seemed worried to leave me, but I gave him a reassuring pat on the back. He kissed my forehead, which gave me goosebumps.

Then I realized the girl still hadn't left yet. As Niall left, she ran her fingers down his free arm. She slipped him a piece of paper, and he turned to her, disgusted.

"Call me sometime babe," she said, misreading his face.

I stifled a laugh as he turned away. When she looked back to me with a smirk, Niall made a gagging face and made a show of putting the slip into a trash can. I burst out laughing, and Niall dodged around a corner smiling.

"He's not yours, you know." She said rudely to me.

I looked at her, bewildered. "What?"

"You know what I mean." She stalked off, and I couldn't help at laugh at how bizarre that was.

"What's so funny?" Harry said, poking my arm. I jumped up, startled.

"Don't scare me!" I flicked his arm gently.

He just grinned, and his adorable dimples popped out, and my stomach did a backflip. Only he could do that to me. Niall gave me serious cases of the tingles too!

"Where's Nialler?" He asked, realizing Niall wasn't here.

"He walked back to the others with his Nachos. I told him he should go eat before they got cold."

He nodded, and took my hand, and balanced the drinks in his other arm. I took the three water bottles, and put them into my free arm. I let him hold my hand and lead me through the crowd. I told him about the strange girl that gave Niall her number, and he laughed when I told him Niall trashed it.

"We get that alot. The attention from random girls. It's really hard to get used to," he said, suddenly serious.

I nodded ( kind of jealously, though I wouldn't admit that!) and thought about the girls Harry had to constantly fight off.

"Halftime's about over. Let's hurry up and get back to our seats." Harry said, still leading me.

I smiled. "Alright, lead the way Hazza." He smiled, and his dimples told me he liked me calling him by his nickname.

We got back up to the top of te bleachers, and when I saw Taylor's smirk, I realized Harry was still holding my hand. I dropped it quickly, and I felt Niall sigh to my left. Harry raised his eyebrows at me, but said nothing and we waited for the players to come back onto the huge, green field.




***Author's Note***

Sorry! I made this chapter REALLY long(: I just didn't want to end it yet! Thank you few who commented on my first few chapters! It really does mean alot to me, and I'll try and make them as good as I can so you'll enjoy them! Xoxo~

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