Take Me Home (A Harry Styles Fanfic)

Daphne was on her way home from the shops when she noticed a bit of conflict outside someone's home.
While attempting to break up a fight between two girls, Daphne was injured herself.
Who would've thought that a little bloody nose could go such a long way?...


2. Chapter 2

It was another long morning at the market, the lovely place that provided me with maybe twenty-five hours of work a week and quite decent pay. As much as it sucked to serve meats, breads and pastries all day, the take-homes at the end of the night were pretty decent. Mom definitely loved the leftover steaks and stuffed chicken breasts and those occasional cakes. She definitely was appreciative when she was home.

"I can't believe Harry let you into his house." my good friend slash coworker commented as she pulled out a tray of freshly baked cupcakes from the oven. It was only the two of us working the entire 'Goods 4 You' shop on a lazy Tuesday. Easy day without the bosses around, or anyone else for the matter. It was quiet aside from the soft, market music playing about.

"He didn't let me in; his mother did." I corrected her. Due to the slow service, I had no choice but to vent about how I managed to get a bloody nose over the weekend. Sara ended up snickering over at me, removing her oven mitts after she set the hot tray on the back counter. "Besides, he's just as much of a cocky prick as I always thought he was."

"A hot cocky prick." she commented, a devilish smirk on her face. I cringed before snatching up a damp cloth from the back sink and wiping off the front counter by the register.

It was nearly noon and the service in the market had yet to pick up. The only place that really got any of the morning/early afternoon business was the small coffee shop about three stores down. Across the way was a chinese place and next to it was an old lady who sold her homemade crafts. It was safe to say that the entire market itself didn't have much going on.

"The cheeky thing even peeked through my bags." I commented, obviously still caught up on the subject. Maybe it was because I couldn't breathe in too hard without feeling the soreness of my nose from being jabbed in Harry's garden.

"Oh gosh, don't tell me he found anything good." Sara replied, her tone questioning. I didn't bother looking back at her as I continued to wipe. "Daph, what could you have possibly had? It's not like it was an Anne Summers bag or anything." she shrugged off, looking down at her mini-masterpieces. When I didn't respond, she gasped.

"It was just a little toy! Nothing too extreme." I quickly responded in defense before tossing the rag in the sink. "Besides, I'm sure he's long forgotten about it now. I don't plan on seeing him anytime soon anyhow. What is he even going to say about it anyway?" Sara started giggling at me as she began to remove the cupcakes from the tray.

"So embarrassing." she shook her head. "I'm surprised you're alive to even be telling me this right now." I turned around to glare at her, her eyes looking up from the counter and past me. She then gave me a tiny nod, telling me that we had a customer. I then turned around to the front of the shop, noticing a woman at the counter, staring at the item listings up on the wall.

"Hi! What can I get for you today?" I greeted, approaching the counter and getting a good look at the woman. My eyes widened and my heart stopped for a split second as I instantly recognized the long, dark hair in front of me. Once her eyes met mine, her lips curled in a beaming smile.

"Daphne! Oh my, how are you? I didn't know you worked here!" her voice sang, clearly surprised to see me as much as I was her. "How is your nose? Are you doing alright?" Anne questioned in concern, her motherly tone taking over. I laughed lightly, smiling back at her.

"It's still a bit sore, but I'm alright." I replied honestly, casually glancing around behind her to see if she had brought her pestering son with her. The coast was clear and I found myself a bit relieved. "What can I get for you today?"

"Oh, I'm just here picking up some things for supper." she replied, still studying the menu hanging up behind me. I turned slightly as well, glancing up at it myself before looking back toward Sara. She casually motioned toward Anne with wide eyes and I gave her a tiny nod. Her face dropped and her eyes began to scan the market just as mine had. She was such a closet fangirl for Harry, I was slightly embarrassed for her.

After deciding on a few seasoned chicken breasts, a freshly baked loaf of bread and even an iced cake for desert, Anne still continued to stare up at the menu, debating on whether or not she had everything she needed. I insisted that she take all the time she needed to decide since the market was still deserted, but she still appeared to be a bit flustered.

"Well, I hope that's everything." she finally sighed, retrieving her wallet from her bag as I rang her up on the register. Happily giving her the 20% family discount, she nearly gasped when she watched her total decrease. "Oh dear, you didn't have to!" she stated, shaking her head slightly.

"Please, it's my pleasure! You helped clean me up the other day." I insisted, already clearing the transaction and handing her back her receipt. She smiled graciously as she accepted it, retrieving her bags from the counter as well.

"Say, you should stop by for supper later. If you don't already have plans, that is." Anne offered with a friendly smile. "I'd love to have you over, really. You can meet my daughter and husband, and even see Harry again!" she winked, making me chuckle. She was such a generous lady.

"Tempting." I replied, tilting my head a bit. She laughed at my thoughtful, sarcastic tone and I smiled back at her.

"Dinner is at half six, if you want to stop by." Anne finished, her face glowing. So lovely. "Thank you again, dear. I'll tell Harry you said hello, yeah?" she continued to smile before giving a small wave before going on her way. I smiled until she was out of sight, then turned to Sara with wide eyes.

"Did that really just happen?" I asked quietly as she stared back at me in awe.

"Did she really just say she'd tell Harry you said hi?" Sara questioned in return, her empty pan in hand. Her eyes were wide as she intently stared back at me. I scrunched up my face at her.

