Take Me Home (A Harry Styles Fanfic)

Daphne was on her way home from the shops when she noticed a bit of conflict outside someone's home.
While attempting to break up a fight between two girls, Daphne was injured herself.
Who would've thought that a little bloody nose could go such a long way?...


5. Chapter 5

My fingers picked and twirled at the dark blonde curls that flowed over my shoulders. I shook my long bangs out of my eyes before I stared back at my reflection, convincing myself that the saying 'less is more' was actually accurate. And by that, I meant makeup; not clothes. Though I was looking forward to stepping out into the club scene and having a good time, I knew better. My snug, black mini dress accented my curves, showed a decent amount of leg, and even a tad bit of cleavage; but still keeping it classy. And though I would never admit it out-loud, a tiny part of me hoped to impress Harry.

Before I knew it, the doorbell echoed throughout the house. Taking one last satisfying glance at the mirror, I grabbed my black clutch off my dresser and spritzed myself with perfume before hurrying out of my room. Though my open-toed stilettos slowed my pace as I made my way down the stairs, I took a couple of moments to regain my composure. I didn't want Harry to know how desperate I was to get out of the house and mingle with society. I was really only looking forward to the free drinks, or so I kept telling myself.

"I'm surprised you're ready to go on time." Harry stated, his eyebrows raised in amusement after I opened the door. I forced a smile, turning away from his tamed curls and fitted blazer as I stepped outside, locking the door behind me.

"Likewise." I raised my eyebrows before passing him and making my way down the walkway, trying to ignore the fact that I just walked through a cloud of his fresh cologne. There was a limo waiting at the end of the pavement, which instantly began to deflate my confidence level. I completely forgotten that I'd be meeting his friends; the rest of his heart-throb band.

As I reached for the door handle, I was startled when Harry hurried before me, grabbing it and pulling it open himself. After I smiled a silent "thank you", I bent down and climbed into the limo, unintentionally flashing whoever was inside a clear view of my cleavage. I quickly sat down in the closet seat available, straightening out my dress before looking up to see four other guys staring back at me. Feeling a bit embarrassed and put on the spot, I forced a smile.

"Hi, I'm Daphne." I introduced myself, my eyes scanning the others. Luckily for me, I already knew their names and faces and was able to avoid the awkward pressure to memorize them during a night that I knew I was going to forget in the end. They all ended up introducing themselves anyway.

"So, Harry tells me that you need a few lessons on blocking?" Louis asked. Judging by his tone it was a rhetorical question. "I'm not to experienced when it comes to boxing, but I know how to block my pearly whites!" he chuckled, his eyes glancing back and forth from me to Harry.

"Um, what?" I chuckled awkwardly, as I eyed him skeptically, not fully aware of what he was referring to. Though I had a slight idea, I was giving Curly the benefit of the doubt. This topic of discussion was not the best to start with when first meeting someone.

"Yeah, Harry told me about the little rumble outside of his house, the bloody nose. Those girls can be feisty!" Louis continued, his face full of life as he spoke. I stared back at him in awe, amused at how interested he was in the subject.

"Well, isn't that grand?" I questioned, forcing a tight-lipped smile before glaring over at Harry. "If Harry isn't careful, I might have to start practicing my punches in his direction, now won't I?" My eyes flamed up before, turning back to the others. I couldn't believe I was already starting out at a negative with these boys.. Who knew what else Harry had said to them about me. I was sure my new toy was involved somewhere in the conversation as well.

"Pardon me for being so forward, but are you two walking in together?" Liam began, his brows furrowed in thought. "Photographers are going to be everywhere, and you know how much the press is going to have a stir. Not that it effects me, really. I'm simply curious." I tried to keep myself from brooding, not wanting Liam to think I was troubled because of him.

"Yeah, Haz. You're supposed to be the one holding up the single image." Niall added, my eyes averting over to him as he spoke. He gave me a light shrug as I turned my head slightly to Harry.

"Well, I -" he began in response, before I interrupted.

"I'm quite capable of walking in myself, you know." I mentioned confidently. "And to be a bit honest, I'm not trying to be interrogated the entire night by walking in with the most wanted bachelor in the city." I side-glanced Harry, wondering if that was a hint of disappointment on his face that I caught.

