Take Me Home (A Harry Styles Fanfic)

Daphne was on her way home from the shops when she noticed a bit of conflict outside someone's home.
While attempting to break up a fight between two girls, Daphne was injured herself.
Who would've thought that a little bloody nose could go such a long way?...


8. Chapter 8

It was safe to say that Sara hadn't believed my story at first. Halfway through my recollection of the night before, she began shipping me with Zayn, taking every spare moment of the conversation and making a comment on how we'd conceive beautiful babies. I was almost certain that she was on acid.

Though I knew about her immense crush on Harry, it really didn't have much effect on me. I, for one, was in a completely different situation. I was on tea-terms with his mum and my brain had already been tainted of images of us having sex. I officially had my dibs, and I was almost positive that she would understand.

It was another lonely, Wednesday night.  Sporting and old pair of sweatpants that were scrunched up at the knee and a snug, white tank, I was sprawled on the couch watching 'Just Friends', the perfect movie to satisfy my Justin Timberlake needs. With a bowl of Anne's leftovers from the night before in my hand, I rarely looked away from the TV as I spooned the deliciousness in my mouth. Being home alone had it's perks; I was able to pig out without anyone having to see me.

As if someone were raiding my thoughts, I groaned after hearing a swift knock at the front door. Shoving another spoonful of seasoned rice in my mouth, I hurried to the door. Pulling it open, I narrowed my eyes at Harry who was staring back at me.

"Well don't you look like a beaming ray of sunshine." he commented, letting himself in. Dumbfounded, I closed and locked the door before turning to him with my arms crossed.

"Thanks for telling me that you were leaving for a few days." I stated blatantly, returning to my seat on the couch and grabbing my bowl of food.

"That's odd." Harry paused, taking a seat in the armchair cater-cornered to me. "I almost thought you were going to thank me for bringing you home the other night." his eyes looked harshly over at me.

"I went to your house the next afternoon to thank you in person, except you weren't there." I admitted before taking a bite of rice. I turned back to the TV to see JT stripping off his clothes.

"In my defense, I completely forgot that we had a thing to be at. And it's not like I had your number to let you know or anything." he responded. "Plus, I didn't think you'd care about me being gone that much." His tone was low, a hint of disappointment in his voice.

"I had a nice afternoon with your mum though. She made me lunch and took me to work." I found myself boasting, flickering my eyebrows over at him in a lame attempt to make him jealous. "And even she has my number." I clicked my tongue at him. "She called me up yesterday and sent me back home with food." I finished, lifting my bowl.

"I'm assuming you've already made arrangements to move in, yeah?" he joked, glancing at my food. "Aw man, I missed Rice Night? That is not fair." he pouted, slouching back in the seat. I found myself laughing as I finished up my dinner.

"So, did you come here to laugh at my drunken slurs over the weekend, or what?" my lips flapped beyond my control, breaking the 3-day ice block that had formed since. I watched as he flashed me a daring grin.

"If it makes you feel any better, the boys said you're welcome back with us any time. Great source of entertainment, as I recall." he noted as I felt my cheeks turn a bit. I set my bowl down and looked away from him. "Oh, you weren't a bad drunk! Promise." he assured me, still smiling. It wasn't for a moment until he followed my gaze to the television, watching as Justin and Mila began to have sex.

I noticed he stopped talking and turned to him slightly. "Does this make you uncomfortable?" I taunted before he shifted his eyes to mine.

"Of course not. Sex is a beautiful, natural thing. There's nothing uncomfortable about it." Harry admitted confidently, then paused for a moment in thought. "Well, actually, that depends."

Chuckling, stood and took my dish into the kitchen, placing it in the sink before grabbing a bottle of water from the fridge. Even though I was thoroughly enjoying his presence, I couldn't stop thinking about him being in my dreams. The kissing, the sex; it was like a movie that just kept playing and playing in my mind.

"Are you always home alone like this? Like all the time?" Harry questioned, his tone convincing me that he was truly interested. I shrugged my shoulders after turning to see him in the doorway of the kitchen.

"Pretty much." I breathed out. I normally never chose to talk about my parents, since they weren't that great, but I knew it wasn't going to be long until someone started asking questions. "My mom and dad are both in the medical field and are rarely ever here. Most of the time they're hours and hours away at various hospitals doing various procedures and stuff, ya know." I took a swig of water as Harry slowly nodded.

"But what about food? And bills?" he continued.

"They take care of the bills, and then they just add money to my account for groceries and what not." I oddly opened up to him. No one, not even Sara from work, really knew my personal situation when it came to that stuff. I never was the one to let people in that close, and I had a really bad feeling about opening up to Harry.

"Speaking of groceries," he began, perking up slightly. I assumed he had noticed how raw the conversation had become and decided to change it. "Do you want to come with me to the shops? I have to pick up stuff for this get together thing with the lads Friday night." Even though I was intrigued, I found myself frowning.

"You want me to help you grocery shop for a party that I haven't been invited to? You're adorable, Styles." I rolled my eyes, walking past him and back into the living room.

"Of course you're invited. You're kind of automatic." he replied, receiving a 'bullshit' glance from me. He then flattened his eyes. "There are going to be other girls there too." he added. "Well, quite a few, actually." he smirked, obviously pleased with himself. I completely ignored the pang that vibrated inside of me.

