Take Me Home (A Harry Styles Fanfic)

Daphne was on her way home from the shops when she noticed a bit of conflict outside someone's home.
While attempting to break up a fight between two girls, Daphne was injured herself.
Who would've thought that a little bloody nose could go such a long way?...


6. Chapter 6

It wasn't too long until my mind finally started to fuzz and fog, which short circuited the wiring from my brain to my mouth. My chatter for the rest of the night was going to be completely uncensored and unscripted. The whole "think before you speak" thing was officially impossible in my current state. Thank you, alcohol.

I tried not to think about how Harry was apparently the ladies man when the guys went out. I mean, sure he wasn't unattractive, but I didn't know he was the main persuasion. I somewhat felt like a massive cock block, seeing as though Harry was the one who brought me.

"He won't serve me anymore." Niall returned to the table for the fourth time, but for the first drink-less. "Charlie over there says he'll serve you though." he stated happily, waving me off.

"But that requires me actually standing up!" my voice whined, lazily slouching back in the booth. "And really, I'm afraid to even stand at this current moment." I found myself admitting, getting a few laughs from the boys. "You go and try." my hand found it's way to Harry's shoulder, patting it enthusiastically. He grinned, then slid out of the booth, pulling me out with him.

Helplessly sliding out, I stood surprisingly steady before Harry let my hand go and encouraged me to head over to the bar. Turning and giving a confident nod to the table, Niall clapped as I began walking away.

I hadn't been as drunk and fuzzy as I thought I had been while I as sitting, since walking in my heels wasn't challenging in the least bit. I had a bit of a buzz, but I wasn't feeling confident enough to be sweet talking the flirtatious bartender. I sighed deeply, the heavy bass of the music thudded in my chest as I approached the bar, giving Charlie my best smile. Wait, was that even really his name?

"It's 'bout time you made your round over here, my lady." the beefy man beamed, his eye twitching in the process. Or was it a wink? Disgusted, I found myself smiling weakly in return.

"Can I get a shot of Jack, please?" I needed to get drunk. I wasn't anywhere near my limit and I needed to get there. It was obvious I was having a blast with the guys, but I wanted to loosen up more. I wanted to have more fun, and kind of detach myself from Harry's side.

"Jack? Ain't that a bit strong for you, my lady?" he questioned, retrieving the bottle from beneath the bar. I felt my eyes flicker to his.

"Make it a double." I pursed my lips, challenging him. He smirked in approval, causing me to instantly regret my actions. I wanted to be flirting with a hot boy, not some random old geezer.

Downing both of the shots that he presented before me, I instantly regretted not having something to chase it down with. It burned my throat more than expected, but I was able to hiss through it.

"So," Charlie began, his eye brows raised in amusement. "do you come here often? I feel I'd recognize a pretty face like yours if I seen you around these parts." My mind started running, wondering how in the hell I could get one more shot out of him before performing some type of disappearing act. I plastered on a smirk before leaning forward on the bar, watching his eyes as they continued to glow.

"How about one more shot and then a pint of your most popular brew?" I blinked maybe two times more than I should have before the man proceeded to fetch my current order. I took that moment to turn around, glancing slightly over at the boys' booth. Noticing Niall's head tilted back and his jaw unhinged in laughter, I wondered if they were actually watching me, or if they were caught up in their own little conversation. I wasn't sure which I hoped it to be.

"As I was saying," the guy continued, sliding me my beer and another shot glass. I downed the Jack as he spoke. "I was thinking maybe we should do something after this whole party thing." I caught his eyes glance down at my chest before I began washing the shot down with the beer. Two gulps and I placed the glass heavily on the counter.

"Sorry, love. I'm already with someone." I lied, consuming a bit more of my beer. My mind was slowly but surely beginning to fog. Thanks, Jacky.

"Blimey, you must be joking!" he exclaimed, a bit more displeased than I had expected. My eyes frowned as the air quickly began to sour. I needed to walk away. "Tell me it's not that little blond boy who keeps coming up here?"

"Daph, you alright?" I heard a voice beside me and felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned slightly to see Zayn. "You were taking a bit of time."

"Everything is fine." I smiled back at him, grabbing his tie and pulling him closer to me. My arm snaked under his blazer and around his was it before I looked back to the bartender who hadn't blinked. "Sorry, Charlie?" I grabbed my beer and chugged the rest of it before sliding it back across the bar.

He stood there, clearly annoyed, his eyes glancing from me to Zayn. I squeezed his side, hoping Zayn had realized what I was trying to pull off.

"C'mon, babe. I wanna dance!" I grinned up at him, watching his thoughtful eyes before his lips began to curve. He smirked back at the man before grabbing my hand. With that, I lead him through a sea of sweaty people and found a spot on the dance floor.

"You want to explain what that was?" Zayn finally questioned, leaning in closer to my ear so I could hear him. I merely shrugged.

"Not really." 

"Alright then." he chuckled, then we began to dance.

Our bodies were distant at first. The music was overbearing and the people around us seemed to be moving in closer and closer. The alcohol was clearly taking effect as my body moved around, my mind becoming lost in the music. I almost forgot I was even dancing with Zayn when someone had accidentally bumped me from behind, nudging me forward into him. I didn't recall even apologizing as we danced closer, my hand tugging at his tie.

Loosening up to the max, my general senses had shifted. My breathing had quickened along with my dancing and a light layer of sweat began to form on my skin. Still holding onto Zayn's tie, I turned my body around and pulled it over my shoulder, pulling his chest against my back. I allowed my eyes to close as his hands slid around my waist, our bodies moving with each other along to the rhythm of the music, my hips swaying powerfully in his grasp.

