Take Me Home (A Harry Styles Fanfic)

Daphne was on her way home from the shops when she noticed a bit of conflict outside someone's home.
While attempting to break up a fight between two girls, Daphne was injured herself.
Who would've thought that a little bloody nose could go such a long way?...


4. Chapter 4

Saturday mornings were my favorite. I got to sleep in, be lazy and sit around the couch in my pajamas all afternoon. I normally had the house to myself, so prancing around in tiny shorts and a skimpy tank was acceptable. Occasionally Sara would stop by and we'd have a girls day just sitting around and watching movies, but she was out at the market picking up a few extra hours, leaving me all on my lonesome.

It was nearly half 1 when I heard a swift knock at the door. Startled, I sat up from the couch as my mind shifted into panic mode. Both my parents were away on business, Sara normally just let herself in and I didn't really have any other friends, so my mind simply narrowed it down to aliens. There had to have been an alien knocking on my door. Either that, or there was someone else there to abduct me.

Approaching the deadbolt with ease, I cursed to myself about not having a peep-hole before clicking the lock and cracking the door open. Peeking out, I noticed a familiar curly head standing on my front porch, a plastic covered container in his hands as he blankly looked back at me.

"Is this going to be an every-other-day thing or something?" I questioned, sounding a little displeased as I opened the door all the way. I would've much rather had it been an alien.

"I sure hope not." his deep voice replied as he scrunched his eyes at me, holding out the container. "My mum told me to bring this to you. It's leftovers from last night's supper."

"Thanks." I replied, taking the container with a tiny smile, feeling a tad bit guilty for coming at him so early on. Just a tad, though. "Tell your mum that I really appreciate it."

"Mhm." he nodded slightly, his eyes darting back up to my face once I caught them drifting. Oddly enough, I began to feel a bit self conscious standing in his presence, feeling the invisible, awkward fog quickly entrapping us.

"Urm, did you want to like... stick around? Or should you get going?..." I questioned, not knowing what I had done to be dragged into such an awkward situation. It was my lazy Saturday afternoon. Being interrupted by a boy from a famous band hadn't been on my agenda for the day.

With that being said, Harry took it upon himself to walk past me and into my house, making his way into the living room to where the Hangover was playing on the television. I rolled my eyes before shutting the door and taking the food into the kitchen. I really wasn't sure what I was getting myself into.

Reluctantly returning to the living room, I crossed my arms over my chest as I locked eyes with Harry who was lounged comfortably in my spot on the couch. I narrowed me eyes as he smiled cheekily back at me.

"Well, since you've already made yourself at home, some weirdo just dropped off some food if you're hungry." I started, trying to keep my lips from curving in wit. "It's in the kitchen. You can help yourself." I continued as his blank gaze ate away at me. His jaw hung open slightly before he shook his head, looking disappointed.

"You are so mean." he sighed, looking toward the TV. I chuckled, taking a seat on the couch opposite from. I didn't get too comfortable though, since I knew myself well enough that I'd soon be heading upstairs to get changed. It wasn't every day where I felt comfortable lounging around in my old shorts around a cute boy.

Without excusing myself, I swiftly made my way to the stairs, skipping two at a time as I went up, hurrying to my room before closing the door behind me. My eyes glanced around, wondering if I'd have better luck finding something in my dresser or from my closet. Finding a gently used shirt hanging off the edge of my circle, cushion chair, I peeled off my tank top before slipping the simple, solid v-neck over my head. Turning around, I early screamed as I saw Harry standing in the doorway, leaning against the frame with a smirk.

"Manners!" I hopelessly shouted, feeling my heart jolt inside of my chest. "Don't you have any?" my words were hard, but only to cover up the fact that his presence had completely startled me. I somewhat expected him to mosey on up to my room eventually, but not so soon.

"I knocked, but you obviously didn't hear." he fibbed, his arms folded across his chest as he continued to peer into my room. It wasn't for a moment before he finally entered, taking a seat on my circle chair. I put my nose in the air before making my way over to my dresser, quickly deciding to squat down instead of bending over to reach the bottom drawer. I snatched up a pair of skinny trousers before turning back to Harry expectantly. "What?"

"I'd appreciate it if you didn't watch." I commented, trying to ignore the look of satisfaction in his eyes. I was almost certain he was staring when I fished through my dresser. I wasn't really sure how I felt about it.

Listening to him groan, I watched as he leaned backwards on the cushion, his hand clamped over his eyes as he faced the ceiling. Quickly, I removed my shorts and kicked them off around my feet before sliding the snug fabric up and around my bum, swiftly buttoning them before he had a chance to peak. I didn't bother telling him that it was alright to look. He looked rather cute lying there on his back. I then took it upon myself to toss a tiny pillow at him, it landing on his abdomen and causing him to unf. He jumped a little before sitting up on his elbows, his eyes narrowed at me. I found myself sighing as I took a seat on my bed.

"Why are you here?" I finally asked, pulling my legs up from the edge and crossing them in front of me. I stared back at him in interest as he shrugged.

"I can't just stick around and say 'hi' to a friend?" he questioned, sounding a tad bit offended. I laughed at him.

"According to what you said the other night, we aren't friends; isn't that right?" I challenged him, slightly enjoying his menacing presence. I knew that he was up to no good, but he had too much of a charm to kick out. There was something about him that I couldn't quite put my finger on, but I was liking it.

"No, no. Of course not." he quickly spoke up, shaking his head slightly and making his curls bounce. They looked all shiny and soft. I almost scrunched my face up at the thought as my mind wandered off on it's own. "I mean, unless you don't want to be?"