"You need to go to the store tonight?" I questioned; he instantly nodded.

"Yeah. It's the only night I'll be able to borrow my stepdad's car." he stated, staring at me as I looked past him in thought. I really didn't have anything else better to do and he was all I pathetically thought about since Saturday night. Of course I was down.

After grabbing my hoodie and slipping on my shoes, I followed Harry outside and began walking to his house. I ended up twisting my hair and stuffing it back in my hood before pulling it over my head. I shoved my hands in my pockets as it was pretty nippy out. I chose to ignore Harry chuckling beside me.

Once we cleared the path to the door, I nearly pushed Harry inside to get away from the coldness. I was then startled with a loud, 'Heeey!' from a familiar blonde fella.

"Long time no see, eh?" Niall pulled my body into a hug before patting my hooded head. "Yer a trip, you know that?"

"I'd rather not discuss- hey!" I cooed as Louis intercepted my attention with a hug of his own, quickly followed by Zayn and Liam. "I didn't know everyone was here now." I admitted, still trying to process everything. I noted that someone in the room smelled really good.

"Ok, ok. Daphne's here, now let's go!" Harry stated, gathering everyone's attention. "We have to hurry and fit everyone into my stepdad's car before my mum comes out and sees there's too many of us." he finished, opening the door and frantically waving for everyone to hurry.

Wondering what I had gotten myself into, I quickly followed Niall outside and to a black SUV that was parked in the driveway. He climbed in the backseat as I turned to see who was behind me. Zayn quickly butted ahead as Harry rushed behind him, filling the last seat. Liam took the front passenger's seat and Louis got behind the weel.

"You're joking." I spat, staring at the boys in the backseat.

"No worries love, sit on Harry's lap." Niall leaned forward to get a view of me still standing outside.

"I'd rather not." I responded, glaring as Harry snickered.  I then looked to Zayn, the one I hadn't spoken to since we were dirty dancing back at the club. I had to admit, the situation made me a bit bashful. "Zayn, would you mind?" I asked awkwardly, watching as he stuck his lip out a bit, shaking his head.

Breathing out in relief, I climbed up into the car, doing my best not to touch Harry. I saw slowly in the middle on Zayn's lap as Louis started the engine. I caught his eye in the review mirror before he frowned.

"I can't see out the back, sweets. Any way you could slouch down?" he asked politely as I mentally shot myself in the head.

"As if this couldn't become any more awkward." I muttered loud enough for everyone in the car to hear as I turned my body to lay across their laps. Situating myself so my legs were on Niall and my head was by Harry, I pushed myself up on my elbows a bit, listening as someone yelped.

"Ouch that was my leg!" Harry complained, sitting up in his seat a bit. He adjusted himself, awkwardly tucking his arms at his side, unsure of where to lay them. Zayn, on the other hand, casually rested his hands across my stomach.

"Sorry that you were the one with this bright idea." I responded flatly, glaring up at him as my head rested against the armrest beneath the window. Harry mirrored my glare before looking away. "I still don't know why you need my help if you have these four." I motioned to the others.

"Haz just wanted a girl's opinion on what to provide for the party. He's trying to show off a bit." Louis piped in, a grin easily heard in his voice.

"He's trying to impress one of the girls coming. What's her name, Janice?" Liam added, turning around in his seat.

I tried my best not to roll my eyes, so I crossed my arms over my chest instead. I felt Niall tap my shin as if to say, 'it's okay', but that only caused me to become even more annoyed. He was lucky that I hadn't kicked him from the sudden attention.

But Janice? Janice? All I could think of was how Janice from Mean Girls wasn't invited to the party because she was a lesbian. Why was this girl an exception? It was bullshit.

Who was I to feel a little jealous? I mean, that was the shitty feeling the had just developed in my stomach, right? I mean, the thought of Harry trying to impress some girl at a party made me feel like such crap and it was embarrassing! I wasn't a fan of him, I thought he was a complete prick, but yet I was here stuffed in the backseat of his stepdads car with my head on his lap? It was evident that I was becoming mental.

"Hey, Janice is a nice girl!" Harry defended after one of the boys responded with something negative. I was bummed that I was too lost in my own thoughts and missed it. Unless he had somehow read my mind. . . I just hoped he hadn't seen the mental images of us having sex while he was in there.

"Okay, Harry. Whatever you say, mate." Zayn chuckled as I stared up at Harry's brooding face. I was glad there was someone else who could put him in his place. "Wait, isn't Janice that lesbian in Mean Girls?" I widened my eyes, quickly pushing myself up with my elbows to look at Zayn. I ignored Harry's gasp of pain from beneath me.

"Shut up, I was thinking the same thing this entire time!" I exclaimed, completely mind-blown by his thought process. Now, if Zayn was really the one who could read minds, I would certainly be screwed for life.

"Right!" he replied back, grinning. I mentally high-fived him, completely satisfied with the possibility that I still had some sense in me. But at the same time, it was definitely not how I pictured spending my Wednesday evening.


Disclaimer: I have nothing against people named Janice, or lesbians.

Just to make that clear. :) I love this story, and I hope you do too.

Please tell me how you feel, however long or short it may be.

I eat up the comments, and the more comments I get, the quicker I'll do my best to update. :) x









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