Love, Hurt, and Life's Other Problems

Life has so many struggles. This is about a girl named Kelly who is your average girl. She has made mistakes, been through hardships, and gotten stronger. Love sparks, friendships tear apart, rumors spread, life gets hard. She tries to stay strong, but words hurt..


2. A chance

Kelly's p.o.v.

"Kelly, are you ok?" Claire asked as I sat down. "Ya, it's just......" And I trailed off. A few minutes later I got a text. 'Meet me after school' it was Claire. "So Claire." Xavier said. Of course. "Do you have any plans after school?" "Yes, I have better things to do than hang with you." She spat back. She really didn't like him. To her he was a stuck up snob. I honestly don't know why I like him... I just love his hair, eyes and everything. Except personality. Everyone has that one crush, don't they? Anyways, I got up to throw my tray away and was tripped by Kylie, the meanest girl I have ever met. "Clumsy much?" She smirked. I just kept my head down and walked away. "Why do you let her do that?" Claire asked clearly bursting with fear. "I just turn the other cheek." I said as the bell rang.

*******after school*******

I waited in the spot where we always meet when we walk together. "Ashton, what's wrong?" She asked. "Nothing I am fine." I put on a fake smile. "What happened, cut all that 'fake smile' crap!" She yelled. "Shhhhhhh. Nothing's wrong I just am embarrassed. I fell in front of everyone." I said. "Ashton...... Show me ur hips." She said. Let me clarify. When I cut, I cut on my hips so no one would see. When she found out I showed her and now, every time she thinks something is wrong, she make me show her where I cut to make sure that I don't. I pulled the side of my sweats down to reveal the ugly scars. All old. "Fine..... Just please don't ever cut again!" She said. "I'll won't." I said. "You should give Xavier a chance." I said breaking the silence. "No. You like him." She said. "Come on! He really likes you! Who cares if I like him!" I said. "Fine, I will give him a chance..." She said. I don't need him. I will be fine with just claire. She is always there for me anyways.
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