Take Me Home (A Harry Styles Fanfic)

Daphne was on her way home from the shops when she noticed a bit of conflict outside someone's home.
While attempting to break up a fight between two girls, Daphne was injured herself.
Who would've thought that a little bloody nose could go such a long way?...


11. Chapter 11

Sporting a baggy pair of sweatpants, an oversized hoodie and the fuzziest socks I own, I was curled up on the couch watching Crazy, Stupid, Love. featuring Emma Stone and the beautiful Ryan Gosling. Though Steven Carell was the main character, he wasn't really the one to get my panties in a bunch. Gosling, on the other hand; yum. My hangover was nearly cured within his first three seconds of screen time.

Hearing a knock at the front door, my mind was pulled away from the plot of the movie and back to reality. Assuming it was Harry, since he had nearly been the only other person in the world to ever come over and visit, I went into immediate panic mode. I wasn't even half ready to face him yet.

Taking my time to get to the door, I took a deep breath, mentally crossing my fingers that it was someone delivering a package that I obviously didn't order. Instead, I cracked open the door to see Zayn on my doorstep with a bag of my belongings.

"Hey." I breathed out in surprise and relief. He smiled weakly back at me before holding out the bag in front of him. "Thanks." I stated flatly, wondering if he had taken a vow of silence that I was unaware of. He simply stared back at me, as if he were unsure of what to say. "Um, you wanna come in, or. . .?" I trailed off, nearly studying his face. "I'm just watching a movie."

"Yeah, yeah." he finally spoke, walking past me and into the living room. I shut my eyes as I closed the door, ignoring the delicious cloud of cologne that I had just inhaled. Scolding myself, I returned back to the couch to see he had chosen to sit in the oversized armchair. I wasn't sure if I was disappointed. I kind of wanted to cuddle.

"Ah ha!" I exclaimed, pulling out my jingling set of keys that was placed inside of my boot as I examined my bag. It hadn't really processed that I left and entire outfit at Harry's house, but I evidentially had. I wondered what Anne was thinking about it all. "Thank you, again. . I, urm, left in hurry this morning."

"Oh, I definitely heard about it." Zayn responded, his eyes wide as he sighed. "I'd shoot myself if I had to hear it again. God, Harry was being the biggest prick." he unloaded, shaking his head slightly. "Like, I'm pretty sure the lad's gone mad. And not that it was a secret or anything, but I really don't know how he knew about us. . .making out."

"Ten bucks says it was Louis." I replied, as if it weren't already the most obvious answer.

"That would explain it." Zayn agreed.

"Regardless, I don't understand why he's so butt hurt over it though. It's none of his business and he really has no right to even be concerned. Who I'm involved with is seriously none of his business. Come on." I unloaded, completely neglecting the movie that was still playing. I had held in my thoughts and feelings all afternoon. I just felt bad to Zayn who was experiencing all the wrath.

"Yeah." he breathed out, pausing for a moment before rolling his shoulders. "Maybe he got jealous, I guess." I cocked and eyebrow over at him.

"Jealous? Yeah, I'd agree if he didn't make me look like a complete idiot in the pool. Like, wowthough. And to think I was actually beginning to like him? Or at least, thought I was. . .It seriously boggles my mind." I shook my head, my body still feeling the need to vent. "I mean, I actually thought he liked me, ya know? At least a little. I thought there was something there, beyond the bickering and bitching back and forth."

"I called it from the start, to be honest." Zayn added shamelessly. I felt my face soften in disbelief, wondering if he was being completely serious.


"Well, I mean, you two just seemed to hit it off. But then after that night at the club he just didn't bother." he stated. "I really don't know. . .And the way he acted in the pool was shitty. I got out and tried to follow you after, but the door was locked. ."

"Sorry." I winced, hesitantly looking over at him. "I just wanted to be alone. I was so drunk, and then emotional on top of that. It was just a mess. -Oh, and Gemma came down and found me." A wave of embarrassment washed over me as I remembered the situation almost to a 'T'. The one girl who intimated me the most witnessed my drunken, emotional state over her stinkin' brother. I felt like crap.

"It's fine." Zayn responded with a small laugh, noticing him shiver a bit beneath his letterman jacket.

"Are you cold?" I questioned, sitting up slightly on the couch. He hesitated before nodding.

"It's freezing outside, and that walk from Harry's was wretched." he noted. "His mum said it wasn't that long." Another wave of embarrassment hit me.

"How is Anne? I kind of. . .actually, I literally ran away from her." I confessed, still feeling horrible leaving her there in the doorway.

"When I left the bungalow to get food from the house, Anne had just finished making breakfast. She had your bag of stuff all ready and asked me to bring it to you. She said she was heading back to bed and couldn't do it herself." I stared over at him oddly. "She wasn't feeling well, I guess."

"Oh." I replied quietly, knowing I was going to have to stop by in a few days and apologize to her. Noticing that the movie had stopped playing, I switched subjects. "Hey, is there anything you want to watch? I can start another movie and then we can share this blanket, since you're cold." I offered, touching the warm fleece that I had been using before he arrived. I smiled as he nodded. "What do you want to watch?" I asked, standing and making my way over to the entertainment center. After pulling open the cabinet door, I revealed a massive collection of DVDs.

