Take Me Home (A Harry Styles Fanfic)

Daphne was on her way home from the shops when she noticed a bit of conflict outside someone's home.
While attempting to break up a fight between two girls, Daphne was injured herself.
Who would've thought that a little bloody nose could go such a long way?...


3. Chapter 3

Nervously, I made my way up the walkway to Harry's house and knocked swiftly on the door. Given the fact that I didn't know Harry much at all, the night was doomed to be awkward. Add on the fact that I was going to be seated around a table with the rest of his family that I had yet to meet, part of me wanted to turn around and run away. But for some reason, the fact that his mother fancied me was enough to obtain my presence in the first place, I was actually looking forward to dinner.

I was pulled from my paranoid thoughts as the door opened. Standing before me was a beautiful, dark haired girl. She stared back at me expectantly, her eyes unamused as she placed a hand on her hip. I little taken aback, I began to speak.

"Hi, I'm Daphne. Anne invited me over for dinner?" I stated with a questioning tone at her emotionless face.

She stared at me for a moment longer before walking back into the house, leaving the door open. A bit confused and somewhat offended, I let myself into the house before shutting the door behind me as the fumes from the kitchen took over my senses. I noticed that the girl had disappeared from view as I followed the smells into the other room.

"Oh my, you're so early!" Anne exclaimed, wiping her hands on her apron as she glanced at the time. It was only six 'o clock, I was only a half hour early.

"Harry said you needed fresh garlic, so I figured I'd bring some by." I stated, holding out a tiny bag with a couple while cloves inside. Anne smiled as she obtained the bag from my grasp before giving me a hug.

"Thank you so much, dear." she replied, then made her way back over to the counter where she was originally standing when I entered. She continued to cut up carrot sticks, tossing them into a steaming pot on the stove. "Oh, Harry's up in his room, hun. You can go on up if you'd like." she turned to me slightly, giving me a tiny smile.

I mirrored her smile with a nod before exiting the kitchen, allowing my expression to fade once I was out of sight. Had she really just given me, a single teenage girl, permission to go into her beautiful teenage son's bedroom? Feeling that there was something a bit off in her offer, I decided to round the corner and make myself comfortable on the couch instead. Moseying on upstairs was like asking for an awkward situation to happen. I was already one for one for the night, I didn't need that number to go up.

Helping myself to the remote, I managed to turn on the television successfully with one try. The simplicity of the red power buttoned helped me out a bit, though I didn't bother changing the channel from the local news station that was already on. I decided to play it safe. I was never good at understanding other people's cable boxes.

"You're early." I turned at the deep, raspy voice to see Harry entering the room. He was wearing a worn-out Jack Wills tee with a pair of sweat shorts, looking comfortable as ever. I became somewhat jealous being as though I was still in my work pants and t-shirt. 

"I brought your mom some garlic, since you said she needed some earlier." I noted turning back to the television as Harry scooped up the remote from beside me, taking a seat in the armchair that was next to where I was on the couch. "So, um, was that your sister who answered the door?" I asked, still a little taken aback by the way she stared me down. It was like I was automatically shunned or something.

"Gemma? Yeah, probably." he shrugged, flipping through the channels. I somewhat pursed my lips, not really wanting to know any more. I figured she was just being overprotective of her brother and wasn't too fond of random people showing up at her home. "She just doesn't like fangirls." My jaw dropped as I turned to Harry, narrowing my eyes at him.

"I am not a fangirl. Haven't you noticed by now?" I spat, crossing my arms in front of me as I turned away from him and stared at the TV that seemed to change every three seconds. It was safe to say that Harry was a channel surfer.

"Could've fooled me." he smirked, causing me to look at him once more. He kept his eyes glued to the screen, not bothering to look at my displeased expression. 

Already becoming fed up with him, I stood from the couch and started back toward the kitchen. Harry then tipped his foot out in in front of where I was walking, causing me to stumble over it, almost falling to the floor. He snickered in laughter before I pegged him in the arm, continuing my way to the kitchen shaking my head. He was a complete and utter menace.

I ended up setting the dining room table for Anne, even though she insisted that I was a guest and that it was Harry's job. I enjoyed helping out. She was the one slaving away in the kitchen cooking dinner. Setting the table for her was the least I could do.

It wasn't long before the meal was ready and set on the table. Harry and Gemma gathered in the dining room and Harry's stepfather arrived home from work just in time to sit and eat. Luckily he was a happy, friendly man and the introduction wasn't too awkward. Anne introduced me as 'Harry's friend', which was reassuring since something in the back of my mind was telling me that she was trying to set us up. But I continued to wonder what I had done in the first place to even gain her approval.

"So Daphne, tell us a little about yourself." Robin, Harry's stepfather asked across the dinner table. I looked up from my plate where I was cutting my chicken and stole a glance at Harry who was sitting across from me. He just shrugged.

"Well." I began, taking a side glance at Anne who was at the end of the table to my right, then back over to Robin who was on my left. Gemma sat to the right of me as well, but she was awfully quiet and uninterested. "I'm 17, I live down the road, and I work at the market downtown."

