Karlie has played soccer since she was little. she had friends but, soccer was her best friend. once she meets a guy she likes she has to choose between WHAT she loves and WHO she loves. what will she pick and more importantly how will it affect.


1. first year. freshman....

ive always loved soccer since the second grade. soccer is my best friend always been always will be. but  sometimes it takes me away from other things like hanging out with friends but, its all worth it in the end when i win a championship game and get some trophies and have some new jerseys to hang up on my wall. i cred about soccer just as much as i loved eating, breathing, and drinking. " Karlie Martinez get down here this instant and explain this to me!" my aunt claire screamed. mom was on a vacation with dad. i have five brothers Evan, Trevor, Estaban, they were younger. my older  brothers were Andrew, and Gabriel. i walked out of my room , right into Evan . "Watch it DILLWEED!" He screamed. he was only ten so he was a tad bit annoying." i dont care." i told him i raced down the staircase. "YEA CLAIRE?!" I screamed. i didint bother calling her auntie or anything like that i just saw it as a waste of breath. " Pick up your pants Evelyn."( tht was my middle name Claire thought it should be my first name so thats what she calls me.) " OK Claire." i was in my soccer uniform for practice. ' something else to make me late' i thought. i grabbed my yellow pants. and ran back upstairs and threw them inside. i grabbed my skateboard and ran downstairs. "OK see you later Claire!" i screames as i made my way down to the door. i start freshman year tommorow i thought...great. 

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