Karlie has played soccer since she was little. she had friends but, soccer was her best friend. once she meets a guy she likes she has to choose between WHAT she loves and WHO she loves. what will she pick and more importantly how will it affect.


2. 7:00 am waking up in the morning!

i woke up at 7:00 am it made me think of that stupid rebecca bllack song. only worse, it wasnt friday. i got dressed. 'what to wear' i wondered. i walked  around in my huge closet. i found the perfect outfit. my favorite tie die skinny jeans and a jet black v-neck with a white spaghetti strap underneath. i threw my things on and grabbed my black converse.i put my jet black hair into a high ponytail and went into the bathroom. i brushed my teeth. ' what if i get lost' i thought. i washed my face and threw on some chapstick with a shiny lipgloss. i walked out all my brothers were at the breakfast table. "ooooo! who are you getting pretty for Karlie?" Estaban asked. "Not you thats for sure!" i screamed at him gosh who new seventh graders could be so ugh! " Yea sis who do me and Gabe have to go beat up at he park today?" andrew said. "Would you mind beating up yourself Drew you to Gabe!" i grabbede toast some orange juice and went to the living room. i sat down on the couch next to claire. "Do brothers have to be so dumb?" Iasked her. "Well i grew up with uncle Joey , uncle Shane and your dad. they never  changed. they still bohter me about who i date!"  she screamed she laughed and snorted. i loved Claire's laugh her laugh was amazing to me. i ate the toast and slipped into the kitchen. they were talking about some people. i slipped in and out. i grabbed my bag from forever 18 and dippped out the door. i met my friend Bridget  at the corner . her long blonde hair went down her back but now it was in a ponytaail like mine. even in the ponytail, it went down to her butt. "Hi are you ready for our first day of highschool?!" she screamed at me. "sure." i lamely replied. we walked to school.

*    *     *

when we got out of school i saw the cutest jock in the school. his name i figured out was Ricky Rodriguez. Ricardo Isaac Rodriguez, if you want to get technical. i waked over to him and "accidentally" dropped my stuff. He helped me and introduced himself. i pretty much melted in his hands. i gigled introduced myself, thanked him , adn ran off. the best thing, HE WAS A FRESHMAN!!!!!!! as soon as i got home i gossiped to claire about it in my room. And as i shuttereed my eyes asleep i listened to his soothing voice over and over again in my head. And that night i dreamed about Ricardo Issaac Rodriguez.

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