Karlie has played soccer since she was little. she had friends but, soccer was her best friend. once she meets a guy she likes she has to choose between WHAT she loves and WHO she loves. what will she pick and more importantly how will it affect.


3. the dream

"dont ever leave me Karlie. stay with me until we get old and die" he whispered into my ear. he was holding me tightly humming and whispreing in my ear i could feel my tan skin getting hot. " trust me, i wont." i told him. it was only us outside. i couldnt recognize where we were though. but, i ddint care as long as i was with HIM. Ricky i never wanted to wake up from this fabulous dream the one where i stay here and fufill my promise to never leaving his tall muscular body. but, as the best dreams go, i woke up. and worst of all to my brothers. Estaban , Trevor and  Evan arguing who gets the last enchilda.

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