"That does make sense." Louis reasoned after pausing for a moment in thought. "But no worries, mate! I'll walk you in." he finished with a wink, receiving a small smile from Harry. He didn't say much of anything in return.

The ride to the club didn't take too long. With Niall and Liam bantering back and forth, it was pretty amusing. We also had plenty of time to discuss and take bets on who would be the first to get drunk and make a fool of themselves. And as much as I had judged the group on being heartless, stuck up pricks, the guys certainly sounded like they could party. Embarrassingly enough, I was definitely looking forward to it.

"Let's dooo it!" Niall's booming voice exclaimed as he leaned forward and rubbed his hands together, the limo slowed to a stop. Outside of the tinted windows stood a sea of people; club goers, random civilians, fans and photographers. The thumping from the music inside could easily be heard over the immense chatter of the crowd and I found myself taking a deep breath.

Anxiously, Niall climbed forward over Harry and I and pushed opened the door. His smile beamed as he was the first to step out onto the purple carpet that lead to the main doors of the club. Sporadic flashes then began to light up the night, some even flickering into the limo. I found myself scooting inward more, allowing the boys to pass by and unload first. Liam was next, then Louis after he gave me a wink. I found myself looking over at Harry who stared back at me questionably. I ushered for him to go with Louis as Zayn finally scooted himself closer to the opening door, staring at Harry expectantly before he was finally dragged out by his other half.

"You're really going to walk in there alone, aren't you?" Zayn questioned, catching me a bit off guard. I simply shrugged as he shook his head. "I'm not sure they'd even let you in by yourself. Better safe than not, aye?" he smiled before stepping out of the limo and offering his hand.

Without questioning it, my hand latched onto his and I slid across the fine leather. Stepping out into the pavement, I was nearly blinded by the flashes as I adjusted my dress and gripped onto my clutch. It wasn't for a moment when I noticed Zayn had his arm extended, waiting for me to grab onto him. Smiling, I did just that as he lead me into the blaring club. Once inside, I tugged on his arm and leaned toward his ear.

"Thank you!" I shouted over the music before releasing him. I pulled back to see him smile in acknowledgement before pointing over to where the others were off to the side. Harry and Louis watched as we approached them. "Well, that was quite something." I commented, feeling that my eyes were smiling. Though nobody in the building had any idea as to who I was, the mass of hysteria outside was a tad overwhelming.

"So Zayn walked you in?" Louis questioned knowingly, though it was already quite obvious. I shrugged, not knowing if it had really mattered. "Huh." he then said in thought, shaking his head before clamping his hand down on Harry's shoulder. He startled him from the sudden movement. "Let's go mingle, shall we?" he continued, eyes wide in enthusiasm. I laughed and shook my head slightly in amusement as he trotted away from the group.

I found myself taking a deep breath, both my hands in front of me, clutching my bag as I looked at Harry expectantly. If I didn't know any better I would've said he looked a bit guilty. If he had really felt bed over my shift-in-attitude from the limo, he was sure up to par on his game. It didn't even take a direct confrontation for him to realize that he was in the wrong, and that meant tar Harry Styles had secretly gained a couple kudos in my mental kudos bank.

"What's a Purple Nurple?" Niall questioned loudly, interrupting whatever silent recognition Harry and I were having. We both looked at him questionably before he continued. "I saw it on on the tele the other night. Let's go try it out!! Come, come!" he clapped his hands enthusiastically, then waved for us to follow him. Chuckling and stealing a glance at a smirking Harry, we both followed Niall through the crowd.

"Uh, three Purple Nurples, please." Harry ordered, leaned forward on the counter so the bartender could hear. The buff man stared back at him skeptically for a moment, almost as if he were contemplating on serving him. Or maybe it was just the order that threw him off? I thought Purple Nurples were for girls.

"I've been trying to get these lads to try it, on a dare." I found myself leaning over the bar next to him, smirking as cutely as I could without trying too-too hard. I then flickered my eyes over to Harry, nodding my head. "This one won't touch anything girly." The man's face softened after I caught his eye, nodding before disappearing to make the drinks.

