Take Me Home (A Harry Styles Fanfic)

Daphne was on her way home from the shops when she noticed a bit of conflict outside someone's home.
While attempting to break up a fight between two girls, Daphne was injured herself.
Who would've thought that a little bloody nose could go such a long way?...


1. Chapter 1

It was another lovely day in Holmes Chapel. The sun, slight breeze and 70 degree weather made the walk from the train was absolutely perfect. I had my bags in hand from my light trip to the shops. I held my head high, proud of my spastic purchases; a few new shirts from a cute little boutique that I happened to pass by, and then a special gift for myself from Ann Summers. I couldn't wait to get home.

I was really just a normal girl. I was in college, getting a degree in sociology. I still lived with my parents, though they were rarely home because of their jobs. I had a few close friends and I did things a normal seventeen year old would do. I had fun. I lived life to the fullest. And my home was only a block away from teen sensation Harry Styles.

I was unfazed though, to say the least. He was quite a cheeky fellow and was something that I just wasn't interested in. The fact that he had females of all ages hang around his garden while he was home sort of bugged me. While everyone's desire to have him grew stronger, he would become even more and more unappealing to me. He was cute and his curls looked soft and dreamy, but he was completely untouchable. I didn't bother.

Dreading the walk past Harry's home, I tried my best to look away from the mob that stood outside in his garden. There were nearly fifteen or twenty girls chatting about out front and Harry was nowhere to be found. Somewhat frowning, I found myself looking away as I passed by, the wind catching a hold of my long, dark blonde hair and blowing it directly in my line of sight. Attempting a subtle "Bieber Flip" to get it out, I succeeded before noticing that the decibel level of the girls instantly spiked. Looking over in curiosity, I widened my eyes as two girls proceeded to swing at each other, their friends quickly crowding around then as a complete brawl began.

There was screaming and shouting as two girls who only looked to be about sixteen started rolling around in the dirt, each one grabbing at each other's hair and slapping each other up a bit. I found myself stopping, looking to the crowd around them, wondering why nobody was bothering to stop them. I then felt my legs move beneath me as my body neared the commotion.

"Hey, girls!" I called out, trying to keep my voice stern. A few fans who were crowded around glanced over at me for a quick second before looking back at the fight. "Hey!" I shouted once more, closing in on them. The two girls on the ground continued to claw at each other, cursing and screaming back and forth.

Setting down my bags, I reached down and grabbed one of the girls from behind, pulling her to her feet in attempt to break them up. Still, they were attached to each other, arms flailing all over. For some ungodly reason, I thought it'd be a good idea to try and get in between them. Why? I had absolutely no fucking clue. I wasn't Jesus, I didn't know these girls, but no one else was doing a single thing to break them up. What, did they think Harry would actually come outside to see them if a little blood was drawn?

Just then, something collided with my face and I was quickly knocked to the ground. I immediately gasped, my hands flying to my nose that instantly began to burn. I cursed to myself as I felt a sticky, gooey substance on my fingers. I didn't have to bother pulling my hands away to look at it. My eyes then shot up in flames. 

A few girls around me backed away as I began to sit up, my anger soaring as the two girls continued to fight. I envisioned myself tackling the two of them and going completely berserk, but I didn't have a chance to even stand up before I heard a deep, husky voice shout over the commotion. Almost instantly the girls stopped and looked over.

"What are you doing?!" Harry exclaimed, approaching the crowd and looking over at them as they began to stand. I watched as he looked down at me, his furrowed brow quickly rising as he saw the deep crimson coming from my nose. Hearing a feminine gasp, I turned even more to see that his mum had appeared at his side. Awesome.

"Oh my dear!" she gasped at me in awe, then glared over at the other two who were covered in dirt, staring back them wide eyed.

"I only tried to break it up." I stated, my voice muffled beneath my hands as I finally stood. Holding my nose, I scowled over at the girls who seemed to be completely dazzled by Harry's presence. I didn't even know what to do at that point. I had blood dripping down the front of me, there was a mob of fans standing about, and here Harry was standing outside with his mum. All I wanted to do was go home and test out my new toy.

"Let's get you inside and cleaned up." his mum began, reaching out and placing a hand on my shoulder. I heard a couple girls gasp as I allowed her to lead me up the walkway and inside their home. Wanting to literally laugh in their faces at the complete irony of the situation, I refrained in fear that it would cause my nose to bleed even more.

"I guess this is the polite way of the higher power telling me to quit from meddling." I tried to joke as his mum sat me down in the kitchen. I tilted my head back, my fingers pinching the bridge of my nose as she fetched a damp cloth to help clean up the nasty red stuff.

"Those girls are usually quite lovely! I wonder what got into them today." I heard her sigh as she approached me, peeling my hands away from my face before she began to clean me up. I began to realize how sweet and caring she was being to a complete stranger, who was I to receive such treatment from a woman to didn't even know me?

"You know, you really don't have to." I began to protest, but she instantly hushed me.

"You're the injured one, my dear. Plus, I can't have you walking away from my home looking like this! What would it make others think?" she continued. I could hear the sarcasm on her voice as she continued to wipe up my face and I couldn't help but chuckle. Another moment passed before she pulled away, wincing at the stained cloth. "You can go on and wash your hands."

Standing and taking small steps to the sink with my head still tilted backward, I turned the faucet on and soaped up my bloody hands. I took the brief moment to myself and wonder how in the world I managed to completely neglect everything and anything Harry Styles, to being invited into his home by his mother with a bloody nose. I rolled my eyes at how ridiculous the situation was before slowly standing up straight and turning off the water. I heard the front door open and close as I dried my hands on the dish towel hanging beneath the sink. I then turned to Harry's mum as he himself appeared in the doorway.

