Karlie has played soccer since she was little. she had friends but, soccer was her best friend. once she meets a guy she likes she has to choose between WHAT she loves and WHO she loves. what will she pick and more importantly how will it affect.


6. the lunch date

i sat with Ricky. finnally digging in to my long awaited chicken salad. i felt like a pig but, who cared? if we're going to date he should reallly get used to my monstrous apetite! the good thing is that it doesn't affect my weight at all. we talked about , everything. I vented about my annoying younger brothers and taunting older ones. He told me about his younger brother and two older ones. if only i could hold his hand. then this would be completley perfect. I inched my hand closer to his. i grabbed his index and middle finger. He moved away instantly. I knew i messed up as soon as i saw his face. it was as red as a strawberry. i didnt know if it was for embarrasment or if it was for anger. "Umm...i have to go study for some test." he got up and left. he wasnt even done with his lunch. and neither was i. i started crying. the tears burning my iris's. almost right on cue Brody slid on the bench next to me. He saw that my chicken salad was pretty much soaked from tears. "Aww c'mon princess tighten the pipes on your water faucet yea?" i just looked at him considering what i should do.Brody was cute and nice. obviously he didnt like watching me cry. i decided i would make the first move."Brody do you want to maybe hang out after school today?" " yea sure! that'd be great Martinez! How 'bout the mall later today? 5:00 since the time changed. then we'll have time to do homework too!" He was throwing so many facts and options at me." Sure Brody, that sounds great!" i replied. he gave me his number so i could talk to him before and after the 'date'. He is just so polite. I knew this feeling was more than brother/sister feelings. Brody gave me butterflies. the kind i felt whenever i heard Ricky's blissfull name. It's not cheating if we're not dating. i thought to myself. the bell rang and Brody and I had next period together. He held the door open for me and everything the whole deal. He passed me a note too. i was happy to take my mind off of stupid equations.

so excited for our date tonight ;P I was excited too.

I am too! im so excited to get to know you!! you seem fantastic!

Well i don't want to get caught so i have to go drown back into the equations i don't understand! You could say we were the perfect two. we both hated any type of math and liked ahnging out with friends. I couldnt wait to see what else me and Brody had in common after school.

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