The Child

Jenny got pregnant right before her "boyfriend" went off to the X-Factor. Guess who this "boyfriend" is??..... Niall Horan from the famous One Direction. 3 years later she has got a baby girl wondering who her daddy is and just to make things worst she "runs" into this "boyfriend".... LITERALLY!


3. What is your problem?!

All Jenny could hear is Niall's voice saying "Jenny we need to talk."
She soon realized she was late picking up her daughter. Jenny stood up, composed herself, and opened the door. Their eyes lock for a split second but then she runs past. Niall yells after her
"Where are you going? Could we please talk?"
"No and I am going to pick up our... I mean my daughter." She yells back.
"WAIT WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY!!!!" Niall screams
"I said I am going to pick up MY daughter from preschool!" Jenny yells back.
"No you said OUR daughter!!" Niall yells with rage.
"Yea and..." Jenny snaps back
"Since when did WE have a child..." Niall says gesturing to the air in-between them.
"If you would have picked your phone up 3 years ago you would know!!" Jenny screams while running to her car. She sees Niall run out of the building.
Jenny pulls away and starts balling while driving to her little girl's preschool.
She realizes this isn't over when she sees Niall's car pull up behind her in the parking lot of the school.
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