"I grabbed these for you." he stated, holding up my shopping bags. I nearly face palmed myself right there in the kitchen, not believing that I completely left them outside. I immediately began to thank him, staring back and noticing that his eyes were a unique greenish/blue color. Useless fact.

"Wow. I'm awesome." I said flatly, quickly stepping forward and retrieving my belongings. I then smiled hesitantly, hoping to the aliens above us that he did not know what an Ann Summers bag looked like.

"The girls out there are mad, mum. I mean, look!" Harry started, motioning toward me.

"Hey, I'm just an innocent bystander!" I quickly claimed, raising my right hand in innocence. "I just got back from the shops and I was merely trying to break up the fight." I watched as Harry cracked a smile, his mum chuckling as well.

"We know, dear." she smiled over at me from the table. "Oh gosh, I'm Anne by the way!" she introduced herself.

"Daphne." I responded politely, standing awkwardly before her, my bags in hand. I then quickly wished they would disappear, or hoped that my phone would begin to ring so I could bail and finally get home.

"And, well, this is my son, Harry." she finished with obligation, Harry laughed and gave a friendly wave. "Where are my manners! Please have a seat, give yourself a moment to recover. Would you like a cup of tea?" Anne offered, her charm and friendliness putting me in a complete daze.

"Please!" I graciously accepted, taking a seat at the table once again, setting my bags between my legs and casually kicking them beneath my chair. I watched as Harry took the seat across from me, staring back at me with a look of amusement. I widened my eyes at him as if to ask him 'what?', but his sly smirk silently said it all. He knew exactly what was in my bag.

"How many?" Anne asked, her back toward us as Harry's smirk turned into a beaming grin. He must've noticed the pink on my cheeks as I stammered a response.

"Uh, um, two sugars, please." I replied, glaring over at him. Boy, was he living up to his cheekiness. He quickly reminded me why I wasn't a fan. "So, how long have they been out there?" I tried to converse, squinting my eyes away from Harry to look over at his mum.

"About half past ten this morning, I reckon. Wouldn't you say?" she answered, looking over to Harry in question as she walked my tea over, setting it down in front of me. I thanked her as Harry shrugged his shoulders. "Oh right, you were still in bed." she commented sternly, lightly scolding him with a wide set of eyes.

"Can I have a cup as well? Forgetting about your own son already?" he questioned, soundly mildly offended as he casually changed the subject. I let out a muffled laugh before slowly sipping my tea.

"I suppose you have your own set of legs, don't you?" Anne challenged, taking the empty seat between us as she sat with her own cup of tea. Harry looked back at his mum for a moment, unamused before finally standing up and making his way to the kettle. "Daphne, so tell me, you don't seem to be like the others." she started, intrigued as she stared over at me. For some reason, I found myself becoming a bit nervous. It was always something with people and their mum's that just caused me to becoming paranoid as hell.

"Well," I began, sliding a piece of hair behind my ear. "I don't quite fit the description of a 'fan girl', so to speak." I shrugged, just as Harry rejoined the table, his own cup in hand. "I'm more of a John Mayer/Jack Johnson type of girl. Plus I've learned to keep my distance with boy bands, after liking the Jonas Brothers." I heard Harry scoff from across the table.

"Sorry, sorry." he apologized, his hand on his chest, a small tug pulling upward on his lips. I narrowed my eyes over at him.

"Ooh, John Mayer! He's quite fit, isn't he?" Anne commented dreamily, sighing slightly. I smiled, then continued to sip on my tea.

"So, what'd you get at the shops?" Harry asked thoughtfully, staring at me from across the table. My face completely dropped as I looked over at him, his eyes devilishly staring back at me.

"Just a couple of tops. Nothing too special." I responded with a shrug, my legs wrapping around my bags beneath the table, making sure they were still there. "Don't you have fans you ought to meet with outside? They're obviously getting pretty rowdy. I think you should tend to them." I suggested, changing the subject. This time, it was his turn to glare back at me.

"She's right, hun. Gemma will be home soon, and I'm sure she won't be too pleased to come home with a bunch of girls planted in the garden." Anne attempted to joke, looking over at me as she laughed. Plant. Garden. Clever. I began to laugh with her.

"I should be heading home." I found myself saying, finishing my cup of tea. "Thank you so much again for taking care of this mishap." I started, my mind averting it's attention to the throbbing in the center of my face. I had been neglecting it since I entered the house. My mind had been focusing more on where I was and who I was with than the fact that I had just been popped in the nose.

"Of course, my dear! I was lovely helping you." she replied, a genuine smile on her lips. I shifted my stare over to Harry as he flickered his eyes back at me. He was oddly confident given the fact that I seriously paid no mind. Did he not take the hint when I mentioned John Mayer?

"Here, I'll walk you to the door." he offered, standing in unison with me before I bent down to retrieve my bags. I forced a smile at him before quickly softening it as I looked to Anne, thanking her once more before following Harry out of the kitchen. "You really aren't as innocent as you let on." he commented quietly, nearing the front door.

"I'd have to say that it's none of your business." I responded politely,holding my head high. Apparently Harry noticed because he quickly reached over and lightly flicked my nose. Gasping, I quickly covered it before instantly punching him in the arm. "Are you mad?" I hissed, noting that he was holding the spot where I hit him. His pained expression slowly crept to a smirk before I let myself out of the house.

Leaving him in the doorway, I made my way down the path as the girls outside eyed me like hawks. I completely ignored them, my head still high as I fought off a smirk, listening to their catty whispers as I made it out to the road, continuing on my initial trip, leaving the Styles' house behind me.

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