Take Me Home (A Harry Styles Fanfic)

Daphne was on her way home from the shops when she noticed a bit of conflict outside someone's home.
While attempting to break up a fight between two girls, Daphne was injured herself.
Who would've thought that a little bloody nose could go such a long way?...


12. Chapter 12

Without sounding too conceited, I certainly considered myself to be a cupcake baking beast. Still, it was certainly an insanely massive task to bake 500 cupcakes alone. Ten seconds hadn't passed before I called every other employee at the bakery that had the day off; not a single person was available to help me complete the nearly impossible task. And I had done the math; it was going to take over 5 hours to bake all 500, and that was only if all the trays came out perfectly. And I was by myself, stressing out. I was bound to mess up somewhere.

Time passed by quickly enough and I was knee deep into the order with almost 60 cooling cupcakes waiting to be iced and decorated. Five 12-cup trays filled the ovens, baking nearly 60 cupcakes per 30 minutes. During bake time, I was frantically mixing more batter, making sure all the ingredients were mixed together correctly to avoid any setbacks or deflated goods. I had most of it under steady control; it was the occasional customer at the counter that threw me off track. I was beginning to go mad, feeling immensely overwhelmed. I'd be lucky if I happened to get 400 baked, iced and ready to go by 6 o'clock.

Hearing yet another chime from the service bell at the front counter, I turned my head slightly before adding the last ingredient into the automatic mixer and pressing 'start'. Wiping my hands on my dirty apron, I started toward the counter before realizing who the attractive curly haired boy was.

"Oh, it's you." I scowled, turning around and making my way back over to island. Harry walked around the casing, standing directly on the other side of where I was.

"I really need to talk to you." he started, sounding a bit hesitant as he watched me move around, gathering even more ingredients and measuring cups. I still had to make the icing.

"I really cannot talk right now." I responded exasperatedly. My mind and body were on a mission, and Harry currently was not on my list.

"Look, I just really wanted to apologize." he continued anyway, even though my back was now toward him behind the thin glass and shelves of muffins. "I just thought maybe-"

"Harry, seriously." I spat, quickly turning around to face him. "I only have 4 hours to bake, cool and ice 500 cupcakes. I really CANNOT talk right now." Hoping that I hadn't sounded too desperate, I turned back to what I was doing, my hands moving all over the place. "I'm literally here alone, no one is fucking available to come in and help me, and I have no idea how I'm even managing to keep up with everything right now!" I ranted my frustrations out just as the mixer beeped, signaling it's completion.

"I can help." I heard Harry offer cautiously. "I worked in a bakery before, remember?"

"Thanks, but no." I immediately shot him down. "Gemma said your cupcakes look like burnt tennis balls." I noted loudly, glaring over at him as he looked back at me wide eyed.

"What? When did she even say that?!" he questioned, clearly offended.

"I don't know, but she did." I said shortly, actually remembering exactly when and where she mentioned it. It was at the dinner table, the first time Anne invited me over for supper. It was weeks ago, and I just didn't want to seem like such a girl and make him aware that I remembered that kind of stuff. It would've made me look bad.

"Just let me help. Look at you, you're stressing out." he softened. Judging by his tone, I could nearly see his pleading eyes in my mind without having to look at him.

"Am not." I grunted.

"Daphne, you're going mad."

"I AM FINE!" I nearly shouted, wondering if anyone else in the market had heard. Feeling a tad embarrassed, I was almost positive they had.

I found the tension that had built up in my shoulder loosen as I noticed that Harry had disappeared from the other side of the casing. Feeling accomplished and satisfied that I had won, I nearly jumped when I turned around to see him directly behind me on the employee side of the counter. Dumbfounded, I watched as he put on an apron, shooting me a cheeky grin.

"I'm helping you and that's the last I want to hear of it." he stated boldly. "I know you're pissed at me, and we don't have time to talk about it, but I'm still going to help you bake these cupcakes for whatever moron is begging to be put under a sugarcoma."

Speechless and in desperate need for an extra pair of hands, I didn't bitch and throw a fit like I instinctively would have liked. Instead, I handed him a recipe card. It wasn't clearly legible, but if you flicked the powdered sugar off of it, it'd be fine.

"That's for the icing, which I need to make now. That recipe is enough for 30, but you need to double it as you make it to make 60. We're going to be making various batches of this to cover everything." I stated, taking the reins of the situation. For the current moment in time, Harry was my bitch and it was extremely amazing.

"Got it." he responded simply, looking down at the list. "Where's the sugar?" he asked, looking over at me as I retrieved the freshly mixed cupcake batter.

"Everything you need is already out and taking up counter space somewhere; you just have to look." I told him, already feeling the tension in my shoulders loosening up a little. I just tried my best to stay focused on the task at hand, and not how adorable Harry looked in that apron.

We worked separately for a good chunk of time. I took out yet another batch of baked cupcakes from the oven and set them to the side to cool, quickly replacing them with fresh batter-filled tins. Even though I would normally bake the entire order and then ice them all at once in the end, I couldn't this time since it was such a massive load. The process was nearly divided up, making it a bit frustrating having to repeat the same steps over and over again.

The service bell chimed, two times more than I had liked. I literally froze, nearly rolling my eyes before Harry quickly spoke.

"I'll get it; keep going." he stated, his reassurance oddly relaxing me once more. Exhaling, I continued lining up the hot cupcakes on the counter in perfect rows, prepping them to be iced. "Uh, Daphne? They want you. . ."

Shifting my curious eyes over at him, I paused for a moment in thought before wiping my hands and rounding the corner. My eyes wide, I had to blink a few times to make sure I was seeing correctly.

