Karlie has played soccer since she was little. she had friends but, soccer was her best friend. once she meets a guy she likes she has to choose between WHAT she loves and WHO she loves. what will she pick and more importantly how will it affect.


8. heading to the mall

I ignored my thoughts about Ricky I cant think about Ricky on a date with brody!  I ran into my clset excited on picking something to wear. I definetly wanted to wear shorts so i could show off my sexy soccer legs. I ran and got my cutest pair of shorts. i picked up my pink converse. I guess im just going with pink tonight. I picked up a bright pink spaghetti strap and a long see through withe shirt.. i put rollers in my hair and headed to paint my nails. After i painted my nails a cottone candy pink with clouds. i put my clothes on. It was quite difficult with rollers in my hair though. "Ahora Trevor!" it was Gabe. I guess he wanted Trevor to do something right then. "No! not until you help me Gabriel1" screamed Trevor."Well what do you want?" "Oh Gabe mi duela aqui!" (it hurts here) Trevor was always such a baby. i took the rollers out and put socks and my shoes on. i grabbed my leather jacket and walked as fast as i could down the hallway. Andrew caught me. "AQUI AHORA!" (here now{i think}) he screamed i just kept walking until i was out the door. I heard him trudging down the stairs so i started to run. After i was a good distance i remebered i was going to a date. But then i ran into someone. "Oh, sorry haha i was just running from-" i looked to see who it was it was Ricky. damn. " Wher are you going dressedup all nice?" he teased. I found this as the time to strike him back like he did to me at lunch. "Actually im going to meet Brody at the mall for a date tonight." i said matter of factly. He got red, but i knew it wasnt him blushing. "I HAVE TO GO."He said through his teeth. he stomped off. well you shouldnt have messed with Karlie Evelyn Carmen Martinez! i thought. and i happily skipped away

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