I felt hot; not because I was dancing in the middle of a sticky and humid club, but because I was dressed to my level of perfection, my mind was hazy and impaired, and I had a beautiful guy touching my body. This is what I had indirectly been longing for all night.

Placing my hands on top of Zayn's, I began to arch my back a bit, grinding my rear harder against him. I felt the pressure of his finger tips on my hips as he tried to pull me closer to him. My breathing becoming jagged, I spun around in his grasp, taking as glimpse of his chiseled face. I hooked my arm around his neck and pressed my plump chest against his, his hand making it's way to the smallest of my back, holding me against him. The music continued to jerk our bodies all around.

Becoming slightly lightheaded, I looked downward a bit, closing my eyes for a quick moment as I rested my forehead on his shoulder. Taking a few deep breaths, I pulled away to look back up at him. Expecting to see Zayn's defined brow, I did a double take as I noticed a pair of beautiful, greenish blue eyes. I saw tamed, curly brown hair and even dimples instead of his thick, jet black hair. Closing my eyes and shaking my head, I reopened them to see a troubled expression on Zayn's face.

"You alright?" he asked, his lips nearly grazing my ear as he slowed his movements and loosened his grip around me. Completely dazzled by the fact that I had just pictured him as Harry, I removed myself from his touch. With my hand on my forehead, I excused myself to the washroom, pushing people out of my way as I weaved through the crowd.

Pushing open the door to the ladies' washroom, an invisible charge pulled me directly to the sink. Ignoring everyone around me, my hands gripped the porcelain corners as I stared at myself in the mirror, blinking a few times before realizing that my cheeks were glistening through my bronzer. Surprised that my makeup hadn't run from all the sweat, I managed to fix my hair and rearrange a couple of loose curls. Sighing, I tried to drown out the all the chatter and toilet flutings before carefully exiting the bathroom.

"There you are, mate!" Niall's voice shouted over the music as he stopped directly in front of me, a friendly smile on his face. "We were wonderin' where ya stumbled off to." I noted that his cheeks were a bit rosy, he was probably drunk as well.

I didn't bother questioning him before I wrapped my arms around his neck, hugging him as my lips tingled and dared to start flapping. I was definitely a blabbering drunk.

"I think I'm in trouble." I managed to mutter, feeling his supportive hands patting the middle of my back. I was surprised I hadn't begun slurring my words.

"Oh no, is it that bar guy?" he questioned, pulling away to look at me. I was confident that my eyes were glossy and I was sure it was evident that I was completely smashed. I began to wonder if Niall was the type to judge.

"No, no." I shook him off, scrunching up my face before it deflated into a frown. "I think I have the hots for Harry." I nearly cried, covering my face and leaning up against the wall near the bathroom. Niall was right at my side, his hand on my shoulder as he laughed.

"What?" he gasped, unamused. "Love, who doesn't? Really. He's a good lookin', cheeky fella. You'd have to be mad to not have the hots for him." Hearing his words, I let my body slide down the wall, completely forgetting that I was wearing a mini dress. With my legs bent, I folded my arms over my knees and hid my face in them.

"Stupid. It's so so stupid." I shouted, not knowing if Niall had even heard me. Whimpering almost pathetically, I tried my hardest to focus on the tidbit of soberness that I could feel inside of me and pull myself together. I tried to lasso in all of my emotions, hoping I'd remember not to do three consecutive shots of Jack ever again.

Feeling maybe 5% better than I had before I decided to sit, I looked up to see that Niall was nowhere to be seen. Quickly glancing around, I yelped when I saw Harry sitting beside me, his eyes staring back at me. I immediately began to swat away at him.

"Stop. Doing. That!" I squawked, hopelessly pushing him away. I closed my eyes and shook my head, expecting to open them and see Niall beside me instead.

"Doing what? I'm only trying to help you!" he responded, his Cheshire accent filling my ears. My eyes shot open and my brain finally alerted me that it was the real Harry who was sitting beside me. I closed my eyes and put a hand to my forehead. "You are completely smashed." he stated in amusement. I opened my eyes and glared at him, only to see him smirking. It was adorable.

"Yes." I stated simply, squinting my eyes, staring over at him. It wasn't until that moment when I noticed how close he was sitting, and how I was nearly leaning up against his side.

I then began to wonder what his lips would taste like if I touched them with mine. I wondered if I would end up losing my balance and end up tipping over if I attempted to swing my leg over his lap to straddle him. My dress would have to be shimmied up a bit, exposing more of my already bare thighs, but luckily I had shaved everything, so his hands would easily be able slide up my soft and tender skin without a second thought. I'd probably start kissing his neck first before drowning in his delicious cologne. But by the time his hands worked beneath my dress and to my panty-line, I would already have made a lovely, moist mark suckle on his neck. He'd probably start stiffening up -

"Daph?" Harry snapped his fingers in front of me, pulling me out of my ridiculous daydream. I locked my eyes on his, feeling the color rush to my cheeks. "If I didn't know any better, you were undressing me with your eyes." he stated, his lips turning up slightly as he chuckled.

"And that is where I start to sober up." I stated confidently, scolding myself as I still felt the dizziness in my mind. I might have been incapable of standing and walking back to the booth all on my own, but my thoughts of doing anything with Harry were being controlled my the tiny bit of saneness that was inside of me. I was not going to peruse this hidden desire.


 I was SUPER BORED so I decided to write a new chapter!

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