I got you (Niall fan-fic)

Jordyns P.O.V

"Please dad, don't" I screamed on the top of my lungs. He didn't listen. He was slowly moving his hands up and down all over my body. I squealed. I hate Thursdays. Thursdays are the day when dad is back from work off the ship and I'm supposed to fulfil his sexual needs. His 17yr old daughter. Not a soul knows about what my dad does to me once a week not even my boyfriend Niall Horan, from one direction.


1. Why?

"Dad please stop!" I moaned from the pain he was putting me in. He looked at me in disgust and walked into the other room.I tried to stand up But I couldn't he went faster and harder than usual than usual. So I just laid on my bed, staring at the ceiling wishing that he turned the light off. I closed my eyes and drifted off.

*the next morning*
I opened my eyes. It was Friday. Dad left to get on his gay cruise for a week and I was home all alone. Thank God. I stood up in less pain and grabbed my phone out of it's secret place. If dad knew I had a phone things would be 200x worse. I picked it up and turned it on. I had 6 messages. All from Niall. He knew not to text me on Thursdays because of a lame excuse that I'm surprise he believed. I called him. "Hey" "Hey" "where were you yesterday? I texted you a lot!" He asked. "You know I am extremely busy on Thursday! But we can make it up." I laughed. "Yup, tonight my place 7. Bring clothes your spending the night!" I wasn't sure if that was a question or a statement so I just said Yup. We said our I love yous and hing up. I love niall with all my heart, he is the only person in the world that feels the same way about me..... I walked to the kitchen and got out a bagel and cream cheese. I cut the bagel in half and put the bagel in the toaster. I waited for the pop of the toaster. I looked around. I really lived in a dump. The walls were all different colors, the stove was old and rusty, our sink didn't even work. How pathetic. If niall saw this he would probably throw up. Niall lived the life of a king everything all new and shiny, . I lived like the kings prisoners. But niall doesn't know where I live or my sexually abusing father. One day I plan to tell him. When I move out my dad's house. Pop. The bagels were done. I grabbed a plate and plain cream cheese and decorated my bagels. I then sat on the make shift table and was just laughing because the worst man in my life was gone. .

*Later that night*
"I'll meet you at the library " I said he then sighed. "Why can't I pick you up at yourouse babe?" he asked. I wish I could tell him But I don't want to risk loosing him. "If you want me I'll be at the library!" I whisperly yelled. I hung the phone up a tear come out my eye. I waited and waited for about 20 minutes. He finally arrived. He pulled up in big black glasses and one hand on the steering wheel. I walked out the double doors. "Hey there sexy!" I said. He laughed in his cute Irish accent. I for in his red convertible and he sped off. He turned on the radio to little things. He started singing. -.- "youll never live your" I cut him off. "Babe Why are you doing this?" I asked "I'm just trying to make you happy jordyn! " he he started to get pissed. "You don't need to down anything But be you, to make me happy!" I said and hive him a big kiss on the cheek. "Now finish singing that song!"
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