The Child

Jenny got pregnant right before her "boyfriend" went off to the X-Factor. Guess who this "boyfriend" is??..... Niall Horan from the famous One Direction. 3 years later she has got a baby girl wondering who her daddy is and just to make things worst she "runs" into this "boyfriend".... LITERALLY!


6. Always There at the Scene

Jenny pulled out of the parking lot and started driving back to her apartment with Tay.
"Mommy where we going?" Tay asked.
"We are going to take a short plane ride to go see Auntie Skyler" Jenny answered her daughter.
"But why don't we talk to daddy?" Taylor asked
"I don't know."
"But I weally want to talk to him mommy" Taylor says obviously tearing up.
Jenny doesn't know what to say. She is debating on talking to him.
"I mean he never really meant to hurt us" She says to herself looking back at Taylor and realizing she needs a dad.
"Taylor how would you like to meet your dad?"
"I would wuv to mommy!!" Taylor screams.
Causing Jenny to swerve and hit an icy patch and slamming with another car making Jenny's car flip 2 times.
The last thing Jenny remembers is seeing a blur of blond... Before she blacked out.
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