Love, Hurt, and Life's Other Problems

Life has so many struggles. This is about a girl named Kelly who is your average girl. She has made mistakes, been through hardships, and gotten stronger. Love sparks, friendships tear apart, rumors spread, life gets hard. She tries to stay strong, but words hurt..


1. Lifeeeee

Kelly's p.o.v.

I walked into the long, wide halls. High school. I was instantly greeted by my friend, Claire. She was one of the people that could brighten anyone's day. Her smile really lit up a room. "Morning sunshine!!" She yelled. "Haha. Hi Claire." I said. "Woah! Calm down! All that excitement might give you a heart attack." She said sarcastically. "Sorry, I am just having more problems." I said as I trailed off at the end and walked to my first class, biology. I was a freshman taking an advanced science. Yay me. I sat down just as the bell rang and got out my book. As the teacher started his lecture. I tuned him out. I thought about the events of my life, as I usually did. Story time!! When I was in just fourth grade(yep I am going way back!) I was bullied. As a kid! I was called fat, ugly, and a reject. When I entered the fifth it got a little better. Sixth was great! And seventh was the worst year of my life. All the memories and new ones flooded my mind. Some people said that they were my friends and then talked behind my back. I learned to not trust anyone and slowly got distant. I started cutting myself and considered suicide and attempted on several occasions. I had never been hospitalized because someone was always around. That is where Claire comes in. Her mom and my mom were very close. I skipped school and my mom started asking her to ask Claire, who was in my grade and I sadly distrusted her, if I was different at school. Claire made her way into my life and learned what had happened. She helped me though everything. I stopped cutting and haven't attempted suicide or cut since then. I have such a better life because of her and thanks her whenever I think about it.

The bell ringing snapped me out of my thoughts and I shuffled out of the class. I made my way to my next three classes and they seemed to go by quickly. Lunch came and I sat where I usually did, with Claire, Xavier, Joshua, Michelle. I have had a crush on Xavier sine the eighth grade. He never noticed in that way I don't think. I just wish he even noticed me over Claire.

*****Authors note*******
This won't apply to some people but if it does and you have attempted self harm hear me out. Do you feel alone? Like no one cares? I care. God cares. He loves you, too. You can be influencing someone's life so much without anyone knowing. Trust me if you think no one will care, that your just taking up space, you are wrong. Someone needs you in their life. You might be one of the few things that keeps them alive. Your smile can change lives! So smile. :) love ya!
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