Take Me Home (A Harry Styles Fanfic)

Daphne was on her way home from the shops when she noticed a bit of conflict outside someone's home.
While attempting to break up a fight between two girls, Daphne was injured herself.
Who would've thought that a little bloody nose could go such a long way?...


15. Chapter 15

Dried tears stained my face as I sat on Harry's bed, a fleece blanket wrapped around me after having drained myself of every negative thought about my parents. I was still upset, but after a long, calming conversation with Harry, I was able to hold myself together. He listened intently as I spoke, as tears streamed from my eyes. He frowned with every snotty sniffle and didn't dare leave my side, except to make a cuppa.

"Here." Harry returned to the room, closing his door behind him. He held out a hot cup of tea to me before taking a close seat next to me.

"Thank you." I smiled, taking the ceramic cup in hand, my fingers grazing his. Though the circumstance was unfortunate, the static between the two of us was undeniable.

"No offense, but your eyes look immensely glazed over right now." he commented, my self-confidence slipping back down a level. I glared at him.

"I wonder why." I responded flatly, bringing the steaming cup to my lips as his gaze never left mine. Though I was completely aware that I had looked like a complete mess, I couldn't help but notice the comfortable look of satisfaction in his eyes. It made my stomach knot up, just his presence alone.

After leaning over and placing my cup on his nightstand, I turned back to Harry and grabbed his face. Planting an overdramatic kiss on his cheek, I wrapped my arms around him and put my chin on his shoulder, feeling a light stinging sensation in my eyes. Through all of our banter and arguments, the fact that he was putting up with my emotions and tears was a bit overwhelming.

Harry breathed out an almost inaudible chuckle as his arms snaked around my waist, immediately hugging me back. His presence alone calmed me down, and the simplicity of his touch drove me insane. I knew I wasn't going to be able to control it much longer.

It was a long moment of holding onto each other before Harry's grip draped a little lower, just above my backside. My heart that had just calmed down began to pick back up a bit as I felt him nudge me a little, his hand grazing my thigh before slipping beneath it and guiding it across his lap. Now straddling his waist, I slowly pulled back from the hug, instantly feeling the mood of the room shift into a smokier gear. His green eyes magnitized to mine and I froze.

"Smooth." I breathed out, smirking slightly as I watched his lip curl up as well. Both his hands were lightly rested on my thighs as my heart picked up speed. 

Once his eyes glanced down to my lips, my breathing stopped. Before his stare had time to make it back up to my own, I leaned in and kissed him myself, his moist lips feeling perfect against mine. I kept it soft, barely any pressure on him before slowly pulling back slightly for his reaction. Taking in a slow breath, his satisfied gaze met mine briefly before he quickly closed the gap again, his lips hungrily capturing mine.

Feeling as if my entire body had ignited into flames, I linked my hands around behind Harry's neck for better support. We kissed in long, slow strides as we felt each other and adapted. My heart and mind were feeling things they hadn't before and the reins were out of my reach.

I wasn't sure how much time had passed before I pulled away slightly, a light smack sounding echoing in the room before I rested my forehead against his. My smiling eyes mirrored his as our heavy breathing overcame the brief quietness between us. My stomach was completely twisted and I wasn't sure if my heart had even existed anymore.

"I'm going to bring you tea all the time." Harry breathed out, his face maintaining his dazed expression. I laughed lighted and rolled my eyes, leaning closer to him and hugging him once more. His hands more from my legs to around my back, holding onto me tightly in return. I couldn't think back to a moment where I had felt more comfortable with him.

"I don't want to go home." I admitted quietly, quickly speaking up before Harry ruined the calming moment. "But I do not wish to sleep with you."

"Ouch." he scoffed, only somewhat jokingly. I sat up and leaned back to look at him.

"I just like what's happening right now and I'd rather not over-do it." I responded truthfully, even though I knew I was fairly capable of stripping down and sliding beneath the blankets on his bed. "And because your mother is just down the hall and that's just wrong. I'll gladly take the couch." An airy chuckle left his lungs as he nodded slightly.

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