The Child

Jenny got pregnant right before her "boyfriend" went off to the X-Factor. Guess who this "boyfriend" is??..... Niall Horan from the famous One Direction. 3 years later she has got a baby girl wondering who her daddy is and just to make things worst she "runs" into this "boyfriend".... LITERALLY!


1. Introduction

Jenny HAD a bestfriend, Niall Horan. 3 years ago right before Niall went off to audition for the X-Factor, the class threw a party for him. Jenny and Niall went together. Niall happened to be dared to do 7 minutes in heaven with Jenny. They were both drunk and didn't know what they were doing until he left and Jenny started to get sick at random times. She found out later that she was pregnant with her bestfriend's baby.
Jenny tried calling and texting Niall but he never responded. Looks like she is raising a child by herself in highschool . She pledged from that day on to never EVER talk to Niall James Horan again.
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