Take Me Home (A Harry Styles Fanfic)

Daphne was on her way home from the shops when she noticed a bit of conflict outside someone's home.
While attempting to break up a fight between two girls, Daphne was injured herself.
Who would've thought that a little bloody nose could go such a long way?...


14. Chapter 14

Having to clean the bakery was absolutely insane. Though it took a very plump hour to get everything back into order, I felt satisfied. We had the massive sale, things were pretty much back to normal between Harry and I, and I knew there was a long, hot bubble bath and hopefully food waiting for me at home.

Harry surprisingly accompanied me all the way to my front door. Though I tried my best to keep him from walking me home, he wouldn't let go. Since I had turned down his dinner offer, he wanted to make sure I wasn't fibbing when I told him I actually wanted to attempt a normal family-night with my mum and dad; I was looking forward to it. Though he didn't bother hiding his shocked expression, he ended up surrendering and heading home as the air outside began to chill.

Making my way inside the dimly lit house, I searched the bottom floor in hopes of finding my parents. I even checked the oven and sink incase they decided to have dinner without me; nothing. Quickly tromping up the stairs to check their room incase they headed off to bed early, I was faced with another disappointment. It wasn't until I had given up and retreated to my room, picking up a short, sloppily written note on my bed.


Your father & I were called back into work.
Sorry we left without a proper goodbye.
Love you! Mom & Dad

Dropping my hand and looking up to the ceiling, I tried my best to blink away the burning sensation in my eyes. Sure, I wasn't all that close with my parents, and yeah, they had been quite a bit of an annoyance showing up at the bakery unannounced, but overall I knew that all I really wanted was to be wanted. They were still my parents and I occasionally missed them dearly. I had actually psyched myself out for a crappy home cooked meal from my mother. I suppose you could say, 'It's the little things.'

Crumpling up the note, I collapsed onto my bed. The tears that had unknowingly built up over the past few months began to flow with an infinite supply. Within minutes I could feel my body breaking down with every emotion that I had pushed aside; neglect, emptiness, abandoned. Sure, I had strong front put up for quite a while, but for some reason I was feeling weaker than ever.

I wasn't sure how long I had been curled up on top of my unmade bed, but it was almost half 8 when I pulled myself together and changed out of my work clothes. Sniffling as I slipped into my track pants and a hoodie, I grabbed my phone and keys before quickly leaving the house, the cold air stinging my tear stained face.

By the time I had reached Harry's doorstep, my face was completely dry. Though I was pretty sure my throat was shot from my pathetic cry-fest, I semi-hoped the redness of my eyes could help me avoid any serious talking. If anything, I just wanted someone to be around. I didn't want to be alone.

"Hey." Harry greeted lightly, his face full of concern after he had opened the door. I stood there hopelessly before he stepped aside to let me in. "Are you -"

"I'll be fine." I interrupted him, forcing a tiny smile. I had my sniffled under control and put the lid on my tear-box. As long as I didn't have to talk about it, I was confident that I could hold out. "So, what'd your mom end up making for dinner?" I attempted to converse, taking a seat on the couch. Harry followed suit. 

"Oh, uh, she didn't end up making anything." he started, sounding pretty gloomy. "She's been sick in bed all day. Gemma's been taking care of her and stuff."

"Oh." I breathed out, clueless as to what to say in return.

"Yeah." Harry responded breathlessly, his eyes still searching mine curiously. I knew he wanted answers as to why I was there, but I wasn't ready to break down in front of him. My day had been eventful enough.

Instead of saying anything, Harry simply reached his arm out and waved me to come closer to him. Without a second thought, I moved over and relaxed into his side, wrapping my arm around his abdomen as he pulled me closer. Closing my eyes, I hid my face in his chest, unable to keep my breathing steady as I felt the congestion in my head building up again. I felt like I was a hormonal wreck.

"Sorry." I managed to mutter, the tears leaking through my eyes as I allowed my mind to think back to my parents. Why wasn't I important enough to them?

"Shh." he attempted to calm me as he slowly rubbed my back, comforting me a bit. If anything, it made me cry even harder. It was odd, but his touch alone seemed to kick my feelings into overdrive.

If it were anything I was disappointed in, it was myself. I used to have such a grip on my feelings, I nearly trained my mind not to care too much. I hadn't taken my parents' absence much to heart until Harry's mom showed me what it was liked to be loved. She was there every day for her kids; cooking dinner and socializing. She cared about their lives and she gave them attention; she gave me attention. Because of that, I became closer to Harry. I made friends with his friends. I started to become accustom to people's company after I had been doing so well on my own. It made me feel weak.

The fact that my body ached for Harry's touch was unreal. The boy was a complete tool and I had every single guard up from the beginning, but I still somehow managed to falter. Though I had a massive feeling that I was setting myself up for heartbreak, I couldn't help but take the risk. I didn't have much left to lose anyway.

I had officially fallen for Harry Styles.

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