Take Me Home (A Harry Styles Fanfic)

Daphne was on her way home from the shops when she noticed a bit of conflict outside someone's home.
While attempting to break up a fight between two girls, Daphne was injured herself.
Who would've thought that a little bloody nose could go such a long way?...


7. Chapter 7

A thin layer of sweat coated my body as my lungs gasped for air. I let my head fall back as Harry's lips attacked my neck, my legs straddled his waist. He was nearly gasping as well, his breath warming my skin even more.

His hands hidden beneath my dress, they gripped my bare thighs as I rolled my hips in his lap. I stifled a moan as I felt his lips travel down to my cleavage, softly nibbling at my skin.

He pulled away after a moment, his eyes staring hungrily back at me. Without hesitation, I captured his lips with mine as his hand swiftly slid a strap of my dress off my shoulder. Goosebumps quickly formed wherever his skin touched mine.

A sudden bump in the road caused my eyes to snap open. My breathing was embarrassingly uneven and my heart-rate was skyrocketing. Realizing that I had been asleep, I noticed that my head was resting on someone's shoulder. I slowly sat up and felt Harry's arm draped around me. Taking note of the empty limo, I turned to him, quickly trying to blink away my dream.

"Where is everyone?" I questioned, not bothering to slip out from under him. He had a comforting hold on me and I was too tired to accuse him on trying to make a move. At this moment, I wouldn't have objected.

"We left the club because you didn't look too well." Harry responded, then sighed. "You are quite the social drunk though, let me tell you." he chuckled lightly. A pang of regret waved throughout me, my brain backtracking and trying to remind me of what I had said throughout the night.

"That's grand." I muttered, finally managing to straighten out my spastic breathing pattern. At the current moment in time, my only concern was that my lower region hadn't become moist.

"You know, I've had a good feeling about you since the beginning." he continued, his voice fading out. I scrunched up my face and turned to look at him. "You pretty much hated my guts and you brought a dirty sex toy into my house; though I must admit it was such a turn-on."

I laughed lightly, shaking my head as I thought back to that day. I then became embarrassed all over again, my head still shaking beyond my control. Confusion spread across my face as I realized I wasn't in the limo anymore, but snuggled beneath the duvet in my own bed. Realizing everything that had happened was just another dream, I fixated my eyes on the ceiling, instantly becoming ashamed of myself. Harry Styles was haunting me and I didn't know what to make of it.

Taking a deep breath and pinching myself to make sure that I was really awake, I rolled over and stole a glance at the clock. It was half twelve in the afternoon and my head was completely congested. Groaning, I remembered that my shift at the bakery started at three and it was going to blow.

After a long, blank moment, my eyes fixated on the bottle of aspirin that was sitting conveniently on my side table. Sitting up in bed, I snatched up the tiny container that was accompanied with a bottle of water as I realized I had absolutely no recollection of leaving the club the night before. It was guaranteed to be an awesome day.

Once both my feet were on the floor, I frowned. Pulling my black dress up and over my head, I discarded it to the floor as I walked over to my closet. Realizing Harry had to have been the one responsible for putting me to bed, I was shocked that he hadn't taken it upon himself to undress me. Either I had become a massively, sloppy drunk, or I was just knocked out cold. According to my subconscious, I wouldn't have minded if anything were to happen anyway.

It wasn't long before I was decked out in my stained 'GOODS 4 YOU' logo top and a pair of snug trousers. Aside from concealing the dark circles beneath my eyes, I kept my makeup to a basic minimum, as people normally frowned upon blushing baked-goods. 

Checking my phone once more for any messages whatsoever, I was dubbed a big old loser before hurrying down the steps and out the front door. Though there was quite a bit of time before my shift started, an uneasy feeling formed in my gut because of Harry. He had completely taken care of my drunken state and a proper 'thank you' needed to be voiced.

My old Chucks scuffed along the walkway to the Styles' home, my nerves beginning to take full advance of my skyrocketing estrogen levels. Faintly in my mind, I began to picture Harry opening the door, a cheeky smirk on his lips as my drunken happenings clearly replayed in his mind. I'd apologize and then thank him for helping me, flirting lightly and possibly hinting for us to do something together later. He'd come back with some witty banter and I'd do my best to fight it, but I'd throw in the flag and let him win. He'd then invite me in and show me his room, which would easily lead to a massive make out session and make my dream come true; literally.

"Daphne, my dear, what a surprise to see you!" Anne answered the door, a smile on her face as she pulled me into a hug. "Please come in." she ushered me into the foyer, her arm extending to the kitchen. "Tea?"

Smiling through my disappointment that it hadn't been Harry to answer the door, tea was certainly the next best thing. "Please!" I responded thankfully, taking a seat at the table as Anne filled up the kettle.

"Harry told me you went with him to the label party last night. He kept on telling me that it wasn't a date, but I just think it's absolutely adorable! You two seem to get on so well." she rambled, managing to take a seat across for me mid-blurb, the kelp sitting on the warming stove-top.