"You need to start having movie night or something." he commented, appearing beside me as he checked out the collection.

"I practically live alone. Every night is movie night." I chuckled, watching as he pulled out '10 Things I Hate About You'. Looking over at him, I shook his head. "Could you have picked a more relevant movie?" I commented, making him laugh.

After putting in the DVD and pressing play, I turned back to the couch to see Zayn sitting in the corner, the blanket in his lap and his arm resting along the back. Without hesitation, I sat closely next to him, sinking into his side as I covered myself up with the blanket. His arm then moved to around my shoulders, assuring me that it was fine to move closer.

I wasn't really sure why we were cuddled up together, but I wasn't going to be the one to question it. It was cozy, warm and comfortable and I hadn't seen anything wrong with that. Not to mention, just being that close with someone was comforting in itself; no strings attached.

'How do I loathe thee? Let me count the ways.'   -10 Things I Hate About You

Relieved that I had actually lost myself in the movie instead of losing myself in my own mind, I felt refreshed. I was still snuggled warm under Zayn's arm and the sun was beginning to set, darkening the room a bit. Slowly looking up at Zayn, I couldn't help but chuckle at the fact that he had fallen asleep, his chest steadily moving up and down as his head rested on his own shoulder. He looked pretty adorable.

Sitting up from my massively slouched position beneath his arm, he slowly stirred awake, blinking his eyes a few times before yawning.

"Sorry." he chuckled lightly, his voice raspy.

"It's fine." I replied, knowing he should be leaving soon anyway. I watched him as he checked his phone, shaking his head slightly before putting it away.

"Yeah, I should get going before Harry or someone shits a brick." he laughed, standing up from the couch and stretching. I walked him to the door and thanked him again for bringing my bag of clothes. He smiled and pulled me into a friendly hug before disappearing into the cold, leaving me home alone. Once again.

- - - - -

Finding my cell phone in my other boot would've been awesome if I hadn't had an ass load of text messages waiting for me. Most of them were reminders from Sara that I had the morning shift on Sunday at the bakery, which was why I was almost 9am and I was scrambling for the door. Late. It wasn't until I got on the tube when I got the most golden message of them all.

Oh yeah, you're working alone today. Shifts were cut. :('

Scowling all the way to the bakery, I nearly melted in relief when I saw the lights were on and the casing was partially stocked with the fresh, daily basics. Squatting down and waddling beneath the counter instead of lifting it, I made my way around to the office, almost running into Hugh, my boss.

"Hey kiddo, glad to see ya!" he greeted, whizzing past me before pulling one of the oven doors open.

"You too!" I sighed, unbuttoning my peacoat and hanging it up on the back of the door. It had completely slipped my mind that there was an earlier-morning baker who helped stock the initial casing for the day. I already felt my shift shortening with the forgotten company.

"Alright, so I just took a batch of cream puffs out of the oven; they need to be filled. In about 10 minutes, take out the other two trays; fill them as well. Then we need batches of blueberry, banana nut and cinnamon raisin muffins, but make sure they're not too done or they won't stay moist inside." Hugh rambled. Staring at him in disbelief, my eyes began to dry out at his massive list.

"What?" I asked dumbfoundedly as he began to remove his apron. My eyes followed him as he quickly removed the counter.

"There's a complete list in on the desk. You should be fine. I have a few meetings I need to attend to." he continued, completely ignoring my obvious discomfort.

I didn't feel like taking care of everything on my own. But it was apparent that my feelings didn't matter as Hugh cleaned himself up before leaving me alone. In the bakery. With a massive list of things to do. I was going to die.

It was almost 11:30 and I still had a batch of banana nut muffins in the oven. The island-counter, A.K.A. my workspace, was completely trashed and covered with batter and discarded muffin tins. It didn't help that there was a customer at the counter who rang the service bell as if she were on Jeopardy and dying. Too bad her franticness didn't add up to a single fuck for me to give.

I didn't even have a chance to wipe off my hands before the middle-aged lady started flapping her order a mile a minute. She was the first customer of the day, and even the loudest. It took me a moment to focus, trying to comprehend her fast words.

"Wait, wait. Did you just say 500 cupcakes?" I interrupted her, scrunching my face in confusion. My next question was going to be if she was on acid.

"Yes, 500! Did you not just hear a word I said?" she questioned hopelessly, nearly whimpering. "Our other baker completely just messed up our original order, and I need 500 cupcakes by 6pm tonight."

"You need them tonight?" I felt my insides turn into goo as the customer's eyes nearly flopped out of their sockets. "Do you know how expens-"

"Here, I will pay in advance." she cut me off, pulling out a thick envelope from her purse. "This is what we were suppose to pay the other bakery before they completely just fucked up." My eyes widened at her language as she handed me the envelope. "There's $1,500 there. That should cover it, right?"

Not believing the situation at all, I opened the envelope and flicked through the hundred dollar bills inside. Looking back up at the woman, her eyes were full of hope and desperation. I stared back at her, worried with question before nodding. Before I knew it, the woman had disappeared, leaving me with the most ridiculous task.

I was seriously fucked.

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