"Mom? Dad?" I asked in disbelief, slowly slipping under the counter and giving them each a hug. They both smiled at me. I hadn't seen them in weeks. "You didn't call to say you'd be coming home." I said, thrown off by their company. Yes, they were my parents, my flesh and blood, but they really weren't the best "parents", if you catch my drift.

"One of your father's major surgeries got cancelled, so we had 48 hours to spare. -Oh, it's so good to see you sweetie." my mother pulled me into another hug, two squeezes away from over-doing it.

It was safe to say I was a little bitter. I wasn't sure what kind of reaction they were expecting me to have. It had been weeks, and what, had they expected me to shower them with love because they randomly decided to come home? I would've slapped a bet down on the table that I would probably only see them once (maybe twice) within the two days.

And just like that, they were gone as quickly as they had come. A mere five minutes of being showered with, '-insert random city here- was great' and 'there were so many complicated surgeries we conducted ' to only be left once again while they ran off to do only God knows what. I suppose they felt they had to get their 'parenting' time in first before being able to enjoy the rest of their Sunday.

Oh, hey. Yeah, your daughter with the 500-count cupcake order is loving life. Thanks for asking.

I returned back to where I had been before the random interruption, continuing my rows before glancing up and catching Harry's stare. He looked back at me questionably as I kept my face emotionless.

"What?" I asked, quickly grabbing another package of paper cupcake holders and refilling the tins.

"And those were your parents that you haven't seen in forever?" he asked, almost stating. I could tell that all he was waiting for was confirmation. I simply nodded. "Well, they seem. . .loving." he mentioned, his eyebrows knitted in thought. It was obvious that I wasn't the only one thrown off by how my parents were.

"I'm used to it." I shrugged, releasing a long sigh as we both continued working. It was evident Harry had caught onto how my mood shifted into an even lower gear, but I knew he was saving his questions for later. I frowned, realizing I had probably scared him enough with my assertiveness and drive over the fucking cupcakes. But he had every right to think so; I was a ticking time-bomb.

Once again, we went back to working separately which gave me a moment to get lost in all my thoughts. Believe it or not, my parents weren't even the star topic of my brain; it was Harry. Since he had showed up at the bakery, he had been nothing but helpful and sweet to me. All he was there to do was talk about Friday night, but yet here he was helping me with this insane task, even though I had been nothing but a jerk to him. The guilt was beginning to pile up.

"Look, Harry. I'm really sorry." I randomly started, stoping everything I was doing to look over at him. He looked up from the second bowl of icing he was concocting. "The other night at your party, I should've never followed you and Janice into the pool. I was being such a drunken cock-block and I'm really sorry." his eyes were locked onto mine as I spoke. I could tell he wasn't really expecting such a sudden confession. "But, I'm not apologizing for the Zayn thing."

"You just. . .really threw me off that night, that's all." Harry replied, putting down the bowl he had hugged under his arm. I didn't blink as I stared back at him, a confused expression clearly displayed on my face. I wanted him to continue. How had I thrown him off? "You really don't remember what you told me last week, do you?"

"Last week?" I questioned, my mind taking a massive backtrack into my memory bank. I had no idea what he was going on about. "When did I say this? And where was I?"

"It was when we were in the limo; I was taking you home from the club." Harry continued, eyeing me in wonder if I had caught on yet. I didn't have any recollection of getting home at all. "You were drunk mumbling seriously about everything, like you were having an argument inside of your own head or something." I face-palmed myself right then and there in embarrassment. My heart rate had even quickened, wondering what in the world I had even said to him. "Kept saying that you and me could never happen, ever."

"And you listened to me?!" I nearly squawked in disbelief, more at myself than anyone else. "I was drunk. Oh my gosh." I felt my cheeks heating up in embarrassment. I couldn't even imagine what else I had said to him.

"Drunken mind speaks a sober heart, right?" he added with an uneasy chuckle. All I could do was stare back at him with my mouth hanging open. "That's why I didn't bother telling you I was leaving the next day; I wanted to give you your space."

"The drunken mind shit is crap." I said before covering eyes, still trying to process what he had just told me. "Oh gosh, what else did I say? Why didn't you tell me this before? This is so bad. . ." 

"Well. . ." he began, his tone shifting slightly. I finally pulled myself together enough to look over at him, a sly grin slowly creeping on his face. "You said -"

"You know, I don't even want to hear it." I cut him off, my hands extended in the air. Judging by the look in his eyes, I could tell his mind was up to no good.

If I even had said anything provocative that night, my little attempt in the pool would've been equivalent to an open invitation. He would've jumped on it, and he didn't. Therefore, I felt as if I was in the clear. I wanted him then, and I still wanted him now.

"But you and Zayn. . ." he continued, his tone questioning. I frowned at him before my eyes hardened into a glare.

"Nothing is happening with me and Zayn. . .He was just like. . .a comfort thing." I found myself admitting, feeling a little guilty. Though, it was quite obvious Zayn knew about my feelings for Harry. Not to mention, we had an understanding about just having someone there with nothing attached. 

"Comfort thing?" I shrugged my shoulders in response.

"Girls get lonely, you know." I justified, taking the turn in conversation as an opportunity to continue working. We didn't need to delay the order any longer than my parents already had.

"I know." Harry responded confidently. "I've known since day one, when you brought that toy into my house." Gasping, I stared across the island at him, his teeth sparking through his smirk. "What? Have you named it after me yet?"

"Oh my gosh, I am so killing you after this!" I exclaimed, doing my best to hide my own smile. I would've began to think that the old Harry was coming back if I hadn't been the one to scare him away in the first place. Things were quickly molding back to it's original state, and I wasn't going to neglect my feelings this time around.


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