"We keep you forever. Hazz has no say." Niall stated with a solid head nod. "It sometimes is a pain to get served in places. Ya'know, with our babyfaces and such." he grinned over at me, I found myself chuckling.

"We'll see about that one." I replied honestly, looking over at Harry who seemed to be staring out into the sweaty crowd of dancing club goers and, I was assuming, their music people.

As welcoming as everyone had seemed, I tried to keep my mind anchored. I didn't want to become too attached, knowing how easily and often Harry and I butted heads. Sure, the banter was entertaining at times, but long story short, he was a band boy; becoming attached would just make my life complicated. Luckily, I knew I didn't have to be thinking during the night. It was time to have fun.

"Three Purple Nurps." the bartender returned with three iced glasses. I nodded a 'thank you' that was returned with a wink. We each grabbed our drinks and departed the bar scene in search of a booth.

There wasn't much talking as we made our way to the perimeter of the club. Harry's night vision spotted Zayn and Liam at a booth; we quickly made our way over to join them. I stepped up and climbed in first, making sure I hadn't exposed myself from my dress, and slid in next to Zayn. Harry followed in after me and Niall plopped down next to Liam. Everyone seemed to be having a good time.

"So what exactly is this event for?" I questioned, leaning closer to Harry so he could hear me. He finished taking a gulp of his drink before responding. I angled my neck and stuck my ear out so he didn't have to speak as loud.

"I don't even know. We're told where and when to go, and we just show up." I nodded in response, about to pull away before he continued. "Look, I'm sorry about what was said in the limo. I told the guys after the night it happened. I really didn't expect to see you again." Harry spoke, showing a sensitive side that I didn't know he had.

"It's fine." I responded, still trying to ignore the tidbit of embarrassment I felt in the limo. I took a long couple gulps of my drink before setting down an empty glass on the table. Even though it wasn't a big deal, I really didn't want my mind to be strung up on anything for the rest of the night, though I was finding Harry's presence a little too comforting.

"That was horrible, by the way." Niall announced setting his empty glass on the table as well, noticing mine and Harrys. "Ah, 'nother round I see?" he happily noted, snatching up the glasses and disappearing. I glanced around the table questionably.

"He's always like that." Zayn noted. "He's always the last to go down, too. He'll be bouncing off the walls until four in the morning." he finished, shaking his head.

"Excuse me for being so forward, it's really nice to be here and all, but what exactly do you guys do at these things?" I found myself asking, doing my best to avoid the awkwardness of being a the new girl and becoming the weight of the group. I wanted to get drunk, but without looking to desperate.

"Drink. Dance. Maybe find a lady." Zayn stated casually, shrugging his shoulders. I nodded. "Normally Harry is the babe and reins the cattle, but he's, you know, tonight." he motioned at me. I wasn't sure if I should question him referring to girls as cattle, or him pairing me with Harry. I mean, he did as me to go with him, but I wasn't his date or anything.. It wasn't like I was there withhim, was I?

"Well, I'm flattered and all, but there's no need to change the routine for me!" I found myself laughing lightly, turning to Harry. "I mean, go do your thing! Don't let me hold you back. I don't want to be that girl who you have to tip toe around all night." I felt my own smile stale over as Harry stared back at me oddly.

As if on cue, Niall returned with an entire tray of shoot glasses. Nearly a dozen, tiny glistening glasses were places on the table between the five of us. My eyes widened, looking over at the blonde menace in awe.

"How on Earth did you manage to pull that off?!" I exclaimed, not bothering to ask as I snatched up one of the shots. The others followed suit, but also awaited an explanation. Sure, Niall was a looker, but it was evident from before that the bartender wasn't feeling him.

"Oh, I gave the bartender your number. He's gon' give you a call later." he grinned, raising his shot in the air. "To Daphne!" he exclaimed. The others laughed before all joining in a salute to me before downing the raw liquor. Wide eyed, I glanced back at the bar to see the buff man give me a nod of acknowledgement.

It finally dawned on me that Niall didn't even had my number, and knowing his quirkiness, it had to have been a fake. I finally laughed before throwing the shot back, the liquid burning as it slid down my throat. I hissed back before grabbing another, throwing that one down just as quick. I was ready to get buzzing. It was going to be a fun night.



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