"Last night was really fun! I haven't thanked him yet for inviting me." I admitted, my hands folded in front of me. I thought it was sweet how Anne clearly shipped us. It was good to know I had someone on my side, if I chose to water any of the Harry seeds that had been secretly planted in my brain. "Is he around by any chance?" I finally asked, watching as the sparkle in Anne's eyes shifted.

"Oh sweetie, Harry's left for a press run with the boys this morning. He won't be back for a few days. He hadn't told you?" she questioned, a troubled expression on her face. It took a moment to process what she had said, though I found my lips plastering a small smile.

"No, I don't recall him mentioning it." I admitted as thoughts began to run in the background of my mind. Why hadn't he told me he was leaving for a few days? Had he mentioned it last night and I just didn't remember? Why was I so disappointed that I wasn't able to see him? Why did I have a feeling of obligation to know? He should've told me. What a dick.

"Typical Harry; he tends to be very forgetful. That must've been why he was so hard to get out of bed this morning, he must've forgot." she laughed quietly, shaking her head a bit. "So you're headed into work today, yes?" she observed my shirt, still smiling.

I nodded, pleased with her interest. I wasn't quite used to having a mother figure around. It had been nearly three weeks since I had seen my own, her job had a massive interference with out relationship. "My shift starts a three, but I always get there a bit earlier to grab a bite to eat."

"Oh, how about I fix you lunch?" Anne offered excitedly, and I couldn't help but smile. Edible hospitality with my new favorite person? There wasn't a single piece of me that was able to resist.

"I'd love that." I responded, pleased as could be. I tried my best to ignore the fact that Harry hadn't told me he was leaving, but at the same time, what obligation did I have to even know?

But in reality, I didn't. I didn't have an obligation to know. We were just friends, if you could even call it that. We were merely acquaintances that bonded via masses amount of banter, sexual innuendoes and general appearance. He was quite an attractive lad, but never had I once made it easy for him. I somewhat couldn't blame him for not bothering to tell me.

Two cups of tea, a grilled chicken sandwich and a handful of young-Harry stories later, Anne insisted on driving me to work. Stating that she had an open afternoon and that taking the tube would be such a waste, I just simply couldn't say no to the nice lady. Her concern and interest made me feel good inside.

Walking into the market with a satisfied smile, I slid behind the empty counter. Noticing the completely stocked casing of goods, I peaked my head into the back office to see my boss Hugh reclined back in his chair and Sara propped up on the desk, flipping through a magazine. Like father like daughter.

"Oh good, you're here!" Hugh stood from his seat, removing his floured apron as he sighed. I was nearly 30 minutes early for my shift. What would've happened if I actually showed up at my scheduled time? "You two girls are closing up shop tonight. I have some things I need be attending to." he informed, mainly to me as Sara's eyes were glued to her magazine. "If business is slow, feel free to close up an hour early." he noted, heading for the door as I stepped out of the way. "Or two." he turned and added, pursing his lips before disappearing.

Feeling a tad confused, I ignored it before collapsing in Hugh's comfy leather seat. Reclining back, the chair rolled around slightly on the floor as I stared back at a silent and distracted Sara.

"Well, hello there. It's great to see you too on this lovely Sunday afternoon." I joked, my eyes glued to her emotionless face. She hadn't bothered to look at me.

"If you call watching my dad fire Janet and Cody lovely, then you're quite mental." she replied flatly, audibly flipping a page as I leaned forward in the chair. 

"What?" I spat, clearly feeling knocked off my high horse. Sara sighed before closing the magazine and setting it down beside her.

"The bakery isn't doing too well." she began, her tone sour. "We haven't had many sales for the past few weeks, and it's starting to catch up to us. Dad had to let a few people go."

"But Janet's cake-pops are one of a kind! That is such a massive loss." I responded, my voice and body slouching in disappointment.

"Yeah, well it was either Janet's cake-pops or your bottomless pit of cupcake decoration skills." Sara continued, sounding a bit guilty. Realizing that her dad must've made her pick who to let go, I nearly bit my tongue.

"I'm really sorry." I replied quietly. I was at a loss for words. Sara sighed heavily again, then shook her head. I could see it in her eyes that she was trying to let go of it.

"Yeah. . .Well, tell me about your night." she attempted to change the subject. "I'd love for you to explain that drunken phone call. What in the world did you have to drink to make you think you were dirty dancing with Zayn Malik of One Direction?" Phone call? I didn't remember calling anyone.

"Oh gosh." I breathed out, leaning forward and covering my face. Sara began to laugh at me, which was a bit relieving given her state of mind, but I was definitely deleting Jack off my buddy list.

Luckily, this closing shift wasn't going to be as boring as I had thought.


I'm slightly pleased with this chapter, even though I feel it kinda moved too quickly..

It's definitely a filler, but it was needed!!

I am so excited for this fanfic..

I have so much I want to write. I hope you guys like it. :):)

Please tell me what you thought!!

I strive off every single comments I receive.

Comments keep me going!







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