"I'll be your friend." I perked up with a confident nod. "I'd love to have real people as lawn ornaments. It'd be like having a bunch of garden gnomes, but they'd interact with you. Cause you know, if those girls find out that we're friends, they're going to start creeping me and stuff." I assured him, but he just laughed in response. I chuckled as well until his laugh faded out to an uncertain sigh.

"Can I apologize in advance?" he asked, his seriousness catching me a little of guard. I looked at him questionably. I became even more worried as he shot me a half smile, causing me to crawl off my bed and over to the window. Glancing around outside, I sighed in relief before turning back to see his smiling face. "Did you think I was serious?" he laughed, throwing the pillow back at me.

"Your fans are quite nutty. I'm really surprised no one followed you here." I said, not feeling guilty in the least bit. One of them had popped me in the nose! "But if they start to show up in front of my house, I will kindly tell them that you have a small penis and then dismiss them." I threw the pillow back as Harry choked back a laugh, his eyes wide as he stared back at me in disbelief.

"I beg your pardon?" he finally squawked back at my smiling face, the pillow flying once more, missing me and landing on the floor. I shook my head slightly, making my way back to my seat on the bed, ignoring the fact that he was displeased with my comment. "I can assure you that whatever I have can do more justice than your little toy." My jaw dropped.

"You and that bloody toy, I swear!" I exclaimed in disbelief, thoroughly fed up with the fact that he couldn't seem to leave my purchase alone. Annoyed, I stood from my bed and made my way back to my dresser, yanking open the top drawer and pulling out the infamous item. I spun around to face him, the hot pink vibrator in my hand. 

"Wow." he breathed out, expressionless as his eyes shifted from my face and to the toy, then back to my face again. Satisfied with the fact that I completely caught him off guard, I held it out to him.

"Since you like talking about it so much." I stated, wiggling it back and forth in front of him. He just eyed it awkwardly before finally shaking his head. "You sure? You seem to have a crush on it or something. You keep on bringing it up." His stare of uncertainty morphed within moments, his eyebrows flickering as he took the vibrator from my hand.

"I still stand by my statement." he said after a moment, examining my closest friend before him. Harry then clicked a button at the bottom, causing it to buzz in his grasp. He instantly exploded into a fit of laughter before I quickly I snatched it away from him, turning it off and tossing it back into my drawer. "If you don't believe me, I can show you." he commented devilishly after he had straightened himself out. I slammed my door closed and turned to him.

"Do you often try to smush with girls that your mum actually likes? Do you think that makes them more prone to falling for you or something?" I found myself asking, annoyance dripping from my voice. I watched Harry shrink back in offense.

"Wait, what?" he jerked his head in confusion, looking back at me, his stare more serious than I had ever seen. Not really understanding what I had said myself, I shook my head suddenly before turning away from him.

"Just... what are you doing here, Harry?" I asked, turning to him. "Are you here because you want to be, or are you here to please your mum?" I wasn't really sure what had come over me. I wasn't sure where the mood had shifted from playful, to serious as day. As much as I was enjoying it, I wanted to know his motives.

"Well... mum asked me to come, but I could've said no." he stated, eyeing me as I shook my head. "But I stayed because I wanted to." he continued, standing from the cushion. "I was only joking, really. I'm sorry if I went too far." I looked up at him, hearing the sincerity in his voice. I smiled weakly, still trying to figure out where my accusations had sprouted from.

I felt even worse as I watched him open his arms for a hug, really feeling like I had offended him in some sort of way. He was Harry Styles; he's had more girls than I've had handbags. I knew his games and I'd heard his stories. I wasn't about to be the next notch on his bedpost, as hot as that would be. I found myself approaching him anyway, allowing him to take my body into his arms. My arms wrapped around his back as his grasped higher up on mine, rubbing slightly for comfort. Judging by his hold, I could really tell how muscular he actually was, and it made him that much more attractive.

Harry hugged me for a long moment before he allowed his hands to fall, reaching lower down my back before they lightly grazed my backside. I quickly pulled away, swatting at him as a cheeky grin formed on his face.

"Sorry, sorry!" he cried between smacks. He then fell into a small fit of laughter as he backed up and collapsed on the cushion once more. Standing in triumph, I narrowed my eyes once more as he finally straightened himself out, sitting up on the chair. "What are you doing tonight?"

"Besides myself? Nothing, why?" I asked, watching as his eyes bugged out. I kept a straight face as he shook off my comment.

"There's this thing at this night club tonight, if you'd want to come with me." Harry offered, completely catching me off guard. "And before you ask, my mum will not be there, so you wouldn't have to act all innocent and cute."

"Ha!" I cackled back in laughter, my brain still trying to process what he had just asked me. Cute? What? "Are you even old enough to get into any of the night clubs in town?" I found myself questioning in interest, my eyebrows raised slightly. He casually smirked back at me.

"It's a band thing, so I'm required to be there. Plus, the guys want to meet the girl that my mum wants to adopt, so I figured it's perfecto." he kissed his fingers and separated them in the air.

"What?" I exclaimed in disbelief, my eyes wide as he began laughing.

"I'm joking. How could you think I was being serious?" he questioned, shaking his head slightly, laughing lightly at me. I furrowed my brow at him once more, actually debating on whether or not I wanted to go. Figuring that it'd most likely be VIP status, I'd be there with a cute boy and there would most likely be free alcohol, I was certainly in.

"What's the dress code?"


Yayayayay. Hope you liked it!!!! I'm kind of in love with this......

Where do you think it's going to go?! Where do you WANT it to go? What do you want to see happen?

Let me know. :) I'm looking forward to reading your comments!! They're my fuel to writing. xx






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