The Child

Jenny got pregnant right before her "boyfriend" went off to the X-Factor. Guess who this "boyfriend" is??..... Niall Horan from the famous One Direction. 3 years later she has got a baby girl wondering who her daddy is and just to make things worst she "runs" into this "boyfriend".... LITERALLY!


10. It was all just a dream?

Jenny shoots up from the bed looking around frantically. She is drenched with sweat and her eyes are watery.

She realizes she is in the same room as in the dream and has the same exact injuries. 

"Noooooo!!! This can't be happening!!" Jenny screams out.

She runs out the door to the kitchen "Please tell me where Taylor is RIGHT now!!" Jenny yells at Niall,Liam, and Skylar.

"Hey whoa what is wrong and your not suppose to be out of bed for another day." Niall says worriedly 

"I don't care just tell me where Taylor is!" Jenny screams at Niall.

"Hey Jenny chill she is asleep, and that is exactly where you should be too." Skylar says demandingly. 

"Oh thank god" Jenny says

"Ummmm I am confused.." Niall replies

"It's nothing I just had this horrible dream that.......Taylor......d-died in t-he car crash." Jenny starts to cry again.

Niall stands up and comforts her. "Shhhhhhhhhh it's alright princess."

Jenny slightly smiles at the old nickname Niall use to call her. 

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