"What? No. That's awkward." I huffed, approaching and taking the pan from her grasp and heading to the back sink to wash it. "I can't believe she even invited me. For all she knows, I could be some secret fangirl, like you." I emphasized, flicking my stare over to her. She glanced at the ground for a moment, obviously guilty.

"Well then, can I go for you?" she asked, immediately receiving a stare of disbelief. "What? You really can't blame me for asking. It's not every day when Harry Styles' mum invites you over for supper."

"Nor is it every day when you get a bloody nose while trying to stop a fight in his garden." I added, soaping up the scrubby sponge in the sink.

"The fangirls must be going mad then, seeing you go in and out of his home. And if they're there when you go for dinner? I can't imagine." Sara began rambling, her voice airy in awe.

"Well, are you mad?" I questioned, a sly smirk on my face, referring to her as a fangirl. It took her a moment to understand, but instantly gave me a displeased expression once she did.

"You are awfully witty, you know. Practically perfect for Mr.Hot Cocky Prick." she noted as she fetched the icing for the cupcakes. "I say you go to the dinner. I mean, it's a free dinner. And are your parents even back yet from their trip?" I shook my head as I rinsed the soap suds off the cupcake pan. "Then I'd say put up with the awkwardness for a little bit, enjoy a home cooked meal, and then head back to your place and move on with your oh-so-lucky life." Sara faked a smile toward the end of her sentence, causing me to flick the excess water off the pan and over at her. She squealed and nearly dropped the icing holder before glaring over at me.

"Sorry." I grinned.

Another two hours had passed and I was finally on my lunch break. Lounging in the back room while munching on some crisps, I flipped through an old issue of Rolling Stone to pass the time by. Taking a swig of my Coke, I flipped through a few more pages before closing the entire magazine and sighing. I checked my phone for any new messages before sliding it back into my pocket in disappointment.

"Daphne!" I heard Sara call from outside of the break room. Feeling needed for once, I graciously stood from my relaxed stated and prancing out onto the floor, taking note at how spotless the counters had looked with the lack of service.

"Yes, madam?" I responded politely and obviously forced, flickering my eyes over at her before noticing the curly head on the opposite side of the counter. My eyes nearly bulged out of my head as I watched Harry staring down at a piece of paper in his hand. After a moment, he finally glanced up and over at me, his eyes widening back at me.

"You!" he exclaimed in surprise before his shocked expression relaxed into a sly smile. "How's your face?" he asked as I approached the counter, next to Sara who stood there simply watching us.

"Doing better than yours, I can see." I responded swiftly, smiling back at him as his eyes narrowed. Sara started to laugh beside me, but quickly stopped once she noticed Harry's displeased expression. She quietly dismissed herself and grabbed the windex from beneath the sink to start wiping down the cases. "Did your mom forget something, I assume?" I questioned, motioning toward the list in his hand. He scratched behind his neck, then handed the paper over to me.

"I dunno what any of these things are." he commented as I read the list. I glanced up from the lazy script in front of me to see that his eyes were staring back at me. For a slight moment, I became a little self conscious. I noted that his eyes were a lovely greenish-blue color.

"All she wants is another loaf of bread and some fresh garlic, which we happen to be out of." I commented, setting the paper down before retrieving a paper bag and fetching a fresh loaf out of the clear, glass case beneath the counter. "If she wants, I can stop by another shop and pick some up before dinner."

"Dinner?" Harry questioned, pulling out a small wad of cash from his pocket. I waved him away and he looked at me questionably.

"Your mum invited me over earlier." I shrugged, sliding the bagged bread across the counter to him, watching as he put his money away. It was just a loaf of bread that we'd probably end up throwing out once the day was over anyway.

"She didn't." he breathed out in disbelief, shaking his head slightly, mumbling something. I gave him a questionable look.

"Unless you'd rather I not come." I spoke up. "I mean, I'd hate to make a stir of all those girls in your garden." I fought back a smile as he chuckled himself.

"I think it's quite obvious that they can handle you." he commented, referring to my nose. I instantly dropped my jaw in surprise as he laughed. "Say, how is that toy working out for you?" he winked, causing my to roll my eyes.

"Oh bug off." I snapped, quickly becoming irritated with his presence. Harry then blew a kiss at me, as if to prove his innocence after making such a comment. I turned away in disgust, noticing that Sara was still watching intently, a bit star-struck that Harry Styles was standing there in front of her. I then began to wonder if she even heard any of the annoying things he had just said to me. "Can my friend get a picture?" I reluctantly asked, my voice flat as I placed a hand on my hip, my eyes still narrow. Harry smiled, looking over at Sara before nodding.

"Of course." he replied, his attitude completely shifting once she giddily walked over without a single word. She handed me her phone before hurrying around the counter and wrapping her arm around Harry; him doing the same. Within seconds of taking the phone, Sara returned, her face glowing. "So I'll see you at dinner?" Harry asked me, the bread in hand. I narrowed my eyes at home once more, still caught up on our previous conversation. "Don't forget to bring over the dessert." he winked again, causing me to groan as he walked off.

"I don't understand how you can be so infatuated with that prick." I grumbled, turning around and crossing my arms before looking over at Sara who was still staring down at her phone.

"Hold on, I'm texting my mom." she replied happily, completely ignoring me as her fingers clicked away on her phone. Rolling my eyes, I tried to get myself back into the working mood. My life was a joke. 

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