"And I heard you tend to fight crime and break up fights on the side as well, eh?" he joked, chuckling at himself as Anne joined in. I laughed lightly before glancing up at Harry who was holding back his laughter. "Aspiring police officer, I see. What do your parents do?"

"They're both doctors. My mom works in the ER and my dad is a brain surgeon." I stated before taking a sip of my water. Everyone just kind of stopped and looked at me as if I were serious. When I shrugged my shoulders, they all kind of continued on, a bit impressed. It wasn't anything to be proud of, really. They were both rarely ever home.

The conversation through the rest of dinner was pretty mellow. I told them about the market and how I enjoyed baking. Anne made a note that Harry was a complete dunce in the kitchen and to not let him near anything while cooking. Gemma even spoke up and added how Harry nearly burned down the house while trying to make cupcakes.

'They were like burnt tennis balls.' she said, making everyone but Harry slip into a fit of laughter.

Once everyone was finished their dinner, I helped Harry and Gemma clear off the table. After piling up the dishes in the sink, I turned around and swiftly stepped over Harry's extended leg as he attempted to trip me again.

"Ha!" I pointed at his fail attempt as he narrowed his eyes back at me. With my head held high, I made my way back into the dining room to say my 'thanks' to Anne and Robin for having me. They both smiled back and insisted that I was welcome any time.

"Harry hun, why don't you walk Daphne home. Make sure she gets back safe." Anne called out as Harry appeared in the doorway from the kitchen at the sound of his name.

"Oh, he doesn't have to! It's only like a five minute walk." I quickly spoke up, really not expecting her to to volunteer him like that. I knew he'd be bothered by it, and I'd rather walk alone than have his annoying company. He was childish, and I didn't want to be tripped again.

"Sweetie, it's dark out there now! I'd rather have Harry walk you." she urged, Robin nodding his head as well. Hesitantly looking over at Harry for his reaction, he shrugged his shoulders before disappearing from the room.

"Thank you again." I smiled before heading out.

Once I got to the front door, Harry was coming down the stairs, pulling a hoodie over his head before pulling the door open for me. Exiting the house, the cool night breeze hit my skin as the chirping of crickets filled my ears.

"Allow me to be awkward for two seconds." I stated casually once Harry closed the front door behind him, following me down the walkway. "Is your mom trying to set us up or something?"

"Ha!" he burst out in response, causing me to narrow me eyes over at him. He relaxed his face to a smug grin before looking over at me, realizing that I was serious. He cleared his throat as his expression faded. "I don't know, really."

"She's absolutely lovely though. Maybe that's just how she is all the time, yeah?" I questioned, still looking over at him as we walked. He shook his curls out of his face in thought.

"No." Harry replied, shaking his head again before stealing a glance at me. "She doesn't make it a habit of inviting fans who fight in our garden into our home." Gasping in offense, I shoved his shoulder as we walked, sending him a couple of feet out of step from me.

"Don't flatter yourself. Not every girl in town is a fan of you, you know." I stated. "Exhibit A." I grinned cheekily, sticking my hands in my pocket as we continued walking down the dark road. I couldn't deny that he was extremely attractive though.

"I think it's only a matter of time." he sighed, pursing his lips in a tight smile as he shook his head. I looked back at him skeptically.

"Until what?" I questioned, eyebrows raised in question. "Oh, until my gag reflexes kick in." I laughed at myself, bending over to slap my knee as his smug expression quickly faded. "Come on, please tell me you're not that full of yourself? If so, then we can't be friends." I claimed, somewhat walking away from him in the middle of the street. I heard him huff.


"Since when were we friends? Last I checked you were my mom's new bestie." he corrected, his voice showing confidence. I didn't really have anything to say in return. "I mean, I know Ann Summers is your friend too, but I'm not judging." I felt my jaw unhinge.

"My God, will you drop the Anne Summers thing?!" I squawked, almost wanting to laugh at how it had been days and he was still hung up on my shopping bag. We somehow ended up back into step with each other, Harry only a foot away at my side. "It's obvious that you think about being thatfriend."

"What, was it a vibrator or something? Or some other little play toy? So naughty." he prodded away, a mischievous smirk on his lips.

"Pestering me about something like that should only make you wish you were my friend, Styles." I stated, trying to keep myself from enjoying the conversation. It had sparked in a completely different direction than where I had thought it would go. "I could sell this story to the paps, you know. 'Harry Styles: Wishes to be young girl's play toy.'" I joked, looking over to find Harry watching me in amusement.

"Only if we split the profits from the story, then it's a deal." he responded with a wink. I laughed, nudging him and sending him off step again.

"You're so bad." I mumbled, my mind really beginning to wonder where his own was. What was he making of this situation? How did he really feel about his mother inviting me over for dinner? Was there some sort of alternative motive? I stopped my mind from roaming as we approached my house. I stopped at the end of my walkway, turning as Harry stopped as well. "Thanks for walking me." I stated sincerely, watching as he nodded.

"I couldn't have you get stolen." he commented sweetly. I almost started to awe, but he continued. "My mother would be devastated." Instead of hitting him again, I narrowed my eyes before starting up my walkway.

"Goodbye." I grunted, my back toward him as I neared my door. I heard his stifled laughter behind me as I fumbled for my keys. He was a complete trip.









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