The Child

Jenny got pregnant right before her "boyfriend" went off to the X-Factor. Guess who this "boyfriend" is??..... Niall Horan from the famous One Direction. 3 years later she has got a baby girl wondering who her daddy is and just to make things worst she "runs" into this "boyfriend".... LITERALLY!


8. Whe-Where am I?

Jenny shoots up. As soon as she sat up her leg,arm,and head started to hurt. First, She looked down at her body looking at all the bruises, scrapes, and cast on her. Then she looked around the room realizing she is not in her room.
"What happen and Where in the world am I?" She said to herself. She sat there for a sec before getting up. Jenny slowly walked out the door trying to remember where she might be, after a sec of walking around she heard the most familiar voice in the world.... Skylar's. Jenny finally makes to what appears to be a kitchen and she sees 2 familiar faces and 1 unfamiliar. The 2 familiar faces are Skylar's and.... Niall's.
Niall looks up from his cereal, " Hey..."
"How do you feel?"
"Ummmm I have a bunch of pain but yea."
"Well you did have a pretty bad car accident." Niall responds looking away.
"Yea I guess.. Hey how long was I out?" Jenny asks
"Well you were out for 2 days." Skylar responds
"Also where am I?"
"You are in Liam and I's house." Skylar responds
"That is nice," Jenny looks towards Liam," So you are Liam?"
"Hello..." Jenny says awkwardly.
There is a minute or two of silence. Jenny breaks it with, "Where is Taylor at?"
Everybody goes dead silent naught one thing happens.
"I said where is Taylor?" Jenny asks again a little annoyed
Skylar, Liam,and Niall exchange glances.
"Well......." Niall says
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